Caveman HD comes to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 10 Mar 2013 03:13 pm EDT

It was back in January this year that I first got hands on with Caveman HD. That was on the BlackBerry PlayBook but now the Built for BlackBerry game is available for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. If you missed the PlayBook video we did Caveman HD is very much like Lemmings from the old days.

The idea of the game is to guide the cavemen to their cave. That sounds simple but of course it isn't that straight forward. There are a whole host of different cavemen and each has a different skill - such as digging, floating or even exploding - so you need to utilize your cavemen to achieve the best results.

The good news is that there's a 'Lite' version of the game with 10 levels for you to test out. So why not grab it and give it a shot. After that I'm pretty sure you will want to carry on with the paid version which will set you back just $4.99/£3.50. Don't blame me though if you get addicted!

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Caveman HD comes to BlackBerry 10


Temple Run is just 1 genre and even it gets boring after sometime (I play it on iPod touch along with other games). Btw if you love the genre so much, did you play Chasing Yello, its very similar.

My point was that for $5, it should at least be a popular and polished game like Temple Run. BB10 definitely needs those kind of games (and apps in general). They especially need prices that are more in line with the competition.

Wait... I know!!!! It's lemon... no... lemmin... ah darn, right on the tip of my tongue and I list it... loved that one though, may have to try this game!

FYI: It seems that the images on many of James Richardson's posts don't render on CB10 app

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Yep it seems to be an issue with embedded video with CB10 v1.2.
I think it's already mentioned in the CB10 1.2 feedback thread.

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Too expensive, plus I still don't get why a lot of apps want access to personal files and passwords.

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you'll find that the low-res version is $2.99 across all platforms and the HD version is $4.99. the game has 120 levels that will keep you busy for not just hours, but days (maybe even months). a complete set of level solutions have been posted on youtube - if you want to get a feel for how complex the game can get. it is based on the classic 1991 title called Lemmings, if you do some more research; you'll find the engine is the same but this is just a new set of resources (artwork, sound, music) - with a few upgrades to be more modern.

They cannot gain access to personal files and passwords. That is only for the android subsystem, which in my opinion, has ZERO personal files OR passwords.