Celebrities are showing their BlackBerry 10 love on Twitter

By Michelle Haag on 28 Jan 2013 09:58 am EST
We're seeing more and more celebrities declaring their excitement for BlackBerry 10 on Twitter these days, from TV personalities to sports stars. The excitement is building, and it's great to see such outspoken people sharing that feeling with the world. Just 2 more days until the big BlackBerry 10 launch event around the world when we'll hear more BB10 info than we can handle. Check out a few more examples below, then hit up the forums or let us know in the comments who you've seen chatting about BlackBerry 10!

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Celebrities are showing their BlackBerry 10 love on Twitter


Actually it's a combination of all the celebrities endorsing it. I for one have no idea who he is and i'm sure there are several other people who do not either. Different things matter to different people and that is what makes as all unique as humans. All these endorsements will definitely have a unique demographic that they will appeal to

I know almost all of them, yet only Stephen Fry's opinion is one that would influence me. If he mentioned an app or a book or something, I'd be inclined to check it out... not so with Piers Morgan, who I guess would just be schmoozing up a guest on his program.

Agree. I don't know who Stephen Fry is (*I should look him up*) but I wouldn't weight too much on Piers Morgan's opinion about tech stuff. Besides, he didn't exactly tell us how he felt about it. His tweet doesn't count. In any case, it's good to see support of different celebs.


LOL!! I'm with you on Piers Morgan. I would steer away from anything he recommends too which makes me glad he didn't specifically endorse the phone

THIS IS GREAT....some big name celebrities will definitely make an impact to the "cool" factor of BlackBerry.
They have all different segments, from music, to news anchors, writers and hip hop moguls, and to top it all off...SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL.

It's a good time to be a BlackBerry DieHard!

Yeah Stephen is pretty cool.

As a Brit, its kinda good that I don't recognise most of the rest as I assume they're American & RIM needs to build up some excitement there.

Although they may not be doing it for free necessarily, in the UK there are laws that state even tweets that are paid for must be clearly stated that they are in fact advertisements

I'm a celebrity too! Where the freak is My early X10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To. HELL with them!!! If it doesn't make dollars, how does it make sense????????

@Lord_Sugar tweeted on 17th Dec "Interesting preview of #BlackBerry10 with @UK_BlackBerry boss @rob__orr Look forward to getting my hands on the real deal next month"

And @Amscreen_Simon tweeted "Like the "Peak" feature! See the video to see just what makes the new #BlackBerry10 browser so special http://bbry.lv/XvCd6N @UK_BlackBerry"

Lord Sugar is undoubtedly one of the biggest role models to Business and execs.

And it therefore wouldn't help me get them back on the BB ship, which is exactly what I was hoping would happen when I clicked on this article.

Well, I've been endorsing BB10 for weeks now..where's my celebrity shout out?

jk, it's good to see a diverse group of people excited about the upcoming phones.

Really? Awesome! Adele has lots of fans here *goes to check on twitter*

EDIT: can't find any tweet about bb10 on Adele' verified twitter account..

I guess if that wanker piers Morgan thinks its good, then I will have to re-evaluate if I want one or not.

Does bono from U2 has RIM shares? I know some celebrities are into tech company stocks things, like bono. If he has RIM shares he should make some shouts too on twitter. If he don't have shares, too bad for him missing the chance to buy when it's cheap last year :p

I want to see Will I Am and David Guetta tweeting #teamblackberry ^^