CB10 v. now available for download from BlackBerry World - brings bug fixes and faster access to Android apps!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Dec 2013 10:05 am EST

OK CrackBerry Nation, it's here. FINALLY. If you're a user of our award-winning CB10 app, you can jump into BlackBerry World and upgrade to the latest version, This build addresses the bugs that popped up in the app when OS 10.2 hit, such as the uber-annoying forum scrolling/page jumping issue. The CB10 app is also much snappier once again. We're talking FASTTTT.

[ Take note - the new version was just approved this morning - if it's not showing up for you yet just wait a little while and it should. You can always delete the current version and reinstall too. Sometimes that's the quickest way to get at the latest build. ]

Also, just to spite my Android-loving pal Phil Nickinson, for those of you on OS 10.2.1, you'll notice we added a shortcut to the app's main menu for Android Apps. This link will save you some taps in jumping into our popular Android Apps Forum

If you come across any bugs, be sure to report them on this thread. Enjoy this update, and stay tuned. We have more updates on the roadmap for 2014!

Download CB10 for your BlackBerry 10 Phone!

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CB10 v. now available for download from BlackBerry World - brings bug fixes and faster access to Android apps!


HAHAHAHA.... Love you too Phil. I'm so gonna post something on AC next week. I still owe you back for that Android Central app download post you did here. Though seriously, seems like a lot of BB10 owners are using the app. So all good. :)

I'm sticking with my pirated copy. I never open it. But I've got it. Ahoy Matey!!

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

Thanks for the update, really enjoying it :) Have you added headless notification alerts for those on 10.2.1?

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My pic still isn't showing up. Someone from CB said this would be address on this current update. Any plans on getting this corrected?

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QuickSilver must have arrested and convicted them all.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

I thought there was a thread that showed more support for firsts than against? I think you were FIRST in it right?

#IchooseBlackberry10 (BBM#25)

Great work guys. Haven't popped up my side as yet, but I'm really looking forward to the improvements.

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Coolio! You knew this had better happen to keep your chances high at winning the contest. ;)

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I agree! On the roadmap. We'll get to it eventually. If only we had unlimited resources... feel free to send all your $$$ to kevin@crackberry.com via paypal and we'll invest it in more coders! ;)

Why not see if other Devs might be willing to help? The Devs for iGrann and Whine are helping one another.

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Would have love to have the option of switching between Dark and Light Theme on the Z10 also.

Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z10

I saw the screen shot and I thought that it could be done. That was the first thing I tried to do, switch to a dark theme. I was sad :(. But the update is still amazing! VERY fast now!!

Yep, I thought we could switch to dark theme at first too.. oh well. Just happy the page scrolling bug has been fixed!

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Same here! I don't know why this seems to be an impossible task. The dark theme contrast is so much better on my eyes.

That being said, I'm happy with the update as I can at least scroll through the comments without the app skipping a page.

Hmm so I updated and now the app won't open. When I click to open it, the screen jitters and nothing happens. I've tried deleting, restarting my phone, refreshing BlackBerry World, and then reinstalling the app...but still the samething happens.

Anyone else getting this?

Try to download, but I'm getting Version

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I just downloaded this new version and one thing I would like to see in any upcoming update is a dark theme version for us Z10 owners. Thanks, great job.

Posted on CB 10 app via Z10STL100-4/

Thanks CB! Now I can read full sentences without the last few letters being chopped off!!

The app is also very fast!

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Thanks Kevin, hasn't shown up on BlackBerry World as yet, but definitely going to download it.

Also out of curiosity, over the long term, will the BlackBerry Channel be your main port of communication?

Thanks from London

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The update didn't show up as a notification for me, but all I had to do was go to the CB10 app in BlackBerry World and it would give me the option to update. The updated CB10 is SUPER quick now!! I love it even more than I already did, which was A LOT.

Awesome, thanks Kevin, Marcus and everyone working in the background to bring this to us.

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Nice job!!! Can you allow to scroll backwards to previous page now also? But I'll take this fix for now - thanks!

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How about a native app for PlayBook? We know BlackBerry won't support it, but will you?

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

What about the stretched images, did that get solved? That page scrolling was a pain, thanks for fixing that. Dark theme!

I held my breath fearing it was only for 10.2. I am 10.2 and it is smooth as silk! Good job CB! My most used app.
I didn't show an update until I went into BlackBerry World, went to My World, My Apps & Games, then clicked on update after it loaded & said there were no updates.

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Good to see that fact wasn't lost on everyone.

I am glad they got it done, but I wont sugar coat my disgust it took so long.

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Updated, and experienced my first ever random reboot in the 4 and a half months I've had my Z10. It happened when I went into the app settings, and picked the first drop-down option. Screen went blank, then red LED lit up.

Hadn't seen that since I had my old 9800.

But, went through it all again, and seems to be fine now.

Just waiting on a dark theme for the app.

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Updated and it seems really fast!!
Nice update... worth it!

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

As soon as I read this post... I jumped to BlackBerry world..
And I don't noe if it's placebo or for real.. but the app is some serious snappy shit..
I'm talking real FASTTT..
Such crunchy and snappy loads.. love it.. thanx Kevin.. and the Dev team!!
Way to go people..

Hit via the sexiest fone there is. Did sumone say Z10?

Finally can view all of an entire page and can go to the next page on my own terms. Lol Excellent.

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Got it but images are still slow to load for my. The CB app on my Note II is faster.

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Got almost to the bottom of page two, and poof!!! It jumped to page 3.

Looking like we still get that bug. I thought this was supposed to be fixed?

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No dark theme? How come considering there's a ton of requests for BlackBerry to put on dark theme. it would have been a nice feature to implement. Hopefully for the next update?

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Just downloaded! I'm very excited to use the updated version although I don't see how it could be any faster and maybe I won't until I upgrade my os to 10.2

Keep The Faith

Something to consider fir the next release, make the option of dark or light theme available on all devices. I have a Z30 and I find the dark theme a bit difficult to see ie new posts etc.

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Might be a bug. Not sure. But on my home screen it always have a notification icon. Even though I don't have any more unread news.

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The app works much better now. Faster, smoother. Keep up the good work. Thnx

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Great. Marked everything read. Refreshed. Marked everything read. Closed app. Still says that new feed is there. Yep go back to drawing board. I hope the pill question part at least show up larger so one can do the poll on the Z. If not. It's still a fail in my books. Period

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"Also, just to spite my Android-loving pal Phil Nickinson, for those of you on OS 10.2.1, you'll notice we added a shortcut to the app's main menu for Android Apps. This link will save you some taps in jumping into our popular Android Apps Forum."


I've updated to CB v1.4.3.2 on my Z10. But I haven't found the option for "Dark Theme" like the one shown in the picture above (black background with white print) . Mine only has a white background with black print. Has anyone figured out how to change it, or is this a Z30 feature only?

VZW Z10 Rockin'

"- brings bug fixes and faster access to Android apps!" I looked in main and all menus but didn’t see anything about "android app access" there have been comments similar to mine but no one seems to care to respond or explain??

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I seem unable to update.
I downloaded the update and when I noticed that I had the same version, I deleted it then reinstalled from BB World.
Still on - which is ok I guess, as my crazy-paging problem was fixed with a reinstall of the original app weeks back

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Just updated, but now the icon always has an asterisk as if it has unread updates even after I've read everything.

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Yaaaaaay!!! We can now edit our own posts! Also, the app does seem faster. I found that the most recent BB10 update ( fixed my previously chronic and very frustrating skipping pages in CB10 scrolling problem. I've read others comment that this CB10 update fixed the problem for them.

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Just one suggestion..

It would be good if the option to skip to any page is available as a static button so that we don't have to scroll all way up to get the option.

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