Celebrate the return of the Winnipeg Jets with 1996 free BlackBerry apps from Toysoft!!

Winnipeg Jets CrackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 May 2011 03:41 pm EDT

The only thing more Canadian than BlackBerry is hockey, so it's a no brainer that I'm super stoked about the return of the Winnipeg Jets to Canada. My hometown city is buzzing now that our Jets are coming back, and to help celebrate their return the folks at Toysoft are giving away 1996 free BlackBerry apps (1996 was the year the Jets moved from Winnipeg to Phoenix for those of you that don't know hockey).

The full list of apps/games includes pretty much all of Toysofts offerings, so you can grab some great stuff totally free from the CrackBerry App store. The first 1996 people to redeem the code can snag a free app, and the only thing we ask is that you are honest and only use the code one time for yourself (don't want people being greedy and using up all the codes). Keep reading for details and the full list of apps you can grab. Thanks to the guys at Toysoft for the great offer! Go JETS Go!!

Get your FREE App from ToySoft

To get your free BlackBerry app from ToySoft, head to one of the links below from your mobile device. Add the item to your cart, then enter the coupon code GOJETSGO in the coupon field. Be sure to click Update and the total should read $0.00. Don't finish the checkout unless you see $0.00. Complete checkout and you're done!

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Reader comments

Celebrate the return of the Winnipeg Jets with 1996 free BlackBerry apps from Toysoft!!


As a US citizen, Local fan to one of the more successful franchises I say thank the Hockey Gods. Now can we please get some welfare teams to actually move so the we can right this ship. Captain Gary is a moron.

Sorry to the Atlanta fans. I have seen a game in that arena and all in all it is nice.

To the Peggers. Congrats too bad you couldn't steal the team that is rightfully yours. Hopefully the Coyotes mess if fixed soon.

Hey there Kevin,

Ryan here. I've mentioned in Colorware contests in the past that if I were to win a new BlackBerry that I'd color it in either Jets Blue/Red/White or Moose Green/Copper/Black.

This comment has nothing to do with BlackBerries. I'm just a deep hockey fan and am just so happy for you to have NHL hockey back there in Manitoba. Sure, gone are the days of Hull, Hawerchuk, and Selanne...but here comes Buff!!! =)

Congratulations to Winnipeg and I'm so happy for hockey coming back to you!!! =)

I just got shortcut manager, put in the code, it said it was $0.00 but then it sent me an email and charged me $3.99! Not to mention it was already on sale for $.99... I emailed them, hopefully they sort this out :/

Strange. Support will definitely help you out.  If you confirmed that the price was $0.00 you should have been good to go.  Not sure what would have glitched there.

Yeah not sure either, the only thing that I did differently from usual was that I bought it through the computer rather than the phone. Maybe it just loaded strange or something, not sure, but it definitely said $0.00. Just waiting for a response. I'll update here once I get a reply.

The exact same thing happened to me when I got Seabattle. It definitaly said $0 at checkout, but the order email said I'd been charged $3.99, so not even the sale price of $0.99! I wonder if its just a standard email which gets sent? Let me know your update please, thanks.

Same thing here. At checkout it said $0 but the confirmation email said $3.99??? Sent an email and waiting on response.

Received an update from them: "Hello,

We are very sorry for the confusion. It is a display error. Your card was not charged. There was a small display glitch because we recentaly switched our card processing company.

Thank you"

Exactly the same thing happened to me. It showed 0.00$ while purchasing, but the email shows 3.99$. I have also replied to their email, hope to get our money back.

Hey Kevin,

I better see a CrackBerry.com dasher board ad at MTS Centre near the Red Line. I'll be keeping my eye out for your ad when my Red Wings come to town. C'mon Kevin. You know how much juice that's going to shoot you up! Do it Kevin!! C'mon!!!

"Show Me Your CrackBerry!!!"

(...and hey, as mentioned above in my previous comment, is a Colorware contest in order soon to celebrate NHL back in Winnipeg?)

Do like I did last night pkcable, and put it in storage. I've got a Thrashers jersey from their first year (back when white sweaters were the home ones).

It may be worth something later. Allow the "Atlanta Thrashers go down in Flames" headlines to begin.


Didnèt Atlanta have a team before called the Atlanta Flames which got relocated to Calgary.

Bingo. You got it. A lil' Hockey history class for ya (Hence the "...down in Flames" comment in reference to their first NHL franchise.

Now if we can only see the [San Jose] Sharks turn back the clock and whip out them SWEET Pacific blue Golden Seals jerseys. Now what would be a sight to see!!!

(fyi: The NHL was in Oakland, CA in the 70's at one time and had a team called the California Golden Seals.)


I purchased shortcut manager but noticed on the notification email that I got charged $3.99 I accidently clicked proceed instead of update first :P. Would it be possible to send back a refund? thanks!



The code also reduced my purchase price then I noticed I was charged when the email arrived!
Nice gesture though Toysoft!

Congrats Winnipeg! Your city deserves thier team back!

I heard on the radio they might be called the Winnipeg Moose.

I heard the same thing, but didn't believe it :D. I hope its something different, just doesn't seem like a hockey team name to me :/

I wouldn't buy such a statement of a hybrid NHL/AHL name (Winnipeg Jets meets Manitoba Moose). My gut says that they'll got the traditional route of the Jets with a more fresh and appealing logo with slightly enriched colors (staying with the traditional blue/red/white...similar to the Washington Capitals face lift from the 80s to today.)

discount not being appiled. getting error, that code has been used already. tried for all apps. got same error

OK at this risk of getting flamed REALLY REALLY bad, I'm not a hockey fan. I'll watch the finals here and there and try to make sure to watch the Stanley Cup game, but other then that... meh

That being said, I'm glad Wpg has an NHL team again. I really am! And I hope they call them the Jets, because 99% of sports fans will think of them as the Wpg Jets no matter what they get called.

I think it will do good things for the city, (and this wonderful province).

GO JETS GO (and welcome back to Canada)

Oh yeah, this is a Blackberry forum, so now to think of a BB related comment.... um, the new curve looks great! Was considering Android, but might just hold out for the Curve (waiting for a Crackberry review, and to see what my carrier has when its released...)

What's that you say? this is about an app? *sigh* nevermind.....

Kevin! Were you at the Forks this morning?!?! Please tell me you were! It was CRAZY!

I'm an Oilers fan, but just being there in that environment was electric!

I came home and checked out to see what was new on crackberry and saw this and got pretty pumped. :)

Congrats on getting the Jets back Winnipeg, and also, great promo! :)

Now we're talking. Brass Bonanza. =)

Hartford, you're next.

Just wish we had the NHL coming out here in Vegas other than the NHL Awards every June.

As a Thrashers' fan, I'm honestly offended by promotions like this one. If you want to take a team, take your own.

Hold that thought. With full respect as you being a Thrashers fan, you do understand this all stems from no one in Atlanta stepping up to the plate to keep your team there.

As for the promotion, you are aware that Kevin's from Winnipeg aren't you? As a deep and true fan of the game, I'm alright with this move if it helps to keep the NHL as a strong as possible as a whole.


I'm not complaining that the founder of this great site has an NHL franchise back in his back yard. I can't wait to see pics taken from Kevin's season ticket seat next to the the penalty box. Be on the lookout for the Red/Blue Man! ;-)

No one is going to 'Step up to the plate' with the situation the NHL and the Atlanta Spirit put the franchise in.

Folks just think that no one wanted to buy the franchise? It's no where near that simple. You see, the folks that owned the Thrashers also owned the arena. There's no way for a new owner to make money off of the team since they have no revenue from the arena.

When the NHL approved the ASG purchase of the Thrashers, they also allowed them to divest themselves of Phillips Arena as part of the deal. So, basically, ever since the team's purchase was approved in that manner, with ownership that didn't want to put money into the team -- the Thrashers were basically dead men walking.

The ONLY difference between Phoenix and Atlanta is that the NHL stepped in to buy the Coyotes -- i.e. the former Jets. Then, they collected $25M from the locals there -- because the arena is part of the franchise, and gave them at least some part of revenue.

Then, when the time came, the NHL is getting an additional $60 from the sale of the Thrashers. This stinks to high heaven. So do I begrudge Winnipeg for getting a team? Yes. They could have gotten their own team, and left ours alone. The ASG should have been suck with it until the NHL took it over like they did Phoenix -- and then the Atlanta fans could have gotten ownership that cared about the team.

Winnipeg = thieves. NHL = crooks.

Sorry for the problem. Apparently the coupon code was reset to 200 free on the server. Please contact mobihand.com to get the refund if you have been charged.

Still waiting to see if Mobihand will reverse the charge, but the fine folks at Toysoft were REALLY fast at fixing the activation code issue...and on a day when I suspect their average support inquiry volume was double or triple! Good company.

Same happened to me, but CB indicated that I had not been charged. Question is, how can I go about getting the app I requested now that I am sure all codes have been used?

Thanks for the free app ToySoft and CB. I just downloaded my app a few minutes ago.

As a hockey fan, I will keep my treasured Atlanta Thrashers jersey and I am sorry to see them leave Atlanta. On the other hand, I am glad Winnipeg has a team again. I don't think it is fair to blame Winnipeg or their fans as they are just trying to do what they can in a difficult Hockey world. I can say that the NHL and their leaders are so bent on making the game a success in cities where hockey has market share after (in no particular order); NFL, NBA, MLB and the college franchises and they do that to the exclusion of other cities that could support additional teams. So the person to complain to is Bettman!

Just my 2cents.

I got charged on my CC. I emailed Mobihand to reverse the charge. I hope they do.
Thanks CB for doing this.

I'm VERY happy that Winnipeg FINALLY got their team back. I know it was suppose to be the Phoenix Coyotes, but I'm not complaining. We need more Canadian teams in the NHL.

As for blaming Winnipeg for "stealing" the Atlantic Thrashers, that's ridiculous and makes NO sense whatsoever. The NHL approved it. Obviously the NHL doesn't feel there's enough fanbase in Atlanta to keep the team there, so they finally decided to move it to Winnipeg who have been waiting for "patiently" for. If you want to trash anyone, go trash Gary Bettman. Pretty much everyone who's into hockey (players included) hates him.


Congrats Winnipeg for getting a team again. WOOHOO!!!

BTW, I'm a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. :) GO LEAFS GO!!!

Received an update from them:


We are very sorry for the confusion. It is a display error. Your card was not charged. There was a small display glitch because we recentaly switched our card processing company.

Thank you"