Caveat Emptor: Steer clear of bogus BBM apps for Android and iOS

By Adam Zeis on 9 Sep 2013 09:56 am EDT

Doing my daily check of BBM for Android and iOS I've noticed plenty of BBM-related apps have flooded into Google Play (though not many appear in the App Store). The most notable that actually made me double check things today was an app called Blackberry Messenger BBM. 

I'll admit that I dropped the ball and should have noticed the misspelling of "Blackberry" right from the start, but overlooking that the app could almost pass for the real thing. The developer is listed as BBM which is far better than some other cut-rate developer names. The screenshots even look legit - which is most likely because they were pulled straight from a Z10. Regardless of how things may look, this is one of the many bogus BBM apps that are most definitely not the real thing.

So alas, while I was nearly excited that BBM was making the cross-platform leap today, we'll still have to hold out just a bit longer. Fingers crossed that it won't be too long now especially given the news that the iOS version of BBM has already been submitted to the App Store for approval. 

We'll certainly know for sure (as will you) when the real BBM lands on Android an iOS, so for now, just a friendly reminder to make sure you don't get sucked into installing any knock-off BBM apps if you're using Android or iOS.

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Caveat Emptor: Steer clear of bogus BBM apps for Android and iOS


I can vouch for this, I am a developer and have submitted an app. The vetting process for certain apps is actually quite extensive for Blackberry.

spyware malware viruses adware, take your pick really.

As for `vetting process` Google has a retrospective vetting process, so this isn't googles fault

specially when their company names and app names, even the logos are blatant copyright violations and trademark violations.

yup, upload it like 24 hours before the iPhone announcement, im sure that wont get lost in the media.

seriously, timing is everything.

Can't believe it's that easy to load crap on Android.

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Why is it too risky for phone users?

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

They need to just pull the trigger for Android. Apple is holding things up for every one! Release the Android version and let apple look like the snob of a company that it is.

isn't that just you guessing? how is apple holding something up? for all you know its approved and BB are just biding their time due to tomorrows iphone announcement and not wanting to get lost in the media.

How much does this really matter? It's not like they're (BlackBerry) launching a new phone, it's an app. How dies Apple announcing anything affect the number of people that will download BBM?

Maybe it's just me and there's a perfectly good reason, but considering how much marketing BlackBerry does, I don't yet see it.

Enlighten me if you know.

Posted via CB10

I agree its no phone announcement, but they want it to get some air time in the press im sure, launching right by an apple event isn't the way to do that.

I own a htc to test some android apps. I hate it but I still want bbm on it because I want a second bbm.

One for privat and one that every one can add me on.

I don't want lame people on my normal bbm

And most people that add me on bbm and are from crackberry are useless.

Not to be mean but they don't read, if I don't want 'black' girls or guys on bbm, they add me and think that everyone is their 'bro'

By having an second bbm all those losers can add me there :)

Posted via CB10

You do understand that you don't have to accept "blacks" either way right? BBM should allow a filter for ethnicity. #classy

Posted Via CB10... Z10/Q10 Owner

You're an idiot. What kind of dumbass racist are coming on here talking about you don't wan't black girls or guys on your BBM? You must be such a clueless and friendless person to even put your bbm pin on CrackBerry to get friends. Looking at your name you sound like a terrorist or some Taliban dumbo so I doubt anybody would even add you.


One for privat and one that every one can add me on.
- First of all, it's private not privat. Secondly, do you think every single person in the world would want to add you? You make it sound that everyone is dying to add you and that is why you want another BBM for. I'm sure you're pretty delusional.

I don't want lame people on my normal bbm
- So you want lame people on your "private" BBM??? Wow that makes a lot of sense pal. Not too sure what you are trying to say here... But it sure sounds pathetic. Because you're everything but lame right?

And most people that add me on bbm and are from crackberry are useless.
- Wow most people here are useless?? You must really think highly of yourself. How delusional are you kid?? Seriously.. Are you like freakin' awesome in your head or something?

Not to be mean but they don't read, if I don't want 'black' girls or guys on bbm, they add me and think that everyone is their 'bro'
- Why in the hell are you so racist? If you don't want someone there, delete them and block. Move on. Have a glass of milk. You make it seem like it's so difficult to delete a contact. Geeze, you must think that everyone is vying for your attention huh? I want to have some of that stuff you're smoking..

By having an second bbm all those losers can add me there :)
- Yeah you say it like that. Mr Popular right? All I can imagine is just some tumbleweed rolling around and a cricket choir. Yup your BBM contact list will be full with your dazzling personality... Don't resort to texting yourself now. *rolls eyes*

Not to be mean but I need a third BlackBerry just to add your super loser ass to. Just you, then I shut it off and put in in a drawer forever.

Posted via CB10

It's sad that Android and other platforms (including iOS and BlackBerry) don't crack down on bogus apps like these. Why would they? It makes the number of apps they have look bigger and bigger.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

If a fart feels like it's being forced through pudding, try to be near a toilet. Just sayin' bro.

Posted via CB10

Maybe Apple will announce it at their next launch as a bullet point for buying an iphone.

Posted via CB10

No they won't. They have iMessage (or whatever it's called) for that. THEIR product goes over a competitor's.

Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Dont be ridiculous, it will hack hack your BBID. Just waiting for real announcement

Posted via CB10

Yes, iPhone and Android users can add the BBM app if so choose just like adding any other app from the App Store / Google Play.

My friends on other platforms are waiting to download... I think I've sold it to them with the stuff bbm can do that other IM can't do... now it's all abt the waiting game for them...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

My wife is (im)patiently waiting to get BBM on her S3 (still has a year left on her contract), but at least she knows they are fake (waiting for me to tell her it is really available).

Posted via CB10

I have heard the apple bbm app is going to launch on the 10th September, I find it hard to believe but is that also the launch date for the iphone5s "same". On the subject of blackberry apps then you should be an apple forum member many many users slagging apple that they are taking too long to approve the bbm app. Also what I dislike is android and apple use pictures of old style blackberry phones. Can't blackberry HQ send out pictures to these people of the bb10 devices. I have also heard HTC are looking at moving away from android to create their own operating software but I assume these are rumors but they have the tendency to come true.

Hey hey! Guys guys!
I just upgraded to the latest version of BBM Channels on my Z10. And I was like wow! The way the pictures show in updates. Everything was just looking too sleek. Nw this is my excitement. BBM is going to andriod, but not BBM Channels right? Cause with BBM Channels, we don't need the normal bbm at all. They can have that. The look and feel of the new BBM Channels alone can make me stay

Is BBM going to have auto select just like whatsapp?? If not there isn't a person in my contacts that is going to use it. I have 400 +contacts on linkedin and 500 facebook frends and zero BBM contacts. No body use it anymore. So it will only become a succes if if it will auto select contacts to BBM. I don't know how it workshop because there is not one contact that has a BlackBerry or uses BBM

Posted via CB10

There will be two groups of people.
The group of people that download it immediately and start inviting others to use it, and...
Those (like you) that get an invite and accept it.
Maybe a third group, those that refuse to use it no matter what. I'm guessing they'll end up being a minority.

Maybe it's part of their plan to cover up the BBM with bogus BBM apps so people won't see it. Haha

Posted via CB10

Oh WOww... even the app devs mail address.... "amdroid @"

Sadly this makes BBRY look bad to those who believe this is a legit BBM app... read review the comments..
Also makes Google/Android and even Apple look bad for allowing this to happen..

Shame on BBRY for not going after them...
My opinion on BBM for Android
No point in it, the world already has whatsapp, wechat, skyoe, and so many more.
I mean why is it even so difficult to get it running, you register to blackberry app world with a email, like with the play store.
Add a feature to add contacts via email and the problem is solved.

Huge media hype over a slowly sinking company...

My opinion, thats all