Swipe your way out of the labyrinth with Caveboy Escape

By Alicia Erlich on 3 Mar 2014 07:10 am EST

The team behind the extremely addictive and popular game Alien Hive is back again with another winner to fill up your time. Caveboy Escape is an inventive match-3 and tile-connect puzzler that will keep your mind guessing from one level to the next. 

As with all their games, what stands out for me is the graphics. No matter which BlackBerry 10 device you have the result is sharp colors, smooth transitions, and animations that flow across the screen. Combine that with the jungle soundtrack and you have a pretty good combination for the perfect time waster.

The goal of the game is to guide the caveboy out of the perilous maze he has fallen into. In order to escape you have to navigate him across the tiles on the board but you can only move three matching blocks at a time and the clock is ticking as you do so. As you advance through each level, the size of the labyrinth increases making your escape within the allotted timeframe more difficult.

Similar to other games - as you complete the board you are granted stars based on your efforts. Once you reach a certain level of stars it unlocks an entirely new set of levels under Survival mode and the different types of mazes shown at the bottom of the screen. You can unlock them by accumulating stars or with a $1.99 in-app purchase per mode or level. This way you don't have to worry about running out of levels anytime soon and each one is more challenging than the last. As of now I'm only on the first stage which itself can be difficult at times, so we will only see what happens in the other stages.


  • Maze escape puzzle gameplay: new innovation of match-3 and sliding tile puzzles. It's a whole new type of puzzling fun 
  • Solve extremely tricky pathway puzzles under the pressure of time 
  • Casual Challenge: pastel graphics and a mellow soundtrack, with a time limit that will challenge you without being too harsh 
  • Be a Star Collector: collect all stars in all stages and beat your friend's timing
  • High Score and Achievements 
  • Free to play
  • Scoreloop Support

This game keeps you on your toes and it takes some time to train your brain to see the board and determine the correct path from start to finish. There are over 100 levels and it is quite enjoyable. The beginning ones may be easy to get through as you get the hang of it but becomes more challenging as you progress. 

Available free to download from BlackBerry World it supports all BlackBerry 10 devices. There are various in-app purchases, including the ones described above, as well as options to purchase elixirs, or hints, to solving the twist and turns of each puzzle, and the ability to unlock all and remove ads for $3.99.

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jojo beaconsfield

Help Help I can't get Out HAHAHA!!


Really!!! It's amazing

Posted via CB10 - Q5


Nice game

Posted via CB10


Wrong info in post, I just tried installing on Q10 it says unavailable for this device

Posted via CB10

Alicia Erlich

What OS are you running?

Posted via CB10


Why? Are you saying it won't be available for DL unless we're running 10.2?

Posted via CB10


I can't find it on my Z10's app world!

Posted via CB10

Mihul Singh

I just downloaded it on my Blackberry Q5, works like a charm, the game mechanics are quite good, keeps you involved.


Unsupported on my TMO Z10

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Just installed it on my T-Mo Z10

Raul Marrero

Unavailable for the Z10

Posted via CB10


Just downloaded and it runs really nice and smooth, the game it self is really entertaining.

Posted via CB10