Case-Mate's BlackBerry Q10 collection puts style first

Zebrawood and Rosewood are the express route to class. 

By Simon Sage on 29 May 2013 12:33 pm EDT

Back at BlackBerry Live we had a chance to check out some of Case-Mate's Q10 products, and luckily if you're in Canada those cases are now available CrackBerry Canada

If you've spent any time with Case-Mate's Z10 products, you'll see some similarities here, namely the real Zebrawood, Rosewood, and brushed aluminum backing. The Q10 cases sport the same two-piece assembly process, though they've changed around how they handle access to the physical keys. Instead of having a simple opening, the case now provides an additional layer on top of the buttons, which I think helps keep a seamless look across the case.

On the inside, there's a silicon layer against the back to provide a little bit of extra impact protection. 

Though I find for the amount of bulk you're adding with these cases, you could get something with a bit more impact protection, the real wood on the rear is a really nice touch, and will likely be a clincher for those that put style first. What do you guys think? If any of these tickle your fancy, you can pick them up at the links below. 

Buy the Case-Mate Zebrawood hard case for the BlackBerry Q10 at CrackBerry Canada
Buy the Case-Mate Rosewood hard case for the BlackBerry Q10 at CrackBerry Canada
Buy the Case-Mate Brush Aluminum hard case for the BlackBerry Q10 at CrackBerry Canada

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Case-Mate's BlackBerry Q10 collection puts style first


The brushed aluminum one is great. Have it from the Z10 and although it has scratches in the back, it has saved by Z10 on numerous occasions when I have been clumsy and dropped the phone.

I found the same issue with it. It scratches too easily on the back and it adds a good amount of bulk too. I opted for the Barely There case instead. Its a much better fit for me. Though, i fear if I ever do drop my Z, I will be regretting that decision.

I tried the cherry wood on my Z and didn't like the look. I too bought the brushed aluminum.
But now I roam town naked, the case was a bit too bulky for me

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Sorry but the wood grain just looks ugly. I guess beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. But at least there's more and more selections of cases popping up for BlackBerry 10 users.

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They look nicer than the wooden Z10 cases but I'd prefer to buy three oem cases for the year than one of those. Just like the phone itself, I wouldn't want to scratch a case at that price.

Best looking cases so far imo.

Harvesting rosewood has been banned worldwide for a long time now. There are stockpiles of it but it is very expensive and mostly used now for laminate. Most rose wood products now are not rosewood at all. It is just the colour of stain that they are using and a grain of wood that mimics rose wood. Also rose wood is comenly thought of as named because of its colour. It is in fact brown and smells like roses. We use it for top end products in our luthery.

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Beautiful cases! Might have to trade out the otter box I have on my zed 10 for one of these the otter box is good protection but it's basic black and covers my white Zed 10 up completely. But I need the protection....
BlackBerry by choice, BlackBerry for life.

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