Cast for BlackBerry 10 continues to improve and add new features, v1.0.7.3 now available

By Bla1ze on 21 Jul 2014 04:58 pm EDT

One of the cool things about writing about apps all day is the fact that you often times get to see apps grow from a very basic implementation into something totally awesome. Such is the case with Cast for BlackBerry 10, which offers up the ability to cast YouTube videos from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to your Google Chromecast and so much more. The app is on its third or fourth update now and each time the developer behind it, Tony Creswell, aims to add features based on user feedback.

This time is no different and if you're a Cast user, you should find v1.0.7.3 now available for download via BlackBerry World. The change log, while short, adds some new features to the mix that improve the overall experience of using Cast on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Whether you've been using the app previously, or been holding off until more features were added, here's what's in the latest release.

  • Play / pause / seek control for videos
  • Full YouTube site search
  • Integration with media buttons
  • Pebble control of playing videos
  • Full integration to extended system search with instant actions
  • Full current video details in app

As I've noted before and likely will again at some point, Cast for BlackBerry 10 is very a purpose driven app but if you have a need for such an app, it's a great one to have added to your list of downloads. The latest update makes that even more so true. If you've already purchased Cast for BlackBerry 10, you should be seeing the update. If you don't already own it, you can purchase it for $2.99 on BlackBerry World right now.

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Cast for BlackBerry 10 continues to improve and add new features, v1.0.7.3 now available


I'm working on what I can add to it in terms of other devices currently. For example, Miracast is something I'm in discussion with a BlackBerry Dev support expert about to see what else I can do with that. After all i called the app 'Cast', not ChromeCast for Blackberry or anything, so I suppose I owe you all something extra if possible . The EzCast I don't know much about specifically, but this is an interest area of mine so I will have a good look at it :D. These things are in hand you have my word

Thanks for the response. Sounds good! You know where to find us if you need beta testers!

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join the channel and sound off there and I'll be happy to make sure people who want to test can be part of it. One of the massive problems with this app is finding people with the hardware and a BlackBerry10 to test it out, so I have a small (but excellent) test team so far - always happy to expand that, so thank you!

Thanks for the app!! I was soon disappointed when I purchased Chromecast several months ago only to realize that the app doesn't work on BB10. I picked up Cast (when it went on sale), and have finally started using Chromecast!

I like all of the updates, so keep them coming!

Posted via CB10 using my Z30.

I love that we still see a steady stream of such specific apps. Little by little we are getting all the functions we need, without even needing the "big names" to pitch in themselves.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

If "they" don't want, BlackBerry users and devs are going to support themselves...

Go native devs...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Streaming youtube video to your TV at high quality, and with android the entire screen can be casted to the TV. Uses wifi to connect everything

Posted via CrackBerry App

I mean Cast. I get how the Chromecast works. I use my Nexus 7 with it :)

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Contact me via the support mail links in the app and I will be happy to pick this up with you.Short version -
this latest version takes you to the settings page to discover your chromecast first of all, from there on you either search in app for youtube videos and play them from within the app to your chromecast, or you use another youtube client, or the web browser and share the video via the share framework to Cast. It will then play the video on your chromecast.


The Android app that is used to control Chromecast doesn't work on BB10 devices. Cast has made my Chromecast relevant by allowing me to control it from my Z30!!

Posted via CB10 using my Z30.

that's right. it doesn't - I'm not one for making boasts about my apps outside of their capabilities, I've been pretty clear its just YouTube for now as per the BlackBerry world description. I'm also responsive to feedback, so if you feel its just a reasonable job it does, any tips you have for improvements will be gratefully received and I'll do my best to act on them where possible as always. Cheers!

OK I downloaded chrome cast on my Z10 what do I need to get this app to work on my TV? Do I need a chrome cast adapter to plug into my TV? Or just use my smart TV by itself?


heya, this app is designed for a chromecast so to use it you do need a chromecast to plug into your TV yes. I believe there is a way to use the youtube apk app off the android system to connect a smarttv up to what you play in their youtube app, but personally I've found that the YouTube app now has such a dependency on Google Services it doesn't work properly. That's why I wrote this app, because the official YouTube apk stopped being a viable solution from my perspective.

A chromecast is a cheap value for money gadget. Get one, fire up cast and your off. I doubt you will regret the purchase of a chromecast too, as it works nicely with your pc/mac chrome browser, and there are a suprising number of webapps available for that.

Any further support questions I'd probably best pick it up on my thread or on my channel rather than here, but good luck and happy to help any time.

I use this app frequently, it's awesome!

Haven't downloaded the update yet but for future release would be great if you could try to add some of the following:

- casting media (audio/video/pictures) from device.
- casting media from network share
- casting BB10 browser

Thanks and appreciate the app and all your hard work!

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Very cool app! But the app seriously needs an icon redesign. Maybe curved square ala reddit in motions icon...with grading colour top blue to green with a simple C in white in the middle. That would look slick. Imho.

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thanks for the feedback - I've already changed it once on the basis of feedback. To be honest I don't plan on changing it again, as I am not a graphic designer and I dont' want to get to the point where I'm thinking 'oh no will people hate this icon too?'. I really don't think its bad, and I will just have to hope people can see past my icon. Honestly I know my strenghts, and I'm not an icon designer, and I think people want me coding not messing about with illustrator. I disagree that it 'seriously' needs an icon redesign though - its plain and simple which is what I want. But its all opinons - thanks for yours too.

Hopefully one of our awesome forum members here who has a bit of education in icon design or graphic design could help. In igrann's case someone designed that icon from the community. Maybe we could get the same thing happening here. A contest type thing.

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@mnc76 This app has nothing to do with getting Netflix to work with ChromeCast. If you download the most recent version of Netflix from Amazon or 1Mobile Market it will support Casting to your TV, if they are on the same network. Netflix from what we could tell has its own proprietary code for casting to many different devices like DNLA devices such as the PS3. There is a thread in the forum if you wish to discuss. As the developer mention he has never stated it does anything other than YouTube and does a great job at that.

If you have a ChromeCast download the app even if its just to support future support native development of BlackBerry Apps!

A friend of mine with iOS started bragging with his Chrome Cast dongle and say it connects with his iPhone and any other Android device except his white Q10, and i remembered reading about this app (Cast) so since my STL100-1BRAND doesn't have Mira Cast i bought this fine piece of software and voila I'm pushing YouTube videos to the display as if Google Play Service is my BITCH!
I just go Arnold Schwarzenegger on any YouTube video and say GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!
Now even my friend goes Arnold with his white Q10.
Worth the 3.75Riyals i paid for.
Thanks Tony Cresswell for this excellent App :)

STL100-1 ( STC

If it's just Youtube you're after you might find luck with a smart TV /set top box such as a roku and a YouTube app. The mobile browser on bb10 works well with the DIAL protocol that Youtube has cooked up. That's how I do my yoga every morning.

Just FYI

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Actually I user the boxee box, and it leta me push YouTube from and phone including my z10 by simply scanning a qrcode prior.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

@unclebanglin - A SmartTV is great for watching YouTube, but how long does it take you to search for things and type in search content on those crappy remote (unless you have a keyboard paired to yours if its supported)? It takes forever by remote. And remember if you look at a TV now a days you can get teh same TV for $200 to $300 cheeper without all the smart features. The ability to just use a $39.99 (CDN) dongle and a $2.99 app and you turn a TV into the SmartTV with only the features you want. Thats just good math and it can go to any TV you want down the road :)

If you already have a smart TV of course you could use it but I think a lot of people are like me and don't like spending all the extra cash on these bells and whistles just to get Netflix and YouTube when so many other devices can be bought for cheaper prices and can migrate to my next TV. My TV is just a screen in my house to be honest.

the update is available for all Z10's to the best of my knowledge, its not restricted for Z10 variants. If its not showing in BlackBerry world for you, first, be sure and manually scan for updates again, secondly if not , mail me in app via the support links on the help page with what country you are and your OS details and I'll pick it up for you with BlackBerry

Sergio - should be available for you in the next few hours - stay in touch and let me know if not please?. Oh, and sorry for the inconvenience

Yeah still no update show for me. With z10 in UK. Have sent email via the app to advise.

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hiya - this should now be showing up in Blackberry World for all z10's - let me know if it doesn't appear in the next few hours and I'll chase up BlackBerry again. Sorry about causing a wait ....

When the Dev released this app there were a lot of negative comments here on CB. I'm glad to see so many positive comments now upon release of this update. This is an extremely useful app for me and the developer has been nothing but top notch in supporting the app and I consider it $2.99 well spent.

thank you! a comment like this makes it worthwhile for me, as I have had quite a lot of flak one way or another. Really appreciate that

Got it the update!! many many thanks!! works excellent in my BB Z10 STL100-1 now I'm enjoying my chromecast the update is awesome!! CAST is awesome!!

Excellent app and it works so well for what it advertises to do. Youtube and Netflix (separate from app) are 90% of what I use Chromecast for.

Decent app but the interface could be better.

If I try to search for another video then come back to my last video I have no clue how to pause the video.

It just takes me back to a list to me that's sloppy and needs to be fixed.

So far the app is ok but not worth the $2.99.

I have hope for this developer maybe he'll be like the guy who made super tube.

Amazing app and the developer listens and constantly updates his app.

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Hey Mel, not sure I think its 'sloppy' but lets agree to disagree on that point since you've 1) supported my app, and 2) Been pretty complementary of it in other areas :)

On the price, I have said on a number of times I work on the principle of 'coffeeware'. I ask for all of my apps the price of cup of coffee - no more, no less. Think of it like this, you are buying me as a thank you the same coffee I'd buy you if ever you happened to be over my way and want to meet up to discuss anything about improvements etc. I don't feel I'm mugging anyone honestly? I stand by it and think its value for money for the features it provides. Especially since you would not believe how much of my spare time this has consumed of late.....

You are right, I do listen, and I am a strong believer that users know best what they want from an app. I put down what I wanted when I first made this app for me. Then I put it on BBW and gave it to all you. Its now your app as much as mine, and I'm happy to do what is within my abilities to give you the app you want now. So don't be shy in telling me - I like (polite) frank and constructive criticism like yours, and respond well to it I hope you'll agree.

Use the features in the app - contact me directly Mel, via mail or via the channel, I don't mind. Work with me, and I'll do my best to make this app the app that everyone wants. Can I say fairer than that?

Wait hold up if I pause a video I can't even play it again. Only option is to stop smh.

Come on man fix this smh.

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Mel, forgive me, but firstly, this isn't the place for support - unless I'm mistaken we are discussing this via 3 or 4 emails back and forth tonight already right? It really isn't necessary to use the 'SMH' line with me in a public forum, you know I'm doing my best to help you with a problem no one else has reported.

Stop ISN'T the only option and this has tested out with a FULLY functional play/pause functionality, which seems fine for others, including myself literally 2 minutes ago. If it doesn't for you we need to work out what's going on, which I'm trying to do with you already if you are the person who contacted me via mail earlier, which i'm pretty sure you are. I'm still awaiting your reply to my last mail if so? I appreciate this is frustrating for you, but if you work with me I can get this working. Chill......

The application works perfectly well for me. All features work (pause, stop, play, research) Thanks to the developer to bring us such beautiful applications.

@Mel25 - I have no issues playing, pausing the video using the either the hardware play/pause or using the virtual play/pause button in the app. I would contact the developer directly if you are having issues with your device. If you press pause it will pause the video I'd you press pause again it will play the video.

I don't have a Chromecast, but will buy this app anyway to support the developer.

To see the developer come back to reply to people on the thread is great and imo shows someone who is not only dedicated to their product, but really cares about the users.

Keep the faith Cast dude, you rock!

Just downloaded the app. My Chromecast is recognised and found. I search for a Utube video and start it in the browser but share to Cast has no effect. Looking at Chromecast status says it is disconnected. Nothing I do makes it work.was OK before update. Z10 phone. Wish I could revert back to previous version. Not a happy bunny.

Posted via CB10

hiya, we've just discussed this by mail I beleive, and we got you up and running, but if you have any more problems let me know. cheers :)

Thanks to dev. Now its working OK. When you hit Cast in the share menu, you are taken to the app screen which has a scrollable set of stream navigation buttons. You have to scroll up to find them. When you first invoke the app, you may not be aware of this. Misunderstanding by me. It was past my bedtime.

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So don't know what you did... but since I've upgraded to this version my Netflix now works with Cast also.... wasn't working before today.... i know it's unintentional but thanks.

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Love your coffee pricing concept, of course, offyoutoddle!

I'm not trying to take away from your good work, but i'm wondering what are the major advantages of your app and the built-in BlackBerry 10 Miracasting?

My XBMC PC-TV is pretty awesome as I can connect and cast pics/vids/music files from my BlackBerry to a big screen, wirelessly with moderate controls.

I like my coffee BlackBerry Black! What?

hiya coffee turtle,

Chromecast vs miracast is an argument that is like white coffee vs black coffee perhaps - a matter of preference. My big arguments for chromecast are greater reliablility , lower cost and less demand on your phone's resources. Its point and shoot in a way miracast isn't.

In more detail, the reason for buying my app is firstly if you have a chromecast already. Few have a miracast device that I've met, as a Chromecast in this country is at least half the price of say a netgear push2tv. I can say my personal reasons for falling on the chromecast side of the arguement is that I have both, and I find the miracast enormously unreliable, with repeated disconnections that require reboots to recover from, horrrible regular interference patterns disrupting the video flow, and the fact that the phone is tied up by the miracast session. With a chromecast, and my app, you can start a long video on youtube and even shutdown your phone should you need to/run out of battery. It will not affect your playback. A battery death or a quick pop down the shop while your video is on pause is surviveable with a chromecast. With a miracast I've found it enters reboot hell...

To appear evenhanded, the strengths of miracast are greater variety of content support - if it plays in the browser, it can be miracasted.

However, for something like netflix for example, it wouldn't work great as it will just screen mirror - this also means your phone is tied up by what you are doing and you can't answer a bbm, or an email or browse a site without it going to the screen, and it will be on the native phone resoulution - try it on a q10 for example and you have a tiny box in the middle of your screen if you are not playing via a browser play-on session.

Personally I've found miracast nothing but an enormous disappointment - in principle great, in practice not reliable enough to depend on. Chromecast has its limits by comprison, but if you are happy with those limits, then its a cheaper more reliable method. Heavy 'IMHO' caveats applied....

What is your BlackBerry channel?

I'm eager to connect my Chromecast to a PowerPoint projector, connect with my Z30 and run my project from my BlackBerry.

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Does Chromecast need to be plugged in to work? To me it would be foolish if this week true...

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Just got a Chromecast downloaded the cast app only had 20 min to play with it before going to work, but I didn't get it working.
Is there anything I need to know for when I get back home to get it going?
Before I left I hit the reset button and couldn't get it to do anything but I was out of time. Please tell me I'm not going to have any problems.

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