Caveman HD comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 10 Jul 2012 09:14 am EDT

You may remember that last month whilst at BB10 Jam in London I reordered a short preview video of Caveman HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook and soon to be BlackBerry 10.

If the game looked of interest you will be pleased to know that it has arrived in App World for the PlayBook today.

The game is a modern take on the early 1990's game Lemmings that I am sure many of you are familiar with. Caveman HD is much the same but with a modern vibe to it and clearly the graphics are slightly better than the original game. Caveman HD has already been popular on both webOS and iOS so it is great to see yet another developer porting their game over to the PlayBook OS.

Just like the original; the Cavemen enter the level via an open hatch and your aim is to guide them to the exit before they fall to their death or just wander around aimlessly. Specific skills can be assigned to the Cavemen to help them achieve success.

There are four difficulty settings of the game (easy, medium, obscure and insane) and 120 levels plus bonus levels so hours of fun to be had. As you would have seen in the video there is a section within the menu to enter codes for secret levels. The codes will be published on the developers website on a daily basis.You can grab the codes soon at

I have been playing caveman HD for the last day or so and I can safely say it is great fun. If you are after an easy ride this one isn't for you. The game requires an element of thought and skill as well as patience.

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Caveman HD comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook


Love this game! I even remember some of the levels (and how to get through them) from Lemmings on the Amiga500 over 20 years ago!