CrackBerry Asks: Case or no case?

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jun 2013 11:35 am EDT

One of my constant struggles with my BlackBerry Q10 (well, any device really) is the big "to case or not to case" debate. While I find myself reviewing loads of cases for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, I can never really find the perfect one that suits me for full-time use. Even if I use one for a few days, I'll then switch to another or just go without a case at all for a while.

I suppose I'm just very indecisive when it comes to cases. I want something that gives me good protection and feels good while also not taking away too much from the looks of my device. I may soon have to admit that it's just and endless pursuit for case perfection. 

I'm curious to know what everyone else does. Do you go straight up naked without a case? Do you use something simple like the CrackBerry Crunk Case or BlackBerry Hard Shell? Max out with an OtterBox?

Let us know what you do in the poll below, then drop a comment with your case of choice or why you don't use one.


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CrackBerry Asks: Case or no case?



I agree, I was using the leather pocket pouch but I got shoved while walking in the halls of my school, my Z10 fell for the first time. I decided to at least use a minimal case. After that, I tried the Poetic atmosphere but I love the feel of the Z10 battery door. So I went for a Poetic Borderline bumper case now. l love it so much I got it in three colors xD

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Funny... my White Z10 has fallen out of my hand three times. It's very light it has a very smooth finish which makes it hard to always hold on to it.

I got a couple of different cheap cases to add a little bulk and some protection.

Cimo Hybrid Hard Back Cover Bumper Case $6 - I got the white one and it looks good with my white Z10, it doesn't add much to the Z10 size or weight but give you a little more grip and does protect the screen if you put it down on the screen.

i-Blason Armadillo - Two Layer Armored Hybrid Cover Case with Inner Soft Shell $13 - is bigger but adds a lot more protection and more grip. Doesn't have button covers, just slots.... but it was only $13.

I'm digging the borderline too. Even though the rubber separates pretty quickly it still stays together pretty well and provides just enough protection.

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I have been trying to find any information about the flip case I'm using now but couldn't find any. It looks like nillkin flip case but the backside is not a clip on. The backside of the case replaces the original battery door so it doesn't add the bulk. I guess it's a local case, doesn't have any brand on it other than blackberry written on the front side of the cover and a huge blackberry logo on the back, just like the original battery door.

It made people who see me holding my zio thought it's an iPhone or Android until I show them the blackberry logo on the back. Love the flipcase and never replaced it.

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I agree with your comment. I would like to use my Z10 without a case but worry about dropping it. Once the screen breaks, I won't be able to use the phone.

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I never liked a case, but found the best happy middle. The Acase Surround case is minimal, and has a see through back. Liked it so much I bought a second as a back up. Cheap too, found it for under $7 on Amazon, originally $40.

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Same here. However, I have jumped on the Transform Case deal the other day. Some day I fear a fateful crash.

Yeah, weird! I dropped my phone on a gravel driveway the other day, and of course, it landed face down. I thought 'oh here we go....that's going to be expensive'. I bent to pick it up, cursing myself for having abandoned the protection of the Otterbox in favour of aux naturel. But the screen was fine! Just the bezel had a chip out of it. Lucky much? What the hell is the screen made of?!!!

Anyhow, is running around caseless risky? Yes. And I don't care, because once you go case less, there's no going back.

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DEFINITELY case! Two, actually! OEM transform case when at home, and OEM holster when out in the world.

It was a tight fit for me as well at first. But it loosened after a week or so. Much easier to get it out now.

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Mine needed a week or more of stretching and bending before the z10 was a perfect fit - no danger of slipping out but not so tight that it impedes access

I was switching between the transform and the flip case now it's sporting a carbon fiber dbrands skin. So its not officially naked but has pasties ;)

What moves you, my Z10! BBM Channel C000E8328

Cases obliterate the light feel and svelte proportions but since my Bold9900 I was told best to have one. On that phone case probably saved keys and screen a few times. On Z10 am so careful haven't dropped it once. Have been taking a break from my plain yet reliable casemate this week and really enjoying. Just hope I don't pay the price. Screen protector a must!

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Is there a third option in the poll "depends on my mood some days case, some days no case"

Don't have a case but use the BlackBerry leather holster along with a screen protector.

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I use a case but I don't like it. Seems to be a necessary evil in the first year to year and a half of a new phone use.

Exactly my sentiment -- I use a case on principle but don't like it at all. But after that first 12-18 months is up, if I'm not selling it, all cases (& bets) are off.

No case would be nice, but experience tells me I need a case (and screen protector). Otterbox Commuter works best for me, but there are lots of good ones. Sometimes, though, I like to take it out of the case and appreciate what a beautiful device the Q10 is.

I don't yet have my Q10, but I have already ordered a CrackBerry Crunk Case (black) so I will have it when I get my new phone.

These phones are too beautiful for cases
Besides you would be amazed by how strong the Z10 is. My device has fallen from great heights and on hardest of surfaces. Still works great.

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Missing the point of the Nokia comment...
They make a case you'd love for your BB10, maybe? (Which one?)

This is how you CB10, son!

BlackBerry flip case also works as a stand. Gets in the way sometimes, but I've dropped my Z10 several times with no damage.

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Ditto. My case is fire red and it's held up to several drops with no damages.

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All of my BlackBerry handsets have been used au naturel.

Holster when I can wear one to transport it here and there. Otherwise straight up as designed.

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I love the flip case, this way I can keep both my keys and my phone in my pocket, and my screen is always clean!

Need a poll option for "on/off depending on my mood"?

I go back and forth almost daily (sometimes more). Try to use a case but i like my z10 without one.

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Transform case and belt clip case is what I use for now. Have to pick up a few more.

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You paid about $600 for the device. To not have a case simply makes you a moron.

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That's a bit harsh. We all have different daily activities. A big part of that $600 is in the design and aesthetics. Even the thinnest case protects, but kills the feel and look of the device. Just like other important things, I insure and use carefully.

Loving the Q10

Same here. I have insurance, but I am very careful. Besides, I keep it in a special place in my bag so it won't get any scratches.

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Absolutely ridiculous statement. A case takes away so much from the looks and feel of the phone.

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I now own 4 cases and the pouch. Yet to find one I like more than going naked. I do have a screen protector though.

I only use a leather holster to transport my Z10 about. Wish the updated would hurry up so that it goes quiet when in the holster like my 9800 did.
I prefer the feel of the naked phone in my hand. As good a feel as BlackBerry intended. :)

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I like my phone caseless. I like the shape and the rubber in the back or whatever it is made out of feels very non-slippery, which is unique and a beauty to hold.

But I'm afraid I'll drop it so I just want a bumper for the sides as yo not cover the back but cannot find one. I'm trying to wait for a good deal on Crackberry.

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I like subtle cases. I got the Telus soft cover for my Z10, though sometimes I think it is too much.

My iPhone 4 from days past were initially covered by an other box, but i missed seeing the naked phone.
(I made up for it by tossing my phone to the ground, showcasing the benefits of otter boo to the shocked and surprised masses)

Show me a "rim" that covers the edges of my phone, revealing the front and back, and ridged enough so flat falls to the front and back are covered, and THAT would be my preferred case.

Like a string bikini!

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BlackBerry OEM soft shell white and swivel holster along with a good screen protector where purchase while the sales rep at Rogers store went to the back of the store to bring me amazing WHITE Q10. People around me notice my phone even with a case. The only thing I would change in this outfit is the case - want to get Orange CB case for white Q10

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I z10 to much not to have a case on mine. I did not even leave the store with out getting a case when I bought my phone even if it didn't match! Lol... I just couldn't think about my Z10 dropping and breaking and looking at that broken screen!!!! Oh no... I would just feel so stupid for not putting on a case on my phone. Oh yeah don't forget when your screen go's you Z10 it won't even let you swipe to open your phone or do anything!!! So thank about that one guys. So it's safe then sorry for me.

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As much as I love the feel of my Z10 without a case, after dropping it and breaking the internal speaker, i put one on. White poetic atmosphere. And I'm very happy with it

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Adam, I also have a problem of choosing the good case for my needs. When I was with iPhone, I Tried many cases but end up with the LifeProof with Holster. Great protection, but thin and light. Now with my Z10, it's much more complicated. If I go with no case, if I drop it, the back cover comes off and so the battery. Not great. Now for the case, I kind of like a simple light case as the "Surface". but not enough protection. I'm working outdoor under any weather condition. The Otterbox, used it for a few days, is really not recommended for the Z10, because of the gesture problem. Now I tried the "Active". Nice shock protection but that's it. Now I use the "Convert" witch give me the protection I need but the bulk is impressive. Sometimes I strip it down to the "Surface" (included in the Convert case)... But I miss my LifeProof.

No case, hoster only. The Q10 is far to nice to cover up. Do the designers justice and show off their work.
Sure it may incur some scratches etc but unless you flipping the phone early on then resale doesn't really matter much down the road.

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Wish I didn't need a case for my beautiful Z10 but if I ever dropped it without a case I would go insane.

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I have an entire set of outfits for my Z10 that it wears depending on the occasion. The only time I let it run naked is at the house.

Via Zeppelin 10

For normal use it's the swivel holster (I like a naked Z10) and for those "dangerous" days I have an Otterbox waiting in the wings.

I will normally use a case since previous experience tells me i'll likely drop the phone a few times. I prefer the ones that don't add too much bulk Otterbox Defenders for me.

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While the Z10 is as sexy as they come, and I'd love to carry it commando; gotta protect her from harm especially in my line of work!!

I ordered a case in every color and also a case with a secret compartment. They dont make my z10 feel bulky are any thing. Great grip and satisfy my indecisiveness.

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Trick question; both! Naked use but carried in a holster most of the time. Transform shell usually at nights/on weekends.

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Guys here is an idea and don't share it with iPhone or Android people, I just slip my phone (Z10) in a small cloth type of bag and when I need it I just slip it out of there, works great and protection while in your pocket or bag but naked when you use it.

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The device is too valuable to lose it in a careless accident. Now on my third BlackBerry (8310, 9650, 9930) and all have been protected with the OtterBox Defender. I could probably sell each 2-yr old device as "slightly used". My next phone, hopefully the Q10, will be 'loved and protected' the same way. Great protection equals insurance and peace-of-mind. If I had a desk job (white collar), I'm certain I'd be using something much more minimalistic!

Concur with the other folks that say there should be a third option - depends on the day!

I have a ballistic case that is awesome and absolutely protects my Z10. I have a Crunk case that is definitely cool and also highly recommended. I have a third generic after market case that is kind of between the other two as far as protection.

That all being Z10 is naked and loving it right now ;)

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Red Transform Case for the Z10 is what I rock! Probably the best case EVER MADE! And it's OEM which makes it even more better.

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Went with case, then went without for a whole, loved it, then i dropped my z phone, nice Ding in the phone , now back with a case. Lol

Z10 Rocking!

No case just holster... naked is the way to go! .. holster protects it from keys and stuff in my pocket.

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Case-Mate Tough Case for me! I haven't dropped my Z10 at all and have had the case since before I even had the phone. The two-layer protection is great and the back feels just like the Z10's battery door. Overall, I'm very pleased with the one.

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For my Z10:

- screen protector with a very basic and slim skin from future shop. It's a hard plastic skin with a slightly rubberized surface, so it adds grip, especially to the side edges which are quite slippery naked

- official leather holster for when I go to the gym

- official leather sleeve for when I want to keep the phone mostly stowed in my pocket. Disadvantage here is that it's an extra step to pull the phone out if the sleeve, instead if just quickly pulling it out of my pocket

- official soft microfiber sleeve for when I just need to step out quickly, as I can slip my drivers license card and credit card in the little slot on the back of the sleeve. This way I don't have to carry a wallet.

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I've always used the official BlackBerry pouch for my devices, cases just don't do a good enough job of all round protection to be honest.

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I just bought a cheap a ss case because I drop my phone all the time. Sometimes it actually flies. Lol

Posted via me on my Z10

Gotta have a case. But I'm upset that with so many of the good tougher cases they don't show off blackberrys logo which is a big disappointment, but regardless I need a case
My wife on the other hand is a no case gal! That scares me, don't laugh it's true, thinking about the possibility of scratching it denting it, terrifies me

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I bought the otterbox defender for mine and regretted it. Sure it gives you great protection but it makes the phone bulky and makes gestures difficult. So for a while now all I've had on it is a screen protector

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No case but have insurance on it... (will smash it soon to get a new one, sell it get the Q10 then smash that one as well to get the A10... don't tell anyone lol)

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I use a case without a doubt. Not having my phone like every crappy cracked iPhone out there.

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For the Q10, it is wrapped in a nice feeling Incipio DualPro Hard Shell Case.
For the Z10s, depending on whats up for the day / where we are going we use either the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell case and or the PureGear Kickstand and Holster Case, or go just plain naked.
They all have iShieldz Premium Screen Protectors.
I must add that all these cases, adapters and battery chargers have all been purchased thru the Crackberry store. Just saying.

With previous legacy devices like the 8330, 9930, & 9630 I never used a case, but when I got the Z10, all the extra glass real estate compelled me to get a case. But not just any case, I needed a case that displayed the BlackBerry logo on the back just like on the iPhone and I was able to find one on ebay.

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I love the feel of the device but keeping it safe and finding a nice case is a big priority of mine for my Z10 it was the trident aegis case and for my Q10 which I'm currently using it is the otterbox commuter case i have to say they really did well with this one. If i had unlimited money i would definitely not buy a case because BlackBerry makes holding their phones in your hand an absolute pleasure haha

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Use a case for day to day work but let it go naked for special attending my son's convocation today.

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I have the Black Flip shell, but starting to find it to be uncomfortable and in the way...thinking about getting the leather pocket...Protected when needed, feel it when naked

If your clumbsy definitely get a case case closed. For me I pocket my BlackBerry but use a nite-ize phone clip which also gives me more to hold on to when carrying or holding in my hand. I don't like how my phone feels when it's down at the bottom of my pocket, very annoying. Anybody that carries a pocket knife knows that a clip is the way to go, the same goes for a phone imho.

Hate cases, I use the poetic borderline bumper for my z10. Keeps the style of the cellphone and protects the borders

Posted via my amazing Z10!

I bought a case on it came straight from Hong Kong and cost me 2,60$ it's so slim that it doesn't feel like you have a case on. The good side is I chose the color white for a reason, when I'm at the beach or anything, it never gets hot when I leave my phone on a table :)

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I love the belt clip for my z10. Can be safe and naked when in use and protected when not in use

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Would love to carry with no case, but the feeling after dropping a phone is that like no other. Have to make the sacrifice.

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Started with a soft shell case, then got a Ballistic one for my Z10. Found an oversized holster that fits the Ballistic case yesterday.

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Love the feel of au natural.... but after dropping my Z10 for the 20th time with a direct hit to the asphalt and after paying $200 to get the screen replaced i decided to go to a seidio case... Not perfect but I am pleasantly surprised!

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For my Z10 I use the official BlackBerry leather swivel holster and the official BlackBerry hard shell.

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

Because of my job I have to have the most protection possible. So I use an otter box when I go to work. But on my days off lounging around the house I keep it naked. Can't beat the way the z10 feels or how ergonomic it is.

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NO CASE. That being said I've bought both Holster with clip (white and black) and have yet to use neither one.

The poll should have had a 3rd option: I can't decide.. case or no case...

I am back and forth on it all the time. I love the size and weight of the Z. I worry about damage, but all the cases I try make me wish I had no case on.

I also have this back and forth on screen protection. Currently I am going with a naked screen

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

I'm exactly like you Adam. Every BlackBerry I've had before my Z10 was in an Otterbox Defender, as was my Z10 initially. The clip on the Z10 Defender wasn't any good and the case was just too bulky so I next went to a clear case and carried it in my pocket. That didn't last long before I missed having my phone in a clip, so I switched to a Seidio Active Case which lasted for a week but I just didn't like the feel of it so I next went with the Seidio Surface case and ordered the Convert Addon kit but again I still wasn't satisfied. I've now ordered a Phantom Skinz Chromatics in Blue as well as the Leather case that was recently on sale on Crackberry. Until they arrive and I give this combo a try, in going without any case.

You need to add a third option in your pole for sometimes in a case, sometimes not.

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Leather pocket is the best option in my opinion. Protects it while I don't use it, saves battery with the magnet and leaves the phone beautiful

Posted via CB10

spend so much money on a device u drop it once and the screen cracks phone cannot be used again until i spend 200(us) to replacee screen .That baby is getting a case........ .unless ure one of the few peeps that have a money tree

Incipio duo pro shine for me! Not too bulky, good protection, and still slides in and out of my pocket quite nice.

Posted via my two thumbs.

I have a case on when I go out but keep it naked when indoors. But I find the official microfiber case is good anyway because at least it's naked when I actually take it out to use it.

Posted via CB10

Had the turtle box, by keys case. Also have the bberry transform in red, finally I've gone to bberry leather pouch because honestly nothing feels as good and looks as good as naked, and this gives minimal protection but still naked. It's fooling myself because I know it's when in use you are most likely to drop it.

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The bulk of devices out there are either shiny plastic or fragile glass. BlackBerry has always make devices that are built to last. The Z10 and Q10 feel amazing to hold and offer great texture for grip. When i grab my Q10 or my Z10 out of my pocket, I know its not going to slip out of my hands so easily. That being said, the other day my Z10 fell while i placed it back into my pocket after a call. It made a pretty loud sound so i was prepared for it to be shattered. Picked it up and it was just fine... on the right side, where it fell, there were minor markings (and i do mean miiiiinor). Some people definitely did not fair too well with Z10 drops, that i know.... However, as i stated, BlackBerry makes SOLID devices. So its a matter of choice. Since the incident , i've more or less used a case for the Z10 but nothing too bulky. As for the Q10, she'll always be naked. Too beautiful not to show off.

There are many people at work with smashed screens and most get cases after the fact.

I use the Amzer Shellster case with the belt clip and a Skinomi screen protector on my Z10.

Posted via CB10

I use the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell case for my Z10 everyday. It is simple, easy to use and it doubles as a stand. Now, I am waiting for the elusive BlackBerry charging dock to fully utilize the case. Cheers

Posted via CB10

I have always liked my BlackBerry's (Past and Present Z10) naked. They just look better, and I'm proud to show off that BlackBerry symbol on the back. My iPhone 5... for some reason that phone has to have a case, it just looks better in a case... and I get to hide that Apple symbol on the back too!

I've had the Z10 for 2 months and now have been using the Q10 for about 2 weeks. The Z10 you gotta go naked, the phone looks too bulky with its screen size when there's a case on it. I had an Incipio dual feather case; not a bulky case by any means however it just made the device look really bulky. Naked made the phone look amazing, like a naked iPhone 5 for example. As for the Q10, I think naked is the way to go. I currently have a Tech 21 case on there, bumper style with the optional backing to it. I have it on for now but I know I will end up taking it off. Both phones just look so much cleaner and more professional without a case and not too much to worry about when it comes to protection, they both seem like sturdy devices

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sometimes case, sometimes nekkid in pocket, sometimes case (have multiples in colors and different levels of protection).

rework poll and republish

Z10 = Transform Case... My Q10= Naked all the way.... For some reason I feel the Q10 is less vulnerable to breakage... maybe the smaller screen/hearty keyboard?

Blue Poetic Atmosphere case with my white Verizon Lord Zed is an eye ball magnet

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No case, but I would like to have a quality, tight fitting bumper with exposed openings for the buttons. Don't want to lose the grip from the Z10 battery door.

Posted via CB10

It just depends on whether I feel like making a complete outfit that day. Lately my Z10 has been naked, but I have 10 cases laying around just to shuffle through.

Posted with a flick of my thumb via CB10

Cases bother me to no end. I cannot use any of them. Takes away from the feel and the of course the sleek look of a BlackBerry device.

I don't think I've ever seen a case that actually made a phone look good.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy ass Q10

It would be cool if companies built the phones in such a way as to not require a case. Like, Liquipel for example, as one step to at least make the device water resistant. Also, durability could be built into a device sans bulk. Meaning, use similar nano-tech to also make devices durable without a case. Eventually this will be, once the phase of human mass consumption / cyclicle consumption / planned obsolescence and other societal ills are long gone. We're already starting to sort of wake up. Now I've gone off on a tangent. Oh well.


Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

I used a leather holster and no case with my torch. I use a case and holster combo with my z10

Posted via CB10

Most cases don't show off my Z10... and the ones that do suck... the Poetic cases show it off but are made of crapy material...

Posted via CB10

I really like the BlackBerry hard case for the Q10, it offers just the right amount of protection in my opinion and adds almost no extra bulk, and it feels great in the hand.

Posted via CB10 using the awesome Q10

Naked all the way!! Especially if it's built with quality materials like the 9900, Q10, HTC ONE, iP4S, etc.

I usually get a (clear or vinyl, depends) skin and use a holster or pocket though. Hate how bulky cases are, no thanks!

Posted via CB10

I struggle with this too. Have a Z10. Started out with the leather holster because I loved the feel of the naked phone. Switched to the microfiber holster. Now I'm on the Seidio Active case. Like it a lot, but does add some bulk (not as bad as the Otter). Just ordered a poetic Atmosphere case and a Mobi soft shell case. I definitely have some case ADD going on here! But I never ever would carry the phone absolutely naked--I have to have it protected somehow.

I didn't use a case for a really long time, but decided that I would get one to keep the phone from getting even the minor scratches, i go for the minimal, currently a see through case with 3D raindrops on the back, brings even more attention to my Z10!

Kind Regards, C0008DDD1 TechCraze Featured Channel Check It Out!

As I got my Z10 a few months earlier than the release date in my country, I bought a cheap chinese TPU case until I can find something better without having to double the price with the post and handling fees. But it is transparent so it looks really cool with on red phone.

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I'm so rough with my phones I've gotta have a case, or else a phone wouldn't last me a month. But just like women, I much prefer cases nekkid. Currently using an otterbox, and hate it. Gets in the way of swipes. Anyone have an opinion of what cases would offer the best protection? Love the looks of several, but seems like a lot is left exposed... and knowing me... that would not be a good thing.

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I prefer a case overall. Actually that's with any phone. Since getting the Q10 recently the feel of the device is very well structured and feels very good in the hands. The cases they make for the Q10 is pretty minimal. I really haven't seen any that I would consider buying, and sometimes subduing myself to considering just getting a skin for the damn thing. I don't know. I guess that's why I have insurance. Eh?

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No case for sure. Cases make the phone ugly as hell, and I always take care of my stuff anyway. My Bold 9900 still looked new after 2 years of use sans holster.

I like my berries like I like my women, naked unless they in my pockets. Then it's time to cover em up! So a pocket pouch for me.

I work in construction so I have to be careful with stones and dirt getting on my device so is almost as mandatory as using a helmet for myself hehehe

Definitely a case my Q10, both a Otterbox Commuter and a bacl and red Ballistic SG.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy Q10

I have the z10 so definitely a case I rather no case but scared of dropping it and damaging the screen if I had the q10 then I would say no case

Posted via CB10

Body Glove Drop suit Rugged case is the only case I use on my Z10 when I use a case. I prefer no case at all, but when I am out or at work, I am afraid of dropping it

For now no case... looking for a case that you can tell by looking at it you know it's a BlackBerry..

Posted via CB10

I share in your dilemma. I want to show my beautiful Z10 off to the world, but I can't imagine what I'd do if it were to fall and the screen cracks!!! I have an Otterbox on my PlayBook and I can pretty much throw it up against a wall and it doesn't matter, so I immediately left T-Mobile to buy one for my "Z". I've had it going on four months now and it's done exactly what I expected...

My only complaint is that people don't know my "Z" from one of the eight BILLION Droids floating around unless they are standing right next to me paying attention. I've looked for some in betweens but nothing with the screen protector...

Posted via CB10

I hate using a case because the Z10 looks so good! I alternate tho, transform shell, incipient hard shell and naked. Whatever suits my mood :)

via CB10 on my phenomenal AT&T Z10

I'd like to have a minimal case with the CB logo on it so other CB'ers can then say "hey, me too, how are you?"

One of my main complaints about the iPhone is how Apple always talks up the great design language, but I NEVER see one without a case. What is the point of a great design if no one ever sees it? I'll be damned if I don't show off the Z10 in all its glory.

I have a case for my Z10, but I take it off every time I can because the feeling of this smartphone is really nice !

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I was using a vaja case with belt clip for my bold 9000 - it was very nice and safe. That's a pity I can't find anything similar now for q10.

My 9000 has been naked in a horizontal belt holster for 4 years and still looks great! I tried a demo Q10 and it fits in my 9000 holster! I will probably go naked with the Q10 (if I ever get it from AT&T), but may consider insurance this time!

Case is a must to protect your BlackBerry. It my be sweet without it. But the device is to valuable not to have one

Highly recommend one.

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I have a case and use it every now and then, but such a sleek and sexy phone deserves to be naked, amirite?

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

I would love not having a case but I'm very anal when it comes to my phone and scratches. I use the poetic wallet case. Love it.

Posted via Q10

I'm using a flip shell case. I'd never used any kind of case with my previous phones, but my q10 is too precious to me :) I was afraid it would be uncomfortable, but I got used to it and I am going to stick to it.

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I've always used the leather sleeve for protection on any of my BlackBerrys. Best of both worlds. Protection when you need it, naked when you don't. i've seen soooooo many fugly cases turn a sexy phone into a giant piece of ugly looking plastic!

I have a shell case w/holster... I put it in the case/holster while at work. the rest of the time when I'm off from work, its naked. Can that be a option on the poll, 50/50 split...

Otterbox when I'm out working. But I don't like how bulky it is so I go naked when I don't need the protection

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I had the flip case, but it was trash inside of 2 months.

So now it's a screen protector and naked, and I actually prefer it.

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I use my Z10 naked. I've dropped mine hard twice. My bezel is dented, both top and bottom. But these phones are built solid. I know if the screen breaks, it's over, but thankfully it so far has survived 2 hard drops along with many small drops. I get more satisfaction by enjoying the beauty of the device and not worrying about breaking it. If I spent all my time worrying, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the phone.

I have read too many horror stories on CB to have a naked phone. I bought the red transform flip shell case from the CB store to protect my investment.

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I own the leather and microfiber pockets but really don't use them much. Much prefer being naked.

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This is my 5th blackberry and my 5th Otterbox. I used to own an I580 on Nextel. I'm tough on phones. Swear by Otterbox and their customer service is 2nd to none.

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Forgot to mention, Sprint bites!! AT&T 4G z10. It's blazing fast and great signal strength and call quality

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Been rocking the transform case since day one. To precious of a device to not protect it in my eyes :)

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I put a case mostly to not feel the heat from the phone when I use it longer. It can become uncomfortable.

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No case just a leather holster. Living a little dangerously but it makes you more aware and careful with your phone. Most cases that offer real protection feels like your holding a brick.


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I care too much about design to put an ugly plastic case on my beautiful Z10. I just look out not to let the phone fall and I smash it or put in a pocket with keys or so.

I hate cases, never liked using them. But I hate Z10's locking/unlocking even more. Takes blardy too many steps. So now I use the BlackBerry flip shell, and it's growing on me. Just half flip open, peep in, and close it.

Missing the 9900 fir this reason, easy glance at screen without risk of pocket dialing.

from an australian Z10...

Need to have a case, too many previous phones have fallen out of my pocket whilst working. Might have shelled out for the Otterbox for my Z10 if it hadn't had such bad reviews but ended up getting Amzer Duo.

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Using Z10 and have a case leather flip type. FYI never had a case on any of other BlackBerry devices torch, storm 1 and 2, 8800 or my last one 9860, but the Z10 is a bit too expensive when I have to buy my business phones and very fragile ish. Saying that friends have iphones and there is not one of them who does not have a crack or smashed screen

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Sometimes I take my case off at home because I prefer the feel, but put it on before leaving for fear of major danger.
In Canada, on a three year upgrade cycle, it's too risky to not have some kind of protection.

I have a white Z10 and although having my baby nude (and I do like her nude :) looks great, I've opted to use a BlackBerry transform white case. Minimal protection yes, but I no longer feel like the phones going to slip out of my hand and it barley adds any bulk to the phone.

I was going to get a case mate rosewood case but after finding out the framing was just plastic and not aluminum, I couldn't justify the $40+ price tag!

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I use a Oem Leather Holster...

What I would like to see is Blackberry Making Precise Fit/Measure documentation available easily on the web to encourage other company's to start making cases that fit nicely ...

Naked w/ Seido holsterat work.
Just purchased Transform case from CB for occasional protection needs.

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It's a case of the case for me. I bought my Z10 at full retail price ($600 dollars Canadian plus tax..about $625 all in all).
You're damn right I will invest in a case. I got my case and screen protector as soon as I bought the phone and put them on in store after the salesperson prepped my phone. I'm not going to risk damage to the phone I just bought because any concerns that I cannot show off my new phone or other similar considerations.

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I don't really like a case but if you see someone who has had a phone for more than 6 mos without a case the edges are very beat up. The phone looks terrible.
I use a simple cheap gel type black case.

When I am feeling 'clumsy' on any particular day, I slip on my CaseMate. And it has never failed- those days my phone has flown out of my hands and come out unscathed. And the other 99% of the time, it's naked and looking and feeling great. I do not regret buying my screen protector for one second.

As much as I love the q10 design, i'm looking to buy a wallet type casing. The reason being I'm working in a technical line and afraid I would break the screen or dirty it. Also, I need to put my travel card in it rather than having to take out my wallet all the time. I guess, it's kinda out of necessity.

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