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CBC News app gets Built for BlackBerry approved

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jun 2013 08:46 am EDT

We don't normally cover apps just for hitting Built for BlackBerry status, but seeing the CBC app achieve that goal today is a good reminder that it's definitely something for developers to shoot for.

Since the launch of BlackBerry 10 we've seen more and more apps hit the Built for BlackBerry mark including our very own CB10 app. The program not only offers great incentives for developers but also provides some awesome apps for consumers. Knowing that an app is Built for BlackBerry means it's a quality title (be it app or game) that was made just for BlackBerry and follows strict guidelines to ensure a great experience for end users. 

As is the case with the CBC app, not all Built for BlackBerry titles come from single developers either. If you're a larger company looking to get an app out, a company like Soluteo can certainly help in that process. 

More information/Download CBC News

Press Release

Soluteo App for Canadian Media Leader Now Certified Built for BlackBerry

CBC News Delivers Superb User Experience with Its New BlackBerry 10 App

MONTREAL, June 20, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ - Soluteo, a BlackBerry Alliance Partner and leader in smartphone lifestyle and enterprise applications, announced today its BlackBerry 10 app for CBC News is now certified Built for BlackBerry. Since its launch earlier this year, Soluteo's innovative app for CBC News has undergone additional rigorous testing by BlackBerry.  The CBC News app has excellent native performance and leverages key BlackBerry 10 features that differentiate this platform in the smartphone market.

"With this app, Soluteo has extended our online presence to BlackBerry 10 users, opening up a highly engaged audience for us," said Soo Kim, Senior Director, Digital Operations, CBC. "We're getting great feedback from them on how fast and easy it is to access and navigate our latest local, national and international stories, photos, video and sound. It's no surprise that they're regularly giving us 5-star reviews like this one: "The best app for Canadian news, a must have."

"Soluteo apps bring the BlackBerry 10 advantage to brands, giving clients like CBC News more visibility, a wider audience and superb user experience," said Soluteo's Founder and President, Sigisbert Ratier. "With our deep expertise on this platform, we are experts at delivering a "wow" factor to our clients and their audiences. Organizations considering a BlackBerry 10 app have everything to gain by extending their brands to this valuable platform and its power users."

To learn more about Soluteo and how its revolutionary BlackBerry 10 apps are energizing brands and delivering great value to organizations throughout North America and Europe, visit




Posted via CB10


good news is good news!


Great app I constantly use it to check up on the latest news

Posted via CB10


The active frame on the CBC app is awesome too.


It's very nicely built

Posted via CB10


Ok guys download the app and if you don't like it can delete it affects. Let's give CBC the download numbers so they feel happy that they made the right move to support blackberry. LET'S GO

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby


Finally, a Canadian news app that works smoothly on BB! Thanks for the support CBC!


Ok Team is what we are going to do.......... download the CBC the numbers are there for cbc......and they feel they made the right move to support blackberry............and if you don't like the app delete it.......

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby


It's actually a great app. I use it several times a day so I definitely recommend at least checking it out and getting them the downloads.


Is it perhaps only available in Canada? I've tried several times but always fails to install.

Posted via CB10


Very well built. Nice interface. I like the scrolling ticker on top. So far so good.



Posted via CB10


The cbc hockey night in canada is ace too! We'll done cbc and BlackBerry!

To all other dev's, that's how you do it when built for BlackBerry. this is how we do it -> downloaded !

Posted via CB10 / Z10


One of the best apps on mobile. The only strike against it is it only displays extremely low quality video (240p). Wish there was a way to change that.


It's a very good news app. That and USA Today are my favorites.

Posted via CB10


CBC and CB10 is how I start my day.

Posted via CB10


I am glad it's not another port; great news.


It won't install for me in the US of A.


great to see CBC get their app in! Also, it's good to hear "and BlackBerry" in their little radio commercials.


Agreed. They also have a TV promo that specifically points to their current BlackBerry 10 lineup.


Not a fan of the communist broadcast company but it is a very app

Canadian Z10 owner on Telus


I use this app twice daily, great performing app.

Posted via CB10


Great app! CBC Radio app should also get this designation.

Posted via CB10


I want a Fox News app!

Posted via CB10


The more companies build apps like this, the less we will hear or see ads that push only Apple and Android app stores. CBC now says it has apps for "mobile" devices not just iPhone or Android. That is what BlackBerry needs.

Posted via CB10


Their commercial even demos thes bb10 version

Posted via CB10


I've been using this app for a long time now, it's really pretty damn good. Not perfect (neither is CB10 :) ), but it's definitely one of the best along with CB10 and Blaq.

Pete The Penguin

I'm not Canadian but I downloaded CBC as it showcases BB10 - it's a fantastic app on par with CB10.

Posted from the tap-dancing mouse :rotfl:


It is a great app from a good news agency

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Where's the little black BB logo on the bottom right corner of the avartar,which signifies that it is built for BB approved?they should be consistent with that classification!!


It's up to the developer to update the app with the logo, apparently they haven't yet.


Great to know BB10 platform getting more support.

Posted via CB10


Great app

BBMC ChannelX C000D3759


Downloaded. I may have my new go to news app!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D


Awesome news app, however the weather info is screwed up. Still love it though.

Posted via CB10

Felipe Barradas

Excellent app all around, true to the built for BlackBerry standard, and it provides you with news too :)

Posted via Z10 awesome sauce CB10


Excellent app, as are Blaq and PGA

Posted via CB10


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Posted via CB10


And they think the world is only USA.. because its not availible outside USA