CBS Sports Fantasy Football comes to BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 14 Aug 2013 11:09 am EDT

Gearing up for football season, CBS has released a sweet app for BlackBerry 10. The CBS Sports Fantasy Football app not only caters to those who play fantasy football via CBS, but also to fantasy owners in general. As a Yahoo! player I wish that they had an app like this as well, but I'll still be using this one to stay in the loop during the season.

CBS fantasy owners will love the ability to view their team complete with live scoring, roster management and personalized content. The app also includes pre-draft prep, a draft companion, player news, projected stats and more. 

The app itself runs great and will be a handy tool for fantasy owners, even if they aren't using CBS as their fantasy service of choice. 

More information/Download CBS Sports Fantasy Football

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CBS Sports Fantasy Football comes to BlackBerry 10


We still have time to make BBRY stay independent....lets spread the good words about bb10........... if the Q5 takes off as a hit for back to school........and the apps keep coming......i think BBRY can survive independent.....

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What do you mean?

I can control my roster from app from.

Bench/start players, add/drop/trade players from roster. What more do you want?

My complaint is how slow ports are, that said in no way will I complain, this is a start, CBS recognizes BlackBerry, and I know th is is only the beginning.

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I sideloaded the 2013 ESPN Fantasy Football app on my z10 and it runs without any issues so far for anyone on ESPN Fantasy Football. Chrome is the easiest way to sideload also!

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You first need to log in to your account. Then once logged in swipe from left to right and your teams appear

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