Cast for BlackBerry updated with new features, now on sale in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 24 Jun 2014 01:43 pm EDT

When we first wrote about Cast for BlackBerry there was a mix of folks who saw a use for the app and those who simply had no use for the app because. In case you missed the first post, Cast for BlackBerry at its core allows you to cast YouTube video direct from your BlackBerry 10 device to your Google Chromecast if you have one. Something that has been rather off limits due to the nature of how Chromecast works and its somewhat of a reliance on Android. So, it's easy to see that some people might enjoy Cast while others might not depending on what devices they currently already have. Some people have Smart TV's Roku's, Xbox's and PS4's. In those cases, this app isn't really meant for them.

In the time since our initial post though, the developer behind Cast for BlackBerry has made some impressive changes to the app that those making use of a Chromecast will certainly appreciate. The app now features auto discovery of the IP address for any running Chromecast's, offers up the option to reboot, rename, factory reset and even get more info about your Chromecast directly from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

If that's not enough, Cast for BlackBerry is also BBM Connected, and integrates into the BlackBerry 10 Hub to keep you informed of what you're casting or if there's any issues. If you're a Pebble user, instead of having those notifications on your device they can be relayed to your Pebble thanks to Cast for BlackBerry's integration of UpFront and apps such as Talk2Watch. If you have sent a video, it gives feedback that it has been sent it to the Chromecast. If you stop it, it gives feedback that it has been stopped.

Cast for BlackBerry debuted in BlackBerry World priced at $2.99 but for a limited time, the developer has dropped it down to only $.99 because while updating and adding more features there was some issues for those who bought the app when we first posted about it. The latest release just landed, works beautifully and resolves all those previous issues so if it's something you will make use of go ahead and grab the latest version on the cheap while you can.

Again, it's a purpose driven app but if you have a need for such an app it's a great one to have added to your list of downloads and the developer is always looking for ways to add new features.

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Cast for BlackBerry updated with new features, now on sale in BlackBerry World


I was a bit harsh on my comment last time. I bought the app anyways to support the dev.

I should of just listed my feature requests but hopefully they come like sharing my screen :P

Not all versions of Netflix have the ability to Cast to the Chromecast but it took a while but I found the version

Posted via CB10

Have to say Kevin made a great call making you eic.
Simply great stuff every time I come on CB.
On topic this sounds like a definite must buy even if it was $2.99 and I had no idea it even existed. Thanks for the heads up.

I don't care if other people want a bb10 device I wanted one and that's all that matters.

Well now .... PURCHASED !!!!

Bought 2 Chromecasts' when they came out and have been WAITING for a Developer to jump on this ... with more features and a cheaper price tag ... they just made a sale !! Well done !!!

If it did more than You tube it B on me Berry for sure. Gonna sit tight and wait, but great to see developement moving forward.

Chromecast support is required if I'm to return to blackberry. But nice to see steps being taken!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Don't hesitate to purchased it even I don't have chromecast.

Support native BlackBerry dev at all costs
Buy BlackBerry native first campaign

Posted via CB10

Ok so maybe last time I jumped the gun a bit on this.
Now a question, does it allow you to mirror your phone screen on the TV? Or does it just do youtube ?
Is there an app or something that allows you to do so?

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At the moment this allows administration of the chromecast and use of you tube from any app via the invocation framework. I'm still breaking into the detail of what I can and can't do with it.

There is the option to mirror your screen via Miracast in the settings page but this isn't possible via the chromecast yet. I've added the miracast ability for now to see what people think of the 2 side by side and don't make bold claims on what THAT can and can't do lol. If one person gets a use from it makes it worth it though

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All the chrome cast owners should pull the trigger to help out our dev.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

I have a chromecast but I just use the chromecast app from Snap. Use the android YouTube app and it works fine. Only thing I can't get to work is Netflix, have to use my laptop for that.

Doesn't everything mirror onto your tv with chromecast? I'm a bit confused here.....

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chromecast sends to the tv the output of a limited number of applications that have been built with support on droid or ios. Or you can use the chrome browser on a mac or pc to cast any tab or your whole desktop. But it is not a screen mirroring device per se. Sounds to me like you need an hdmi cable or miracast if that's what you are after maybe? if ever I find a way to do it though I will put it in - just don't hold your breath ;)

Great to see some native apps as drop-ins for stuff that is missing on BB10.

(Not a fan of Google... )

Pasted via CB chen

This app works great with my chromecast. I can be in any app with a url link (email, Txt, browser, YouTube apps, BBM.) and am able to cast to my chromecast. Well done!

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Go to the help section in the cast app and read it. It really does help you through the setup as well as how to use cast. It sooo easy to use in BB OS 10.

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While I'm always glad to see native BB10 apps updated for more features, I think the HDMI out on BB10 devices is so much better than any wireless option. Yes being able to keep phone in hand and project to the TV is very convenient, but if there's one thing that testing other phones has made me really really miss, it's the beautiful simplicity of hooking up a hdmi cable directly from phone to tv and having it work flawlessly.

Simple is good. Btw you know there is a new option now for miracast and hdmi? Its just a shortcut to the well hidden external display options screen. Don't know if that was any use to you - thought it was handy for comparison if nothing else

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I just bought this app now. I have Chromecast. Now i will test it with my phone!

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