Celebrate 5 years of BlackBerry World with 5 free premium apps!

By Bla1ze on 31 Mar 2014 01:26 am EDT

BlackBerry World when it was known as BlackBerry App World was launched on April 1st, 2009 and this year marks its 5th birthday. To celebrate, BlackBerry is offering up five free premium apps from developers. 

Celebrate with us - it's like cake, but it lasts longer. 5 FREE birthday downloads just for you! From March 31st to April 4th, BlackBerry 10 and and BlackBerry OS users can visit BlackBerry World and be treated to 5 premium apps and game downloads.

The apps and games will likely vary depending on device and region but they're there and available for download. If you're not seeing them yet, hang tight as they might still be filtering through. Tilt, InstaVenue, Doodle Jump, Uno, Scan to Text and more are included. A nice way to celebrate. Happy Birthday BlackBerry World!

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Celebrate 5 years of BlackBerry World with 5 free premium apps!


Did the same thing with insta venue lol...*facepalm*

Ah well thanks blackberry for the other freebies!!

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I too purchased InstaVenue. It's okay. I'm glad to see it in the list. Others will enjoy it.
People should find the first three apps very useful.

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I purchased tilt couple of months ago and and doodler. Oh well the developers deserve the money.

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And I bought InstaVenue yesterday :/

But then again, I like the app and it's well worth it. Aside, BlackBerry has been giving out a number of good free apps before so there's no need to feel bad :)

Fantastic gifts. Thanks Blackberry! Does Scan to Text include the watermark remover? If not, it is not truly free as it requires an in-app purchase for full functionality.

ya it does have watermark and asks you to purchase the unlock. which i wanted to do be cause it appeared to work great but all i get is an error. it's frustrating that its not fully free but i would pay for it anyways.

It's a great app and very handy, but not really free if you have to pay to have the watermark removed. Kinda shady way to give a gift...

I paid the $1 to get the watermark removed because I needed the app...grudgingly.

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So if I were to purchase scan 2 text I would then have to pay AGAIN to remove the water mark thing?


That's lame. It's a paid app that's supposed to be free. Cheeky. Oh well, other free apps here and this past xmas, all in all good deal.

Just downloaded Tilt, but I can't really figure out the utility of this app. Not only is it awkward to use when in tilt mode (I never hold my phone in that angle), but it also contains irrelevant information for me (e.g. weather and places) and can hardly be customised. Can someone explain this app to me? I'm really curious. :-)

It was made as more of a concept actually, the real functionality and customization is yet to come according to the dev

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Kinda agree. I'm sure some find them useful, just think maybe some apps you'd find in the top 25 would have been nice.

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I hope that we will not wait for another 5 years to get another 5 free premium apps...

Thanks BlackBerry...

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I still remember getting that email from BlackBerry back on April 1st 2009 and thinking if this might just be an April fools joke

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Not exactly any apps that are "my cup of tea". I'll pass. But thx anyways, BlackBerry. I'm sure there are users out there that would make use of these.

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I wish it was for any 5 apps for free. Can't say I find the provided ones useful. But nevertheless, free stuffs are always welcome. This is my first BlackBerry device. So happy b day BlackBerry World!

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It does not matter what I do I can't download the "free" apps. The free download area us greyed out! It was the same thing with the so called free apps Christmas promotion!!!! Uggghhhhhg

Like so many others here, I find I've already downloaded the apps in this list that I would use. Felt a bit robbed for a moment, but then thought better of it. These giveaways are part of the reason I remain loyal to BlackBerry - it's only a small token, but still feels to me as though my support must be worth it (in my mind anyway) .

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Thanks BlackBerry and happy birthday to BlackBerry World!

Freebies are always welcome, got three this time...

Scan to Text

Keep it BlackBerry you are on fire!!

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What a shame, I already purchased all five of these applications.

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BlackBerry was always insulting it's customer.... I bought z10 for 43000.. now they selling for 17500 In India .

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It's a year old device. Phones have a product cycle of, well ... about or exactly one year (see iPhone, and they keep their value more)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Been holding off on a couple of these, which I have now picked up for free. Happy Birthday BBW!

And Thanks!

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Scan to text is not actually free. CrackBerry should include the watermark remover too to consider it part of the "free" app giveaway.

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Thank you :D

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Nice to get a few freebies. I ALMOST bought In staleness the other day, but held off. Still...

You know someone at BlackBerry really hates the PlayBook when even BBOS 6 devices get tossed a bone and the PlayBook gets nothing.

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Are they gonna be different apps every day or its the same 5 apps until April 4th?

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Annnnd peolpe are sill talking about free apps for the Playbook. Give it a rest. I have one like many of the other BlackBerry fans on here. You can't cry about it forever.

That was really 5 years ago? Wow! Time goes by fast when you're having fun. Happy BD BW and thanks!

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I can see why some of these are free. Tilt..100% useless. Uno.. seriously? I have a BBRY "to get things done." same for "Jump."... "Insta view"... like I want a font that takes over 30% of my photo to tell folks where the photo was and the weather. The photo itself should tell you that. That's why you take them.... erased...

On the otherhand BBRY thank you, thank you, for letting me have these for free so that I could see that I was originally correct in not buying these.


Update: Scan to text appears to require you to pay to save it as .pdf.... "flush!!"... and we are 5 for 5 to the trash bucket.

Reminds me another giveaway from BBOS7... shitload of crappy apps.
Just wondering if these are Chen's new "methods" to grab some fresh money... rofl.

Nice of blackberry to do this but these apps are useless, i guess they picked apps that no one wants rather than putting good stuff out

Just got me scan to text! Hope it works well!

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Had only one app yet, from the five. What a welcome surprise.

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I cannot download anything.
If I go in the section, I find only 3 of them (Scan to text, Uno and Instavenue) and they are on price, as usual. If I choose one, I can buy it for its regular price.

My BlackBerry ID is correct. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

I thought from 31st to 4th April, everyday 5 new apps. But seems I was wrong. It's same 5 apps everyday.

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Thanks BlackBerry and happy birthday day :)
My gift to you today was making my cousin convert from his ridiculous Android phone to a BlackBerry 10 smartphone .. I will tell him to download these apps.. he'll be happy to have them as a gift for his new phone :)

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In St avenue not working in UAE. I gave permission for everything and it still says satellite cannot connect until I give permission.

Anyone else having this problem ?

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What a joke these apps suck no wonder they are free! Give us something we would use not useless shit like this .

am i the only 1 just seeing the banner but there are only 3 apps, instavenue, scan to text and uno. and no of them are free. they are still paid.