CDMA BlackBerry Love in 2009

BlackBerry Bold 9030 aka Niagra
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jan 2009 09:30 am EST

This past Friday the folks over at Engadget posted that a trusted source let them know that Sprint will be getting a CDMA Bold in the first quarter of 2009 to replace the 8830.

To that we say, heck ya!, but don't think for a second that's where the CDMA BlackBerry love for 2009 will end. Let's do a quick recap...

With the BlackBerry Bold being the successor to the 88xx series, you can expect the CDMA Bold (referred to by the codename "Niagra" up until this point) to eventually land everywhere the current 8830 is sold. Think back to CTIA last year with the launch of the 8330 Curve, and both Verizon and Sprint announced the coming of the device within 24 hours of each other. I wouldn't be suprised to see the same thing with the 9030. While the Niagra is a "Bold" it will have a slightly different look from its GSM-sibling. The CDMA Bold takes it styling queues from the Storm and Curve 8900 and with HSPA (yes this device has it) will be a true world phone. And like the 8830, once announced/released in the US to Sprint and Verizon it will make its way to other CDMA carriers (Alltel) and of course over the border to the Telus and Bells of the north.

The CDMA BlackBerry goodness won't stop with the Niagra in 2009. A CDMA Pearl Flip is on the way (codenamed "Apex" until this point - I'd expect it to hit as the 8230) and hopefully before 2009 is over we'll also see the new Curve 8900 hit in CDMA form (8930 sounds about right to me but I guess time will tell!).

Question of the Day: To any Sprint / Verizon / Telus / Bell customers reading this, which one of the above are you going to run out and buy first?!

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CDMA BlackBerry Love in 2009


I switched from AT&T with an iPhone (their network is AWFUL here) i got the 8330 just to hold me over for the Storm. Had the Storm for 2 days and returned it. I HATED typing on that thing! Back to my 8330 now and can't wait for the CDMA and improved Bold!

I would love to get the new bold or the new curve 89xx. I would be happy to. I just wonder what's going to happen with this merger.

Finally an update on this phone! I have been patiently waiting for this since before the bold even came out. I see myself purchasing this phone on launch day to replace my Curve 8330!

I believe after some heavy thought, that I probably would pick up the new and improved Bold. Sprint is my carrier. I've always thought about the battery life on the Storm and figured with the Storm has touch screen compared to the Bold with qwerty keys that maybe the battery life would last longer on the Bold? What say you all? I'm curious.

I definitely want to pick up the CDMA Bold when it comes to Verizon. Just as something to switch to every now and then. The Storm definitely will stick around!

I'll be one of the first in line to get the Bold/Niagra once it hits USCC. I love my 8830, but would definitely take in the improvements they have made in the 9000 series.


Iagree with what ROBROCKSTAR says about Sprint. After waiting for the 4.5 update that was supposed to be here in December '08' I'll have to see it to believe it. If it is true I'll be putting my order in for a Bold as soon as possible!!

Thanx!!!Come on Sprint let's goooooo ! get it done and do it right! , Sprint has some real blackberry lovers , but if sprint thinks they can keep this crap up ! they will be left in the dust by other carriers , if it hasn't happened already. the only thing between me and the BOLD is a 2 YEAR CONTRACT !I'm tired of checking every singe day i wake up for updates or new phones from Sprint , get your act together and show your Blackberry customers some love instead of just taking our MONEY !!! GIVE US THE DAMN 4.5 UPDATE ALREADY AND THE BOLD !!! THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY!

Actually, my family is looking out for the TMobile Curve 8900... we plan to switch away from CDMA for use of GSM and UMA features that BlackBerry offers.

I wanted a Bold but would not switch to ATT. The Storm will keep me held over until the Bold is out for Verizon. I hear they are keeping WIFI as well.

The Bold sounds good, but never held one. I'm sure it would be a nice upgrade from a Curve. Love my 8330 but the keyboard on the Bold looks bigger and easier to use. Will check it out when Telus gets them.

Bold to Curve difference is very close to the Curve to Pearl difference. A little longer, and about one row of keys wider, and maybe 1/2 ounce heavier. I put my Curve on top of the Bold and it is not much at all. Mb7E

No doubt about it. I'm going for the Bold. The only reason I'm not buying one now is because it's on AT&Ts network. Most of my family and friends are on Verizon. So to be minutes conscious I have to stick with Verizon. This is great news! I'm very happy with my Curve, but an update will be awesome as I feel that I'm outgrowing it quickly.

I am a little confused by all the code names. I was under the impression that the "Niagara" was a 9000 and 8900 mix, for CDMA network. small like the 8900, with a 3.2 camera, but like the bold in that its 3g(as all cdma blackberries are)

That's the problem with rumor mills. Everything I have seen that was from official sources said the Niagra was the 8830 replacement, which is not a Curve replacement. Even the photos have the frets between the keys (like the bold). The main difference with the Niagra is the form factor looks like it is a little smaller, sort of like it is using the Storm size-format instead of the rounded Bold 9000 format.

The CDMA Curve has always been the Jupiter (I think I have the code names right).

I can tell you that I will definetely be one of those people who gets either the blackberry love or the 8930. I love my curve but I love the new blackberries also!!! I just hope the rumors are true and that they come the way of Verizon

You know, as a current 7100i user that has be DESPERATELY waiting for the 8350i to come out... this tidbit of info sorta changes things. I think i just might forego the PPT feature and hold out for this bad boy to come out!!

I read in BGR that it would be end of 1st QTR, anybody here/read something different?!?!?

1. This is all correct in-so-far as the 9030 and 8930 are concerned. The 9030 will indeed look slightly different than the 9000, but also incorporate three of the 8900's features: MicroUSB, 3.2mp camera and 480x360 display.
2. What we don't know for sure about the 9030 is whether it will include the 1 gig fixed on-board storage of the 9000. It probably will.
3. What we don't know about the 8930 is whether it will include the GSM/HSPA radios contained in the 9530 (the 9030 of course will). Unlike the 8300 series, it can fit these extra radios, so the only reason to not include it would be cost.
2. This leaves RIM and its CDMA carrier partners Sprint/Verizon with an interesting dilemma: Some very minor packaging/cosmetic differences aside (a millimeter here, a millimeter there), the 8930 and 9030 will be substantially identical except for (A) the 1 gig fixed storage and (B) potentially the GSM/HSPA radio in the 9030. Is that enough to warrant bothering with keeping two such similar models for sale? Clearly Sprint/Verizon need the GSM/HSPA capability, but then why bother selling the 8930 version without it, if they are otherwise 99% identical?

in #4, you say "Clearly Sprint/Verizon need the GSM/HSPA capability" why's that? they're a cdma company, they don't roam off of GSM or 3g data services state side, why do their phones "need" radio gear for something that they don't provide means to use for 99% of the population?

Don't forget the Niagra has a Bold-style keyboard, similar to the 8830 keyboard, but with frets in between. The 9530 will more than likely have a Curve-style keyboard.

My guess is the 9030 might have WiFi, along with the multi-band radios (making it a world phone like the 8830WE). The 9530 will probably not have as many features as the 9030.

The differences should be enough to have a high-end device (9030) and a budget-priced device (9530), both using the newer Blackberry look to them. :)

The one with the most Memory in the device. I'm already maxed out with internal memory on my 8130. I have a New Theme "THE HOUR GLASS" compliments of a low device memory.

I like the 8330 form factor best, so I'll wait for the 8930. In the mean time I'd love to see OS4.5/4.6/4.7 come out for the 8330 to tide me over. A big plus would be actual folder support for personal email, but don't see that happening soon.

Oh man and I just went out and bought myself the Storm (and I do love it) but I really wanted a Bold. Being a Verizon customer for life I didn’t have too many options when it came to getting my first BB. Even though the Storm is a very nice device I really like the option of a physical keyboard.

Before I got the Storm I really wanted a Bold, but being stuck on verizon I "settled" for the Storm. I absolutely love everything about the storm but something deep inside of me is really wanting this mix between the Bold and Curve for Verizon.

I will also be not-so patiently waiting for the Niagara.

But my question...I keep seeing the codename spelled two different ways. Is it:




I'm leaning towards a 9030, especially if it includes wifi, but I'll need to hold and use both phones to decide which I upgrade to.

personally, I'll vote none of the above.....I'll have to see specs on the bold but, if it keeps the keyboard that the GSM bold has, I'll probably not get it, I don't like the 8830ish keyboard, much rather have the curve style individual keys with some separation between them. However....if alltel gets it in april, before verizon takes over, I'll probably get it, regardless of how much I like it, just to renew my contract and extend the amount of time I save money over verizon's offerings....

pearl flip, not really all that intriguing to me, I'm hard on phones, and the "brick" style of the regular blackberries takes abuse easier than a flip phone can.

the new 8900 style curve....*shrug* it'd have to be a huge jump over the bold/storm cause I'm already plotting to ebay a storm before systems switch over regardless of if I get the bold or not.....

just my 0.02¥

I'm torn between the Bold & Curve 8900...which one do you guys think should be the one to get first??

I've been wanting a new bold for a while. While being jealous of my friend's Bold, I'm definitely going to go the 8900 route.

Sweet! This is gonna work out perfectly if it all comes true. I am eligible for a full phone upgrade price and rebates as of April 1, 2009. Thank you Sprint & RIM.

(This is probably the only way to get OS 4.5 or higher on a Sprint phone)LOL.

All depends on pricing.

I purchased a Curve in June 2008. I would need a serious reason to upgrade to a newer Curve.

The Bold would have to have similar or better features to the ATT Bold. wi-fi would be real nice

BB Bold!! I'd been contemplating whether I'd have to switch carriers to get it or not, but it looks like BB is showing Sprint a little love :-D


I have been waiting for this for soo long! I will have to go with the Niagra(Bold 9030). Is it true that it will have WI-FI? The Niagra looks great! I'm soo pumped for this. Also, I agree with some of the other posts that WE NEED the OS 4.5 update NOW!

I'm definitely going for a 9030 once it arrives! I like my 8830 but there are a few things that I think the 9030 will be much better at!

I just wish Verizon would leave the Wi-Fi that the 9000 has!

Personally, I'd probably snag a Niagra (bold) because of the uber nice screen and sexiness of it. I currently have an 8130 and like it a lot, but the more i think about it, i wouldn't mind having a bigger phone for the full keyboard.

My goodness. The whole call center where I work are getting this phone. Ill tell you the Sprint Bold is going to sell so good.

I decided to pass on the storm once I heard about this and await the BOLD on Verizon (hopefully in March). Almost went to AT&T for their Bold but too many reports from friends not having love for AT&T.

After demoing the att bold, i have to get the niagra n verizon's network. i'm happy with my curve 8330, but i've been waiting to have a bold of my own.

I would like to get the curve over the bold. However, knowing verizon, I will favor whatever get me wifi.

I'm not impressed with the touchscreen Storm... I want the latest trackball based Blackberry which lands on Verizon first whether it be the Niagra (CDMA Bold) or the 8930 (CDMA Curve II). If both were released simultaneously, I'd probably opt for the 8930 as its just the right size for a phone plus the camera at 3MP is a plus! I really wouldn't need the HSPA world phone feature of the Niagra, however, I'm not picky, just give us non-Storm followers a newer upgraded model! Hurry up Verizon!

Can't wait till the bold arrives on Sprint. I'll definitely be upgrading from my 8330 Curve to the 9030 Bold, no questions asked.

i'm definately gonna get the bold or "niagra" it's gonna be awesome!!! i have the 8330 now and i wish the bold was on verizon and it will be and it looks awesome too! i can't wait!

What i want to know why is the larger phone carriers get the devices later. Sprint and Verizon are bigger than ATT but they always seem to get phones last

I have been so tempted to Trade in my Windows Mobile unit and get a Storm, because I could not get a Bold, but with the Bold coming to Bell in 09, I don't need to worry about the Storm which keeps getting clumsy reviews.

This is Fantastic news!

Seriously! I get zero bars at my house from AT&T, but full 3G using Verizon- I love my Curve but can't wait for the "Niagra" :) SQUEE!

I'm a Verizon customer, and ever since the news of the Storm and Bold I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Curve. I want a less business-oriented phone (so not the Bold), and the only updated option that Verizon has to offer is the Storm, which is compelling, but I just don't find the typing speed comparable to a tactile keyboard.

So until that BB Curve 8930 arrives at Verizon, I'll have to continue my "addiction" to my "BlackBerry" vicariously though (which I check oh, every 15 minutes...)

I am a Verizon 8330 (curve) user and I love the device. Has served me well. But I would be excited to upgrade to the Bold if it comes to the CDMA market. There are a couple things in the bold that would be a nice upgrade from the Curve. I am excited to see that this is in the works and I better start saving my pennies for an upgrade, since I am not eligible for a discounted upgrade right now LOL

I am a Verizon Storm user and reading this I would be interested in the CDMA Bold or maybe even the new Curve. They both are pretty cool looking if you ask me and I kinda miss my keyboard and trackball...

I will scoop up a Bold as soon as possible. I have spent many of my days off roaming to my nearest Best Buy to play with one. I have to have it! Hurry up Sprint!

ill run out to get the 8930 if it hits and next to that i will get the bold if it does come out on sprint.. as for the pearl flip, umm NAH..

Well let me first say I LOVE my curve, but will definately get me the new Bold as soon as I can. I work for the yellow and black swoosh so am anticipating getting one hopefully VERY VERY soon.

If this is true about the Niagara I'll be dropping AT&T in a heartbeat. I'm tired of their robbery prices. An extra $60/month just for tethering??? It's $99 for everything with Sprint.

To answer the questiokn I'll take the first one that comes out on sprint. Glad to see they are catching up. I'd also take wichever one Kevin here @ CB wants to put up for contest giveaway ( WISHFUL THINKING !!!!!)

I expected to get a Storm on launch day, but ended up getting shafted by poor Verizon customer service. A $50 "service credit" and an apology later, I realize that it was probably for the best. I've played with a friend's Storm and wasn't all that suited for my needs.

But I do need to replace my aging 8703e.

I'm planning on picking up a Niagara/Bold when it comes down. I have rather large hands, so the bigger form-factor will suit me better.

as much as i want the newest bb to come out for sprint, i'd rather them take a little bit more time and release it working correctly instead of rushing it "incomplete." remember how everyone was saying "just release the storm already!!!" and when they finally released it, those same people said, "they never should have released it yet, how could the do that, etc." i'd rather wait a little while for something that works, and not go through the debacle verizon and at&t went through after the storm and bold were released.

first let me say ITS ABOUT FREAKIN TIME, SECOND ITS ABOUT FREAKIN TIME and i dont think i need to tell you my third....I think the bold will be the first one i get

I Deff will have that "new" BOLD as soon as its released.......psss..dear uncle of mine who works for corp at sprint, i need this phone now...thank you!

Definitely the Bold.... yet the new curve looks nice too... but I'd rather sooner then later and it's a nice phone. Hopefully Verizon will get it and we won't have to wait forever. Honestly, could care less about the Pearl Flip.

Question: Is the Pearl 81** going be replaced by the Pearl flip or will the older bar style continue in an updated version?

I am with Verizon and after 3 weeks and 3 Storms later , just couldn't like the phone. Got rid of the Storm for an HTC Touch Pro (nice phone regardless of the Round Robin) but will be using my next upgrade on a BOLD.

I was @ my local Telus store the other day (My girlfriend picked up the Samsung slyde) Yea I know its not a berry n trust me I tried and so did the store mgr 2 get her 2 get a Pearl...they even had it in pink! lol

But anyhow, she told me they wld have the new Curve aka "javlin" by Feb or early March. So I know what Im gettin for Easter!

I went in2 the Rogers store looking @ it and let me tell you the pics online dont do it justice at all! It is hands down the sexiest fone I've ever seen! I cant friggin wait to get mine! Im so glad i didnt jump on the Storm bandwagon and get swept away with all the hype!

Definitely the curve. I have owned the 8830 and LOVE my CURVE wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy more!

I read else where that this phone will be wi-fi capable, any one know if Sprint will keep this option unlocked, or will they block that feature like they do the MMS feature?

Also, I wonder how this phone will preform on the 4G network Sprint is rolling out? Im excited. I was going to drop Sprint for Verizon to get a Storm, but all the complaints I have been hearing made me think twice, and I am so glad I did.
Contract with Sprint is up in March and I can trade in my Pearl (which served me well) for a new QUERTY Blackberry.

Awesome news!! I just hope Sprint starts keeping up with the other networks on releasing new phones that people want. I understand they are not doing too well with anyone outside of the corporate world.

If the VZW Bold is closer to storm size than ATT Bold size, i'll go with Bold, If not, def going with 8930. I too, tried the Storm for a month, hated the keyboard, and am back to older BlackBerry.

I will be all over the "Niagra" for Sprint as soon as it hits!
It's about damn time Sprint gets something good! Seems that Verizon and AT&T always get the goods first - and now T-MO with the 8900? Come on Sprint, let's pick up the ball!!!!

While the Bold is the likely successor to my trusty 8830, I'm curious about the 8900/Curve II model. The lack of WiFi, however, makes it lose points in my book. That aside, who knows what the final specs will be once the CDMA versions for both are available. I may just have a harder time making a decision than it seems, but that would be a good problem to have.

I'm on verizon and I'm waiting for the Bold. I hope I'm not waiting too long... (I'm waiting to replace my 8703e)

please keep me posted crackberry!

I'm on verizon and I'm waiting for the Bold. I hope I'm not waiting too long... (I'm waiting to replace my 8703e)

please keep me posted crackberry!

It's about time I've been using the 8830 and just checked the Bold on AT&T and was considering switching to AT&T but I love Sprint and the everything plan now I will probably stay. Good move Blackberry and hurry up with the the new phone already I can't wait.

I'm most excited about the CDMA BOLD (Niagra) for Sprint. Can't wait to get one. They need to hurry up and release it already...

does anyone know what this will mean for US Cellular blackberry users. i was hoping the bold would go CDMA and looking for confirmation that it would. now if i can just get some info on when it would come to us cellular that would be great.

Right now the plan is The Niagara to replace my Voyager and the 8930 Curve to upgrade my old Curve most likely. If the rumors turn out to be not true and the Niagara ends up to be the Bold with CDMA chip and no other real changes I may pass as I already have a Bold on AT&T. I have no interest in a Perl Flip.

I hope Telus get's the 8930. Tour is nice, but not digging connected keys. A fan of the seperated for sure!