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CBS app for BlackBerry 10 lets you stream full episodes

By Bla1ze on 25 Oct 2013 12:15 am EDT

Following in the footsteps of ABC, CBS has now released their app the BlackBerry platform. The app, which is built using native tools, will allow you to watch full episodes on the go from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, How I Met Your Mother, Survivor, Elementary, The Young and the Restless, The Late Show with David Letterman and many more. 

Additionally, you can use the built in Primetime Schedule to learn what's coming up on CBS and set reminders for single episodes or special events through the 'My CBS' section so you never miss out on anything. You'll also find there's plenty of Photo Galleries and Cast Pages from your favorite shows. The app is free to download and is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Keep in mind, it is a U.S. only app.

Download CBS for BlackBerry 10


Erik Lehman


Posted via SEGA master system


Who cares about CBS shows..


Who cares about people who read articles with titles clearly identifying the topic, then take the time to post a comment to demonstrate their lack of concern over the topic?


Haha nice one

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.


not really mate. He said "lack of concern over the topic". His attempt to sound smart made me lol.


The use of words is an attempt to sound smart? You're a special breed of idiot. It's exactly what you did. You expressed your lack of concern over the topic - an app that allows you to stream CBS shows.


Idiot Its not about the words. All I am saying is what you said was irrelevant to what I said. My concern was with CBS shows which made the CBS app not that big of a deal to many.


Then why bother reading the article when it was very clear from the title (or should have been) that you didn't care. Too much time on your hands?

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10


No because I can express opinion on my comments. It's better than comments that say "first" which are never relevant to the article.


There's a lot of you hostile assholes on this site these days eh?


And too many replys. What happened to the good ol days. Like last week before this article created soo much love followed by hate.

Posted via CB10


Calm down Bertha. All I am saying is CBS doesn't have any great TV shows.


In your opinion

Posted from my Z10


I learned everything I know about Canada from 'how I met your mother'

#IchooseBlackBerry10 (BB#25)


thats like saying you learn everything about the UK from Spice World.


No silly that would be Austin Powers and James Bond. That's where I learned about the UK. :p

Posted via CB10


I learned everything I need to know about the UK from Monty Python. Now where did I put those coconuts?


hehe, Big Bang Theory anyone? (ohh Penny)


Awesome! Maybe I can catch up on two and a half men.

Posted via CB10

nick canada

Don't bother it's not even the same show since charlie Sheen was fired...

Anyways nice to see this apps pouring in lately

Posted via CB10


I think it's hilarious now. The first season with kutcher was iffy but I enjoy it now


I have a Z10 and it tells me it's not available for this device

Posted via CB10


You do know it's only for the u.s don't you?

Posted via CB10


US only eh?

Posted via CB10


Consolation prize. Gives us something to do while we wait for 10.2


Why not Canadians too?. They figure no room in our igloos??

Posted via CB10


Probably because of CRTC don't allow it.

Even if we could watch our TV channels thru web or satellites, when moving out of the country distributors must block their services .

CRTC should stands for Customer Restricted To Canada ;)

Not for Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ...

Posted via CB10


Downloaded about 10 mins ago. NCIS oh yeah


Gave it a go, pretty slick! Not bad to catch up on the couple of shows I do watch. VZW El Zeta10


My wife will be so excited. She can watch her "stories" while she is at the gym. Lol. Yet another app checked off the list for BlackBerry.

Now if there was only a way to side load banking apps...

Posted via CB10


I have side loaded the Chase bank app. It works although I never use it for deposits, so I can't comment on whether online depositing works. (I realize that's why most people use a banking app, sorry.)

Posted via CB10


Gibbs head smack to propeller 10. Lol.

Posted via CB10


Great, another great addition. Also official native app is available now :)


What, no love for Blue Bloods? It's alright, I'll give it a shout-out. I'll stand out from the crowd because I don't need every cop to be corrupt for me to watch the show... ;-)


What a Crazy week... BBM 4 most, 10.2 4 most, Updates New apps ... So happy


Yea... Good week for BB!!!!


That sucks... What about us here in Canada?


I've watched a few cbs're not missing anything


Doesn't appear to be a "Play on" feature unless I have to connect the device first? Can't really check that right now, anyone know if it has it? I'm not a big fan of watching things on any mobile screen...


Is Criminal Minds an option?

Posted via CB10


Never mind, I installed it and confirmed it's there!

Posted via CB10


Not available for my device :( is this limited to location or only for Z30?

Posted via amazing Q10


Yessssssss. Finally!

Posted via CB10.


Cool but should have PlayOn option.

Posted via CB10


Get unblock-us configure your router and screw geo restrictions. Been using them for years, USA Netflix, hulu, etc etc..


More Infos on that ?

nick canada

Yes do tell

Posted via CB10


Blockless dot com is another good one. It does have a $5/mo fee but its easy to use as well. Can simulate USA, UK, Latin Amer. and Sweden.


Doesn't look as polished as the ABC app, but so far the shows seem to play more smoothly over wifi.

troy lee

Not available here, Cambodia

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Q5

This article should be removed. It isn't available for all Z10 device. Stupid.

Post a thread when it comes to all Z10 devices...not before. kind of a half baked approach....

Posted via CB10


It is available for the Z10. It's even shown on a Z10. You live in Canada. 


Several people can't read a full article. Next time up the font on US ONLY :/

AT&T Z10


Hey hey hey cb, what about an update on the app for the forums?


Delete it and reinstall, worked for me


Wish it would be released in Canada!

Posted via CB10


-----Keep in mind, it is a U.S. only app.------


Finally the USA get something first.....bahahaha 10.2 baby

Sent from The Legendary Zed10


Cbs abc all usa only and the yanks complain why they don't get updates OS quickly. Hah. Blame your idiot companies like CBS and ABC making usa centric apps only.

Only a fool thinks they know me.


Actually it's the CRTC. Direct your complaints to them and their Canadian content rules.

Posted via CB10


Which has nothing to do with US networks geo restricting distribution of their content. Many US networks have sold their shows to Canadian networks such as CTV and if you had a Canadian network's app then geo restrictions would not effect you. Bug CTV, Global and CBC etc for apps.

Christopher Jacques

Not available for z10

Posted via CB10


You don't live in the U.S.


Slow but surely here they all come. Who needs Instagram. We have some of the best DEVS that can just make Native one to work for us.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW


Canadian channels take note!

Posted via CB10


Strange. Cannot download it. ''Not available on this terminal. ''

Posted via an outstanding Z30


Not available for this device.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Q5

You know something? You must be afraid of the truth right? After you deleted all my comments like the child you are, and hiding my comments from everyone, because you can't face facts...good one joe....

Posted via CB10


What u didn't know that Bla1ze is a crackerhead? He deletes everything that doesn't meet his standard. You know like the school yard bully. Never accepting that freedom of speech is engrained into not just the US Laws and constitutions but is a fundamentalist right in almost any first world country and protected by law. Don't worry one day someone will take the individual to task by way of court and lawsuit for infringement of freedom of speech. That said he only ever deleted one post of mine. When I said "first". The US loves lawsuits and Canada has several case laws in place with such incidences also so hopefully someone with time to waste and money to spend takes action. Till then I just smile at the school yard bully because I'm smarter than he is and wiser and know more about BlackBerry the company than he ever will :). That's my rant for today.

Only a fool thinks they know me.


I love you DJRaz. You amuse me. Everyone needs someone like you in their lives.



Only a fool thinks they know me.


I guess he must have been second from the left.....

Posted via CB10

R Field

You might want to put it in bold. Some people don't read.


With all the waiting our friends to the south have to do with regards to BlackBerry, it's nice to see you get something many outside of the US want but can't get.

Posted via CB10


I like these shows shame it's not available in the UK..

Posted via CB10


I love big bang theory!

BlackBerry Q5

Nice to see after posting some comments I made, that Blaze, or whatever he's called, deleted my comments. The truth hurts eh buddy?

Posted via CB10


No, your comments are just ridiculous. Maybe instead of deleting them I SHOULD leave them just so everyone else can see how ridiculous they are. You're ranting and raving about apps not being available in your country / for your device and how they're half-baked and they shouldn't be posted because of that.

Hate to break it to you, but just because SOME apps are region / device locked, does NOT mean we're going to stop posting them. The folks with the devices they support and in the countries they support, appreciate knowing the apps are available, so get over it. Your ranting and raving like a lunatic isn't going to change, well, anything.

I won't even bother getting into the whole fact that there will ALWAYS be region based apps thanks to how big media works. I get the feeling it would be a total waste of my time typing it out all. Do you also throw hissy fits when a video gets posted to the internet by an American media company and you're not able to view it in Canada? I sure hope so cause it's pretty much the same thing.

I honestly agree with some of what you say, region based apps and media is stupid and there should be no such thing but thanks to licensing agreements and publishing deals and all that, they're here for the long-term. The rest of your arguments about not posting apps when they're available is just straight up daft.


No Canadian love!!! I love how Bla1ze has to keep repeating himself because no one reads the full post



Nice, but no HD streams. Blurring is noticeable.

BlackBerry Q5

Stop announcing something is available for the platform, when not every can get it. If it's available in the app world for BB10, it should be available for everyone.

Posted via CB10


Calm down man...

Posted via CB10

Michelle Haag

We post region specific apps all the time. If we only posted apps that were available for EVERYONE on EVERY DEVICE EVERYWHERE, you'd hardly see anything at all. Get over it, sheesh.



Posted via an outstanding Z30


+1 Sure is a lot of entitlement with the kids these days.


- 1 for you and no pudding either


It is so very important for people from the US to download every native and good working app from big name companies like this. Prove to them there is a BlackBerry 10 market after all in the US! Even if you have no real use for it, download it!


Wow, it's a really good native app. Credit to whoever made it.

Posted via keyboard bearing Q10


I press the link and then it said "unavailable for this device" ..

Posted via CB10


This app is awesome on my Z10.

Posted via CB10


So is this app DNS specific to the USA or is it carrier specific? I.e. If I change my DNS to a US DNS these US only apps will appear? Maybe I can make a case for both my Z10 and a new Z30 :) one for each region...

Posted via CB10


WTF? No love for igloo nation? Damn. I guess i'll keep watching CSI in my living room. Bummer!

Posted via CB10


I love it. I don't need cable anymore. With ABC, ABC, family, discovery, AMC and now CBS.

Posted via CB10


Loving these kind of apps.

Thanks CBS! Big Bang on my Z!!!

Posted via CB10


I can catch up on NCIS!!!!!!!!Woo hoo.

Coming from South Georgia. Posted from my White Z10 (VZW)


It is not available for me running 10.2

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10


Might give this a try.

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

Sameer Mirza 786

US only.... gayyyyy

Posted via CB10


Ahhhh..... that's why.

Posted via CB10


Says not available for my BB 10.2, STL100-3 Z10.

Posted via CB10


Dang...would be nice if it worked in Canada...Maybe CityTV will make one (or they have one?) as they usually show CBS shows iirc.


Nice but says not available for my device. Too bad. Got the Bell live TV app any way so no loss there.

Posted via CB10


Just being able to keep up with Craig Ferguson while still maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is worth the download in and of itself.


Very Nice, I'm glad they don't force you to authorize all kinds of permissions like the AMC app does.

Bennett McCarthy

Not available for my device... z10 what the hey

Posted via CB10


If I can watch 60 minutes on there, It will be very cool.



Posted via CB10


What!!! US only... what about Canada??

Posted via CB10


I'm a big fan of Criminal Minds but never seem to catch it when it's on. Now I can catch up on my zed 10. How awesome is that!
The more I use my zed 10, the more I'm blown away by it. It's gone from a mere phone to literally an extension of my life!
BlackBerry by choice,Blackberry for life.

Posted via CB10


Thank you for this info. I appreciate all that this site does relating all information that benefits all! Keep up the good work!

Posted via CB10


I have a z10 running 10.2 bit it says that the app isn't available for my device. Any idea why?

Posted via CB10

Dave Hong

Sweet! Now I can catch up on Star Trek TOS episodes ;)

Posted via CB10

Dave Hong

Working fine on 10.2.

Posted via CB10


I'm on my z10 and it's saying not available for this device

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


It's not available for Q10 :'(((( pourquoi?

Posted via CB10