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CBS Sports Fantasy Football app now available for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 9 Aug 2013 01:50 am EDT

If you're not into sideloading a fantasy football app onto your device for this season, you now have the option to grab the CBS Sports Fantasy Football app from BlackBerry World. The app was redesigned for this season and CBS took the time to go ahead and jam it full of features that football fans will most certainly enjoy. The app itself is an Android port but here's what you get with it:

  • Pre-Draft Prep - Our award-winning experts provide the advice you seek and the projected 2013 stats you need to have your best draft ever. 
  • Draft Companion - Access to the latest stats, projections, rankings and news. 
  • Player News - Updated news, injury reports and performance predictions that give you the insider advantage.
  • Projected Stats and Rankings - Up-to-date performance projections from our top-ranked experts.
  • Easy Team Management - This season, it's even easier to set your line-up, add/drop players and make trades. For you fantasy junkies, you can even jump between your different teams in only two taps. 
  • Live Scoring - Get fast and accurate fantasy point updates of all the live NFL action so you'll know exactly how you're crushing your competition. Personalized Content - Quick and easy access to your team's and your league's players and performance.
  • Office Pool Manager - If you play our Pick'em games and Survivor Pools, in future releases you will be able to make your picks and view your real-time scoring and league standings.

Whether you use the app to help with your fantasy football team or just use it for general information and news, there's not really any reason to not give it a go and see how it works out for you. The app is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is supported in all BlackBerry World serving countries according to the information online.

Download CBS Sports Fantasy Football



I wonder if I can access it seeing as how I'm with Time Warner Cable. ( for those who don't know, TWC customers in Los Angeles have CBS blocked, and the includes Showtime, so no Big Brother and no Dexter. DAMN you, CBS!!!)

Posted via CB10


It says no account is even required to use it.


No big bother, I consider you fortunate.

Posted via CB10


I hear that.
I don't understand the hype of That show

Posted via CB10


Yup. I stopped watching those reality shows years ago. I can't stand them.


I'm able to download...

Posted via CB10


Why don't developers take the bb10 OS seriously?! Every few days we hear about a new cool app that comes out for bb10, but it's never one of the apps we are looking for... I feel like I'm being mind tricked into caring about apps that I don't care about. these are not the apps you are looking for. lol couldn't help myself. But seriously, either BlackBerry needs to up their game or BlackBerry need to get the major apps that are missing somehow.

Sorry for venting. :) I'm just tired of people I show my Q10 to saying they would trade in their droid or iphone if only BlackBerry had vine, instagram and so on. How hard can it be to just pay them off!?!!

Posted via my Q10


I've been waiting 5 years for this app!

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


I have been emailing CBS since the new year when I got my z10 to support BB10.
This is an app I wanted, and with an OS not even a year old, you need to help push the BlackBerry product respectfully to those companies, instead if just complaining to crackberry.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.


I think you'll see alot more apps when 10.2 hits the streets.

Posted via CB10


That the best thing I have ever heard from a habes fan.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.


Looks like it's time to switch from ESPN to CBS

Posted via Z10

Amy wineBerry

I would ask if this means we can be hopeful that Yahoo Sports, ESPN, and fantasy football apps are in the works. However, since this is just an Android port, I guess sideloading is just as good anyways. At least CBS kind of cares about BB10 users, right?

Posted via CB10


I refer you back to my previous comment. Although i think it's awesome that bb10 allows porting I "know" that it degrades the professionalism of the OS. However, the recent "rubber stamp" ny the DOD is fucking aweaome... had to mention that.

Posted via my Q10


We can only hope that they are in the works. In the mean time, I'll take what I can get until the developers decide to go native with their apps (ESPN, etc.). It could be worse!

Shadberry Bold

Need ESPN Fantasy app

Posted via CB10


You speak. The truth.

Posted via my Q10


Good move CBS, Yahoo and ESPN slacking....

Posted via CB10


Cbs is probably the best fantasy application out there. The live scoring cannot be beat. Thanks cbs!

Posted via CB10


I'm not into fantasy football or football in general but I'm going for download the app just to say thanks for supporting BlackBerry 10.

Toronto Maple Leafs Channel C0001D318


Wow... nice surprise, thanks CBS!

Posted via CB10


Installed, but the Office manager part say's comming soon. That's part I like since I run an Office Pool with CBS Office Manager the past 6 years!!!


It's not football......

Posted via CB10


Amazing. This makes me feel as I have been pleading with CBS for a fantasy hockey and football app.
CBS is hands down the best Fantasy site for both sports, they are unmatched in what options are available for commissioners and their live trackers and player updates are second to none.
I would obviously love a native app, but this is a start, this is how BlackBerry 10 has to start, this is the way to take these companies by storm and show them that we the BlackBerry costumer are here and are relevant enough to invest in.
Download the port, and I guarantee the native one, without the ridiculous permissions will be available sooner then later.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.


Doesn't work so hot on my Q10.



Would love a CBS Baseball app, or an addition to this app to make it cross-sport for Fantasy


I wouldn't hold your breath for any yahoo apps after their ceo basically said BlackBerry isn't a smartphone

Posted via CB10


That's not football, that's hand egg!

Posted via CB10


Thank you CBS for supporting blackberry! Let's hope that follows suite, as they are pretty much the same. I just hope that they don't port over the legacy os version, as that was pretty terrible lol

Posted via CB10


Requires access to all my files, pictures, contacts, etc... suck it.

Posted via CB10