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Caught in the wild - the elusive BlackBerry Q10 panda!

BlackBerry Q10 Panda
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2013 07:24 pm EDT

When the BlackBerry Z10 was released we quickly discovered the tastiness of the BlackBerry Z10 Oreo. Putting a black battery door on the white Z10 made it look not only like a tasty cookie (or maybe ice cream sandwich??), but also gave the slightly slippery white Z10 more grip thanks to the soft touch feel of the black battery door.

Now that I have both a white and black BlackBerry Q10 in my hands, we had to mix things up and see how the black and white treatment faired. The result is in the photos. The Oreo name doesn't quite fit this time around - we're thinking panda maybe works.

Like the Z10, the black battery door on the Q10 has a grippier feel than the white battery door. When it comes to white, smartphone manufacturers are forced to go with harder plastics so blue jean die doesn't stain it blue. Putting the black battery door on the white Q10 definitely makes it a little grippier, though I've been finding my all-white Q10 easy to hold. 

BlackBerry Q10 Panda

So what do you prefer CrackBerry Nation? The black door on white phone Q10, or the white door on black Q10 combo? Sound off in the comments! And if you're looking for more info on BlackBerry's full keyboard BB10 phone, be sure to check our BlackBerry Q10 Review.



Nice, but the z10 stormtrooper is sexier.

Posted via CB10


The "Zader" is the best, if you ask me.


What is that? Sounds nice, whatever it is!

Posted via CB10


+1 storm trooper

Posted via CB10

Mikey Gardner

Looks nice

Posted on my Z10


Black door on white phone is better.


Yikes, that doesn't look good lol.


Someone needs to buy a Black Q10, then buy the aluminum frame from the white Q10 and transfer everything over :) I don't really understand why they made the black q10 with a black bezel...


It isn't aluminium (official spelling), but PVD coated stainless steel. I think this is the same as the Playbook rim.
I suspect that black is better for the European market.


I'll get my white Q10 in a couple of days. If the black door is grippier I'll order that so I can match it with my Oreo Z10. It's also possible to get the top portion in black too, so it might look more like a half eaten Oreo than a Panda ;)


Where can I order the back pieces in black??


CrackBerry will probably get them in soon, though if you're in a hurry you can try ETrade Supply (SKU: ESBLA10032750). Unfortunately it looks like the Q10 door is out of stock, though the top portion is in stock. Looks like my white Q10 will stay all white for a little bit longer. Hopefully CrackBerry will get these parts in stock soon so I can keep the biz in the family ;) I bought my black Z10 battery door for my white Z10 from them around Jan 30th well before it became available anywhere else. The main drawback is higher shipping costs since it comes from the manufacturer in China. Also note these doors are expensive because they have NFC connectors, and the Q10's door parts are even more expensive due to the glass weave material.


Agreed, not liking this combo...the whole front will still be white...z10 carries this look much better....if the bezel on the white q10 was black, it would work for sure

Posted via CB10


I prefer the z10 Kevin. But the q10 oreo looks mmm tasty

Posted via CB10


If the black-door-on-white looks like a panda, then the white-door-on-black could be called a penguin! :)

Shub Singh

Definitely black door on black phone because its original :)

Posted via CB10


Not as good as the z10 oreo

Posted via CB10


lol .... that's funny .... but an awesome idea !!!!

Too bad that most of us will not have enough $$$ to buy 2 phones. It might be good if we can find a friend to trade covers with.


Reminds me of the days in school where we changed the caps of our colored LAMI ink pens. I had a LAMI with a yellow body and a black cap back then... And now the Oreo and penguins and pandas take over. :D

Posted via CB10


I am getting a Black Z10 in 2 days on Saturday. I probably would not mind changing with someone


No bueno...the Z10 looks much better with cover switching than the Q10...I think it is the original color of the back, top of the phone contrasting too much.

Posted via unlocked BlackBerry Z10 on AT&T


No thank you, some how it only look good on the Z10, but I like the name lol Q10 panda!!

Posted via CB10


Nah! Just not the same look. Only the Z10 can pull that off.


Black back with the white top.

(Full 360 view please!)


You think there will be any SE Q10's? Red? Blue (My fav)?


all. black. everything.


Oh my didn't know Kevin has a taste for panda-looking phones. Is that even a way to describe it? ;p

Posted via CB10


Q10 black door on white phone
Z10 black door on white phone

I wish BlackBerry would get around to releasing the battery doors for sale.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Very exciting development. So time for a contest. Please leave a comment in this thread why you think I should receive a Panda courtesy of CrackBerry. Enter as often as you like.

/ Worth a shot!

Brutal Efficiency

I reckon the white battery door would look nice if it was Glass Weave.

Panda is definitely the appropriate word, no where near an Oreo.

Blackberry Faithful


Stop teasing me! Mine's still on preorder and I'm wearing out my PB by constantly checking the site to see if it's shipped yet.

I don't need two, I just want ONE!


Black door. White phone. You can get OEM black battery doors at $16.99

Posted via CB10


Typo in article - "fared' not "faired"

Brandon Tobias

i say scrap both down and put the white keys on the black one and the black keys on the white one
or scrap both down and swap both keypad and screen bezel it would be interesting to have the black stainless steel with white keys and white back as well as the black parts with the shiney silver stainless steel


+1, that sounds like a winning combination :)

Now to find someone brave enough to scrap two new Q10's..... hehe. Tempted though.

Posted via CB10

Brandon Tobias

i wont mind doing it but i cant afford a Q10 let alone 2 its really expensive and it has not launched in the Caribbean i feel like Trinidad where ppl buy berries like water and blackberry is treating us badly with late launches


I think I'd keep the Q10 natural. Loved the "Oreo", but not feeling the "Panda" in either combo.

Why do I feel like I'm rating Zoolander looks?

Posted via CB10


Its blue jean dye not "die"
Jut fyi..


Don't really like it much. Z10 Oreo is much better

Posted via Naked BlackBerry Z10

Daniel Montanaro

The white door on the black phone.

Posted via CB10

Kriilin Namek

The Q Tuxedo. You're welcome. : D


Black panda!

Posted from my T-Mobile Z10, no longer on the Sprint Meh network.


Yall is a mess for this lol. But its so freaking awesome. #blackberryculture

Posted via CB10


I have traveled around the globe. In all countries and in all languages there is only one color that says "All business, All the time" and that is BLACK.

Posted via CB10


Black door on white phone.

Posted via CB10


They looks pretty nice!


I think the Z10 Oreo looks much better than this. The same concept just doesn't work that good on Q10


I'm feeling the black door on the white Q10. White is the color of "HOT" right now!!!!

Posted via CB10


Looks great.. Really does look like a panda. Haha

Posted via CB10


I wish there was a contest for some alternate back covers for both the Q10 and the Z10!!


No, black door on black phone :))

Tomas Carrillo

lol, I really want to get one xD...


Very nice. Like black door on white Q10, because the black camera components peeking through the white gives it more personality.


That looks amazing. Haha. Love it.


you guys are just messed up!


White on black! Sexy

Posted via BlackBerry z10


It's so cute mom. Can I have one?

Posted via awesome Z10 with CB10


Looks delicious

Posted via CB10


I'm in the wrong business I want multiple phones so I can change the backings around

Posted via CB10


Um... Nice try but these are not nearly as nice as oreo.

Posted via CB10


The "Panda" would be perfect for me since my nationality is black and white.. ha ha..


All White!

Posted via CB10


C'mmon Kevin, don't be selfish with the pictures. Post more pictures of the panda twins.

Posted via CB10


Looks so super cool....

Posted via CB10


Articles like this nothing but shows how obsessed BB people can get. How is this article material?

Posted via CB10


Does not look good at all. LOL. Z10 oreo was much better.


I prefer the black and white one.

Posted via CB10


Classic philosophical question - is the zebra BlackBerry white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

We may never know...

Winston Loh

Please do a keyboard swap on the pandas...would be really cool to see....or would that void any warranty ?

hendra pribadi

The normal full black one is always the best for me... :)

Posted via CB10 - Z10 STL 100-1


Can't help thinking of a nice pint of Guinness when I see the black on white!



Posted via CB10


Well, it's an idea some people might like. Not for me, though.


I prefer ZEDbra :)


Neither. I like the black Q10 as it is.

Posted via CB10


Black on white.

Post via CB Z10


Doesn't work as well on these ones. The. Z10 was born sexy - ready to mingle. The Q10 should stick to suits :p

Posted via CB10


I love it!

Posted via CB10


Blackberry Q10 is amazing!!


I still prefer the all-black look for the Q10. Z10 Oreo rocks, though.


Neither. Go all black or all white.

Posted via CB10


Ugly stuff. There's a reason the phones come out the way they do. This is appalling to BlackBerry aesthetics !
Then again there are cases with flowers N stuff....

Posted via CB10


Yeah ! That looks terrible!! Now that you ruined two phones Kevin ..I say you should just offer them up on another contest and rid of them for good :)

R Field

Kevin you need to start stocking the black z10 battery doors. I refuse to pay $20 just to ship a battery door to Canada.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10


That's a nice looking panda ;)

Posted via CB10


Kevin, send one to me so I can test out in person then give an informed response. :)


I like the white door on the black phone, better.


I like the white door on the Black Q10.


A "panda" phone would be great for marketing in China!!


ugly - maybe if you glued both blackberries back-to-back you'd get one super awesome device that has 2 touchscreens. That would win be over


I like it. Im still wating for the BB comercial featuring the Stormtrooper Z10's.


I like the panda Q10. I need one of those phones asap. I love my Z10 but i just need the keyboard.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


I love the black door on the white BBQ...that's something I would do just to get the much hotter black door ;)


The black door with white trim...Yes

Posted via CB10


I guess if I get white ill color or blue? Or I'll think of something creative if I get black. I can't get both...