CrackBerry Idol Round 2 Voting Now Open - Vote Now!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Aug 2010 06:20 pm EDT

**** VOTE NOW!!!! ****

It's time folks! Over the last two weeks you've witnessed ten in-depth BlackBerry accessory reviews from our ten Round 2 competitors in CrackBerry Idol. The judges gave their feedback on each review and now it is in YOUR HANDS to decide which FIVE competitors will continue on to the FINAL round. Below you will find the links to each of the accessory reviews, as well as the CrackBerry Idol voting poll where you can vote for which competitors (up to a max of five) you want to see advance. We'll leave the poll running on this post right up until midnight PST, this Sunday August 15th. Voting is below. Think hard before you vote. Now go vote!

CrackBerry Idol Round 2 Voting

You can vote for up to FIVE contestants to move on to Round 2 (you can vote for less than five if you like too). Vote for your favorite CrackBerry Idol contestant. In the end there will be only one CrackBerry Idol winner, so be smart and vote for the person you'd most like to see here regularly on the blogs.

Links to Full Round 2 BlackBerry Accessory Reviews


Reader comments

CrackBerry Idol Round 2 Voting Now Open - Vote Now!!


Been waiting all day to get voting!!!!!

Good luck to the top ten. I've made some new friends through this competition. Thanks CrackBerry!

Ok people seriously it's time to get down to business. Some people have had a good run but it's time for the qualified to move to the next round and some others to just move on.

--> shall we play a game?

Is this because you actually thought this would impress her or because you don't understand why you're voting? Good job on screwing someone out of a vote that's actually taking this competition seriously and deserves it.

Wow, the things you find out when you hang out on YouTube! Check out Dave Pecken's TV interview on the local news. Very impressive Dave!

I got to admit, that's one sweet move. Getting a tv news interview. Wow. And the best part... the reporter tells the viewership how to vote for you! I have been wondering for a while whether you were some kind of pro, I guess you have to be if you can get the tv news to give you an interview.

I was on YouTube checking out the view totals for each of the final 10 contestants. Brittany and Aloha Joe have the most, so you can see how that little girl keeps advancing. While searching for Tim's video, I came up with Dave's news interview. A BlackBerry consultant, huh? That may explain my impressions of Dave as being some kind of pro.

Dave P sure looks like a lock! Nice segment on Channel 7 Detroit. Even if Dave doesn't win Idol (if by some magic screw up in voting *cough* tweens *cough*), how can the CB Team NOT hire him? He fits the mold perfectly, has been consistent throughout the competition and is certainly well-spoken. Listening to his voice, his delivery is even better than (dare I say it) Kevin's! Kevin seems kinda nervous sometimes, repeats himself and re-uses some lame catch phrases lol. I like Dave just getting to the point, no fluff. I'm glad I watched his BB Presenter review cause that crap ain't worth JACK! His written work is on point too. Good luck, Dave P. I'm sure the CrackBerry Nation will be seeing a lot more of you in the coming months!

thx for the effort,

bro neil

You got my vote, Josh. Great job. And I agree, the BlackBerry OEM charging pod is hard to beat with its simplicity and excellent performance.


For those of you voting, please give the votes for those that deserve them - well spoken, knowledge of product, preperation, ON TIME, etc. Give credit to where credit is due.

If you're just voting for someone cause you think they're cute or hawt (specially since they're not going to give you the time of day) then don't vote. If this turns into a vote for whom is the most attractive, what's the point in actually having this type of contest?

Vote for Brittany, not because shes hot, but because your video was actually the most informative and not the same thing as everyone else.

Are you serious? You actually want me to believe that Brittany is better than Josh, Alicia, David Peckens, Joseph, Dan, Tim, Kerri, Shankeith and Aloha Joe? I'll give you a few contestants she did better than, but I can count at least 6 who did a better review this round, and a better overall performance. So, sorry, I won't be voting for Brittany or anybody else who is trying to rely on their looks or their sex appeal to get votes. I am voting for talent. After all, the winner is getting a JOB! Now, I don't know about your area where you live, but in my state, unemployment is at over 12%, and I think it's even higher in Dave Pecken's state. A JOB in this friggen economy should go to somebody who DESERVES it!!!

Really? Her review was turned in late. The camera was extremely shaky. She "ummmmed" a lot and seemed really unsure of herself. She did not seem prepared. There was nothing indepth at all about her review. Her review points were what I could've gotten from going to a website and reading a description.

Aside from any of that. She goes and calls a bunch of people perverts and yet has her blackberry stuck in her shirt right above her breast area.

Tell us how hers was better than Joe's where he's actually showing the product in action. Or Kerri's where she shows off the voice qualities of her product. Or really anything other than stand there and "ummmm" and "ohhhh" and "stuff like that". Granted Brit had a slightly showy intro but that was really the only part of her video that stood out with her running out the shower in her wetsuit.

"Mahalo" (Hawaiian meaning: thank you) to all who took the time, and went to @CrackBerry to vote for me. Please pass on the word...the voting is still open!

Also, a BIG thanks to ALL the competitors, both past & present. You set the bar high from the very start. It was an honor to be amongst such talent individuals:)
Good Luck to all...
Follow me on twitter @CB_AlohaJoe and drop me a tweet or 2;)

-Aloha Joe

Glad you picked up on that...Thanks for noticing...more importantly commenting on it. "Aloha Joe thanks you..." Lol!

-Aloha Joe

My vote goes out to the most talented and useful reviewer. No gimmicks for me.

However I wish that we could actually see how many ppl voted for who at the end of each round. I think that it'd be very interesting to see how many votes each contestant got and how close anyone who got eliminated was to moving on.

I wish that could've been done from the first elimination round, but better late than never :-)

I put my votes in just in time yesterday! This round was very informative and a pleasure to see. Good luck to the contestants, and wow Dave P, that's awesome news coverage you got. Can't wait to see our top 5!