CDMA Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330 Sighting!

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Feb 2008 11:30 pm EST

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330

Update: More Images added, after the jump

This just in from the Forums, images of what we are told is the long awaited and rumored CDMA-based BlackBerry Curve 8330. The images fit the description of what we have heard the CDMA-Curve will look like (basically the same as the GSM Curve, but with a Black keyboard). I wish a picture would have been posted with the battery cover off so we could take a better peak of what's under the hood!

There's been a lot of talk of the CDMA Curve as of late (sounds like CDMA carriers are doing testing on the devices now), so it was only a matter of time before we started seeing some pictures. I'm sure we'll see more in the days ahead. The member who posted these images suggested a mid-June release of the 8330 on Sprint and posted a few other details worth checking out.

I've seen conflicting information and received conflicting tips on the 8330, so I'm leary to post anything as "concrete" fact here in the blogs just yet (do a Forum Search for CDMA Curve and you can dig through the conversations). But it sounds like Sprint's CDMA Curve *should* have GPS (not a stretch since their 8130 and 8830 do), won't have WiFi, *could* have World Capability (have read both, but tend to think won't as that's more of an Enterprise Customer thing which is who the 8830 services) and should ship with Sprint's Sprint TV, Sprint Radio, Sprint Music Store and EVDO goodness. And for all you Verizon, Alltel, Telus and Bell customers here in North America, I don't think you have to worry that this was a "Sprint" post... I'm sure once the Curve comes to one CDMA carrier all the others will follow in relatively short succession.

As always, if you have any concrete tips and pics, you can always send it in to tips @!


As I predicted, more images of the CDMA curve are already beginning to surface. The images above were posted to on February 9th. Now on February 11th our friends at BBGeeks have posted some shots of the CDMA Curve as well. These include screenshots, which help confirm that at least one version of the CDMA Curve will have full-out GPS (likely that Sprint will have it, and Verizon, like their 8830, will not). The screenshots also confirm the device model as being the 8330, and show that these beta/test models are still operating on OSv.4.3 (essentially the handheld only beta of the new OSv.4.5 that's coming out). Most likely these devices will ship with OS 4.5 by the time they hit the market. 

BlackBerry 8330
Device Shot with Display on and OS Details shown

BlackBerry Curve 8330
Bad Place to put a Watermark, but you can see that this testing
version of the device is running OS v4.3.

BlackBerry Curve 8330
GPS Option show in Options. Good indicator that this device has GPS...
though this menu option has been seen before on early-version devices
that infact do not have it. Too bad we don't see a pic of the GPS in use!

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CDMA Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330 Sighting!


If I was a Verizon customer I would not hold my breath. I would only wish that it hit the stores. Plus I would love to see if you will have the full use of all the features or they will have them all crippled. My guess is crippled. Good luck.

Our company has our phones with Sprint. We've been waiting for the Curve to come out. The date that we were given was April 20th by our Sprint Rep. Last week, he said the Curve was delayed and didn't give a specific reason for this. Has anyone heard what caused the delay? I've heard through the grapevine it was a technical issue. Not sure what that means.....

Hey dude,
Our SPRINT B2B sales person told me today that it's been delayed also. April 20th was the planned launch but no new date is given. I'm dying to get this thing- it will be my first BB

Hey guys just spoke to a Sprint BB rep and she said it's been delayed due to a jack problem. So maybe a November release she said.

I am a sales rep for Sprint and earlier this afternoon I received a correspondence from my Area Marketing Manager stating that the Blackberry Curve has a scheduled release date of May 8, 2008. It will be available online for purchase on that date and available in the stores by this weekend. So, the long awaited event is upon us!!!! I already attempted to pre-order my device, but had no luck. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to purchase my new blackberry Curve.

This is accurate info. I am a Solutions Engineer for Sprint and the handset will be available tomorrow, May 8th.

really now? it seems that it's not available, yet again. if sprint doesn't release this soon, i'll be taking my biz to verizon to get myself a curve.

It's out TODAY! I own a Sprint Nextel Store and just ordered mine this morning it will be in tomorrow.FINALLY

I am nearing time for a new BB from Verizon and I'd like to wait for the Curve-- if anyone knows of a date they are expecting- please submit. I'd rather have the Curve than the world edition.


Well as you can tell that is a Sprint blackberry.. I have a sprint BB 8830.. Anyone who has a Sprint BB should notice the 2nd icon down from the time is the Sprint navigation icon for sprint users.. Can't wait for this to be released please find out a release date ASAP



CEO of Blackberry spoke at our leadership summit last night in Little Rock. During his presentation, they showed an Alltel labeled Blackberry Curve being added to our lineup.

Hello All!

The Curve will be released Sunday April 20th, 2008. I have a particular representative I handle all my Sprint disputes with, she is wonderful! I got the Blackberry 8830 World Edition 20 days ago, it's a great phone but I want the Curve. As you well know, Sprint has the 30 day return policy on all phones. My rep told me today, the Curve will be released on Sunday the 20th and my brand new Blackberry Curve will be in the mail to me the following day, Monday, April, 21st 2008! =) Now thats makes me happy! Hopefully this news will bring a smile to many faces!

Have a great weekend!


Well I am a manager at a Sprint retail location and I hate to be the one to tell you this but your faith is with the wrong type of rep! The curve was pushed back to due to pre-employee and grandfather account orders. Word is tomorrow (May 5th). I personally am not a blackberry fan but the Curve is AWESOME! Happy Shopping!

How is it that it offers GPS but not Wifi. I don't understand the lack of consideration when you are dealing with the competion that offers Wifi. GPS is great for those that travel but quite frankly speaking, I find more utility with Wifi. Good luck with the new phone Sprint but I think you are offering no more then a different version of the 8830.

specially when with T-mobile you can talk using the uma wifi signal. this was great for me in meetings that are in basements of our building, but still allowing me to make a call on break if i need to.

Sprint offers a lot of other great things though, including fast internet and tv...this should shape up to be very interesting BB battle!

Sprint Curve doesn't need a Wifi. The GPS runs on Sprint high speed internet (EVDO rev A). All your data traffic runs on the only company that runs high speed (up to 3 Meg download).
On the other hand, AT&T does not have an option but to incorporate Wifi into its devices for its lack of High speed internet.

Does anyone know when Sprint will actually be releasing the Curve? I would love to throw my Treo out the window, but am not interested in the 8830 or 8130. Curve has a "spaced out" keyboard that is better for those of us who can't see the keys on the keyboard when they are all close together.

I just talked to the guy I have been dealing with at Sprint and he told me the 28th. I also contacted Sprint customer service and since my 30day trial ends on the 27th they are extending my 30days with the crappy rumor I awesome is this????

Ok, I just called a Sprint store (a very reliable one, it is the service and repair hub) and the dude said it would be June 1st.

We all know the date has changed hundreds of times... but if anyone knew the right date... it would be these guys. I trust them 100% more than the mall kiosk guys, which are all actually third party retailers.

I was at the Wachovia Championship in Charlotte, NC this weekend and the Sprint stands have them for people to play with

i was out the sprint store and i have seen the price and the saids it would be 249.99 with 2 year contrect and 599.99 retail.
it looks like it would come out very soon


05/05/2008 02:07:13PM Agent (Irish B): "Correction the new release date for the 8330 is May 7, 2008 which is Wednesday."


I just got off the phone with a very helpful sprint rep, she dug up the launch date! Crafty gal! MAY 9th!

i hope sprint is viewing these wife and my 2-yr contract ends 5/28, if the blackberry curve doesn't come out by then, you will lose 2 customers...thank you

I bought my curve online on Friday, the 10th but just for shits and grins i went into the Sprint store to see when they were getting them in. The reps told me the phone wouldn't come out until June 22nd because the software was still having problems with Sprint's network...whatever that means. I didn't tell him I would have one in my hands in three days! The guys in the stores obviously don't know any more than what gets posted on this website! Anyway, this is my 1st BBerry...hope i like it!

I originally planned on holding out to purchase at Best Buy, but their website says that they are back-ordered and they are listed at a whopping $799. My two year "discount" is due until November, but there was no way that I was going to pay over $500 for a new curve. Instead of ordering online, I called sales and mentioned that I would be upgrading to one of the "Everything" plans and that I had been a loyal cust. for more than 6 years. After a short hold, I was told that the "national sales officer" (?) had given the ok for me to get the new customer discount $179.99 (after $100) rebate! Due today = $325.72. Comes with travel charger, 1GB memory card, USB cable, and perhaps a few others, not sure. Hope this helps!

Just picked up the phone thru today. This phone is the best thing I've seen and used in a long while. I've gone thru all the Palms, used the Iphone for a month, and checked out the older cracks.... nothing compares. This phone is off the chain.

I dig this phone so much... i'm posting to say... "I got mine... you better get yours." Happy hunting guys.

I just picked up 2 of these phones. I had been looking at some iphone clones from China but in the end decided on getting something that would work on my network. I never used a crackberry before and I want to say I am very impressed the ease of putting media on it is AWESOME. I converted all my latest promo music videos to the phone in no time. A million things I do not know about the phone yet... I had read that it had AIM on it but all I saw was the Yahoo messenger ....I know Aim is avail for it but not sure how to do it YET. What kind of files are games? Jar??? I have used symbian phones before ....anyways are any great apps for videos/ music out for this? newbie TYIA !

Beware not to be ripped off by Sprint. You could get a phone that has components missing if it's shipped out to you. When your phone doesn't work at some point and you take it in to the repair shop, then you'll find out "Ha, you had been shipped a bad phone and good luck proving that. sprint makes money selling you more and more phones and their repair technicians have no idea what they are really doing. Let's all write to congress for newer more stricter consumer law protection against big scheming FCC violating companies.