CB10 wins BlackBerry Developer Community Award!


Marcus Adolfsson
By Simon Sage on 15 May 2013 07:09 pm EDT

Tonight at BlackBerry Live 2013, our own Marcus Adolfsson won the BlackBerry Developer Community Award for Best Built for BlackBerry App! Okay, awesome, yes, but really - how many of you guys are surprised? CB10 is the most awesome app on BlackBerry 10 for a reason. It brings all of the latest, hottest BlackBerry news right to your device, operates smoothly using the native look and feel, while also being rich in functionality.

Mad props to Marcus for working his Swedish behind off on the app, and there are still plenty of more features yet to come. If you're curious, you can find out more about the winners over here. We'll be following up on our fellow winners shortly. As a prize, maybe we can get the name changed to CrackBerry at some point...

If, for some silly reason, you don't already have CB10 installed on your device, go get it! If you already have and you love it, leave a gushy five-star review, will ya? 

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CB10 wins BlackBerry Developer Community Award!


Great Job Marcus (especially for a first go at making a BlackBerry app) and CrackBerry! Blaq was also fantastic this had to have been a close one.

Congratulations not a surprise @ all it had to be between CB10 or Blaq let's get it Team Crackberry

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Congratulations to CrackBerry and Marcus, he really deserves it. CrackBerry can be overwhelming (in a good way) because of all it has to offer, and the CB10 condenses it all and makes everything really accessible and easy to use, all while looking great. I can't think of anything lack in the app, it's really my favorite.

Congrats! A well deserved award IMO, though Blaq was truly fantastic too. SO props to Jerome too!!!

"As a prize, maybe we can get the name changed to CrackBerry at some point..."

Kinda agree on this, if you meant the name of the app that is. Don't get me wrong, CB10 sounds good, but in the perspective of Mobila Nations as a whole, the other sister sites' app are all called their actual site name. "iMore, WP Central, Android Central". So naming it CrackBerry makes more sense, or better unity as a whole.

No way an I surprised because this CB10 app is flawlessly awesome! Thank you Marcus for building this great app!

Posted via CB10

Way to go Marcus and Team CrackBerry! you've got the best community behind you and thanks to you this community still thrives!

Posted via CB10

Not because of BlackBerry news or whatever.. this app is simply made for BlackBerry. Love its user interface and all. Love its smoothness. I hope there will be a search function soon.

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This was probably the best functioning and user friendly app for Blackberry period , heck any app .
Takes advantage of peak and Flow , menu is just great , posting is user friendly just awesome !!

Congrats to the entire cb10 team! Cb is pretty well the only app I keep in an active frame all day.

Posted via CB10

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure damm good app. CB family and community are very proud of you, Marcus.

Congrats to Marcus and the CrackBerry team. I look forward to continued improvements/enhancements of the CB10 app as BlackBerry 10 continues its rise to prominence in this highly competitive smartphone era.

Who cares. We just want 10.1 or 10.2 to drop. Ps only kidding. Use this app more than all the rest. Congratulations on the award. Well done and deserved.....

Posted via CB10

Well here it is team CB, the proof of how awesome you guys are. Also that CB and CBK are both in the default Channels for the new addition to BBM also doesn't hurt. Oh and we can't forget how TH's 1st official thing was to call CBK and say how much CB means to BlackBerry.

CrackBerry is BlackBerry and vise versa and I am proud to have been with you guys for the past 3 years, one year lurking 2 years active.

Posted via CB10

Congrats to all! the app is one of the best out their. Super smooth and works perfectly. Good job guys, it also goes with the crackberry theme

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Felicitaciones! Me encanta la aplicación pues es muy completa. Saludos desde ciudad de Panamá ,Panama

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I totally prefer the CB10 App to the browser version, either mobile or desktop!

Posted via CB10

Congratulations Marcus...an asset to the CB community. Your application makes hours disappear out of my life. [=

Posted via CB10

Not surprised at all...one of the best BlackBerry apps...probably THE best! Haha I don't use a ton of apps and this is one I use daily. Congrats!! :)

Posted via CB10

Hey, I would download the app today if I could put it on my ipad!! Otherwise I have to WAIT for the Q10!

Awesome! Just proves CrackBerry is the best community! I honestly visit CrackBerry everyday! And you guys always have the latest and greatest news and info! Great Job CrackBerry Team!!!

Great job Marcus and Co., you guys did a tremendous job with this app and deserve the award!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Congrats! CB10 is always the first app I install whenever I re install the OS and start from scratch.

Posted via CB10

Keep the good work.
Get the trebles, this year, next year and the year after next year :)

Posted via CB10

Congratulations on a well-deserved award. CB10 is absolutely the best mobile community app I've seen on ANY platform, and there's been a clear commitment to maintaining and improving it.


CB10 is probably the best designed community app I've ever used! We'll deserved kudos and I look forward to your future endeavours!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10