Case-Mate shows off their BlackBerry Z10 case lineup at CES

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By Adam Zeis on 9 Jan 2013 01:55 pm EST

Kevin is representing CrackBerry on his own at CES 2013 this year, and between meetings and running around he hasn't had much time to hit the blogs. Luckily he did have time to grab a few photos of these awesome BlackBerry Z10 cases from Case-Mate. We haven't seen much on the accessory side for BlackBerry 10 just yet, but from the looks of these cases there won't be any shortage of goodies at launch. Remember, RIM has the Built for BlackBerry program in place which gives authorized third party accessory manufacturers early access to dummy units so they can get their products ready for launch. 

Here we get a good look at what Case-Mate will offer up for the new BlackBerry devices later this month. On display we can see there are some cases from both the Crafted and Refined collections by Case-Mate. Comparing to their iPhone counterparts, the Crafted series sell for around $80 while the Refined are about $50.

These are some pretty great looking cases and I have to say I can't see what else we see in the way of accesories for BlackBerry 10. There is plenty of amazing stuff on the horizon. Check out more images below!


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Reader comments

Case-Mate shows off their BlackBerry Z10 case lineup at CES


Ive always gone otterbox but with the phone being so much bigger then the 9900 I think im goona keep it slim. Will probably try one of the case mate cases this time.

Damn its been FOREVOR since theres been a crackberry unboxing video.

I agree. These suck. Hopefully someone will produce some more stylish designs. Just because it's blackberry doesn't mean it can't be wicked fresh lol.

Holy crow, what are they doing with that?? A slight bit of overkill I'd say. There's not much point about worrying about looks if you wrap it up in something like that. Mind you from what I have seen and heard, iphones are notoriously susceptible to being damaged from dropping. I've dropped my blackberries many a time and nothing is busted - built solid and strong! I hope BB10 carries that forward.

Lots of problems with those Tak Tik cases. I purchased the anodized aluminum case with gorilla glass and sold it after having it for 1 day. You could not use non-OEM chargers (would not fit in cut out) and the screen sensitivity went to hell after putting the case on. I would not be using Tak Tiks as any form of benchmark.

$80?!?!? for the 'crafted" cases, which I am assuming are the wood looking ones. That's steep. I retract my last comment.

Don't forget, BB10 devices are being positioned as high end so it's natural that there will be some higher end accessories for the device. I'm sure there will be a million plastic ones on eBay for 0.99 too.

Yes, it's steep, but don't think that just BB users are getting gouged.

The same series for iPhone cost the same...

And yes, the wood inlays are the "Crafted" series, while the brushed metal are the "Refined" series

With the exception of Otterbox, I've only used OEM Blackberry cases as well....something about those DOTS..:)

Now THESE are the types of cases i want to see. This will definitely entice the business world. its slick, very manly while keeping a feminine flare. I love the way BB10 is going. Cant wait... BB10 Phone should really be called Phoenix. The rebirth of Blackberry. Follow @BBMarnel

It's nice to know that Case-Mate is on board, but those prices are kind of ridiculous.

I hope this is not an indicator of how the phones themselves will be priced.

is that an X10 Case in the background? if so, what are the 3 holes for. one is obviously camera and flash, but the other one?

Pretty sure the cases in the background are for Samsung Galaxy products, most likely the SGSIII

I guess I am more towards the main stream as well. 80 bucks for a "crafted" case seems a bit exorbitant. I am one that tends to lean towards protection over looks. If not an Otterbox defender, I will be looking for the Ballistic series to protect my investment.

This is the part I dislike the most, COVERING UP YOUR PHONE, but i sure understand the reasons behind it.

-Protecting it from damage
-Protecting it from drops
-Customizing, personalizing, you know.

Nothing about embarrassment. Get over that. Nobody is embarrassed.

They'll be on Amazon for half the price within a couple months. Those are ridiculous prices and imo some serious price gouging. I'll probably still buy one though. :)

Why do people eve ask about Otterbox?... Its so bulky and ugly looking. defeats the purpose of even having a beautiful phone like that

So now that were seeing cases for the Z10, this must mean that the Dev Aplha A is the final spec look/design for exterior hardware? Right? Ports and camera/flash? Thoughts?

I'm definitely going to get a case for my next one. I have a gutted hard gel case I use for now and I made it fit the extended battery for my 9900, also to be able to swap batteries without having to take the case off.

90% of all smartphone cases look the same!!! They all have the same size and shape, relatively speaking. 3.7 inches and up, touch screen, thin, and the mic and and battery are in the same positions. Very similar to tires on a car....they are all round! And as far as emulation goes, which was first? imessage or BBM????

Why does the aftermarket cases always cover the BlackBerry logo? I don't see them doing that to Apple. I don't want anyone mistaking my phone for another phone. Sheesh!

My phone will be naked! Gotta show that BB logo when in use! A leather holster is all that I need. One in black and one in brown to match my shoes and belt.

Hope we are able to get some functional cases eg cases like the mophie with additional battery storage built in

I must say I would have preferred a design a bit more different than the iPhone design , like simply making more cutting edges...I don't know for me the Z10 is still to similar to the iPhone design.