Celebrate Earth Day with a FREE theme by Infinite Appz!

Earth day Theme
By Alicia Erlich on 22 Apr 2012 02:59 pm EDT

Today marks the 42nd annual Earth Day, which is a time for each of us to help our planet and raise awareness for environmental issues. What better way to get you in the spirit than with a lovely free theme by Infinite Appz. Filled with green icons, custom fonts, beautiful colors and flourishes, and gorgeous backgrounds (the home screen is animated!), Earth Day Theme is the perfect way to show your support both today and all year round. This theme can be found in BlackBerry App World and is compatible with most BlackBerry devices running OS 4.5 and higher (This theme is not compatible with OS7 devices).

Don't forget, there's more Earth day inspired designs to be found in our forums or by browsing our wallpaper gallery. Happy Earth Day!

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Reader comments

Celebrate Earth Day with a FREE theme by Infinite Appz!


Every time I see a pic of a BlackBerry from one of you guys it has a ton of updates from appworld on it.
Is it safe to say these phones don't get used much?
If you guys have a bunch of Blackberry phones sitting around I'll gladly take one off your hands :)

I promise to keep all the apps updated too!
Sent from my os6 blackberry with all apps updated. :D
Happy Earth Day.

Oh sweet! That will be so cool on my.......right there is no friggen support for OS 7. How long has it been now for no themes for 7?? What a joke. :( I don't get why not.

There are some BlackBerry 7 themes. There aren't many, because there is no official Theme Builder for them yet. The ones that exist are only available because the theme makers figured out a way around not having the proper software to build them.

No os7? That makes me so mad I'm gonna let both cars idle in the driveway all afternoon.... Haha

Just kidding mother Earth, you know I love ya!

Cool animated theme, thanks Infinite Appz. While it slows down my 9780 quite a bit though, guess we'll have to relax and take it easy on Earth Day? Thanks :)

I think that just goes to show you how few people have OS7 phones that no one wants to make anything for them as many are holding out for BB10 devices.
Personally I use os7 phone.