More Staples information confirms April release date for the BlackBerry PlayBook
Sears sending out BlackBerry PlayBook pre-order details to affiliates, ship date 4/10
Staples BlackBerry PlayBook official release date 4/17?!
Shazam for BlackBerry updated to v2.7
Take a look at BlackBerry Mobile HotSpot and tethering for OS 6.1
CrackBerry Podcast 065: PlayBook, PlayBook, Apps, Phones, PlayBook and More!
RIM working on their own video conferencing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook
BlackBerry security breached at Pwn2Own 2011
BlackBerry Wallet v1.2.1.2 released - New UI and features added
BlackBerry PlayBook hits the FCC showing 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions


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