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Case-Mate Barely There case for the BlackBerry Z10 offers nearly-invisible protection

By Simon Sage on 24 Jun 2013 12:17 pm EDT

I've been using the simple Case-Mate Barely There snap-on case for the last couple of months on the BlackBerry Z10, and it's been performing admirably. It provides a solid, baseline degree of protection while keeping bulkiness and obstruction down to a minimum. The matte finish on the black and glossy finish on the white model and make the Barely There case stylistically understated and fitting perfectly with the overall form of the Z10. Installation is a breeze thanks to a straightforward snap-on mechanism. So, let's take a quick look around.

There's a moderate bevel all around the outer edge which is rounded just enough to be comfortable to hold, but not lose all of its eye-catching edginess.  The top and bottom sides are completely bare. Though this helps keep as much of the device's original look and feel, it did allow the top of my Z10 to get dinged up after a drop. The lip on the front face is raised significantly to provide additional screen protection - perfect for those times you want to put your Z10 face-down on a table. All of the side ports are wide open for access.

Case-Mate Barely There case for the BlackBerry Z10

Although the rear is completely plain, I actually like the distraction-free look, and for those that don't, it makes a fine flat surface for those that want to throw a sticker or two on the back. The Case-Mate logo on the back is a classy, subtle size. In fact, the inside of the case is where you'll find the most decoration. The light cushioning has a stylish imprint, which is a nice subtle feature you can appreciate when popping the case on. 

Overall, the Barely There moniker is well-deserved; both black and white models maintain a slim profile and match the device's overall look and feel enough that it's often tricky to tell if there's a case on there. Though it might not provide as full-bodied protection as bulkier cases, it's a happy medium between maintaining portability and providing your Z10 with basic coverage. 

Purchase the Case-Mate Barely There case for the BlackBerry Z10 from CrackBerry Canada



First? Cool case though I'm not a case user.

Posted via CB10


Not a bad looking case. Seems similar to the BlackBerry Transform cases without the kickstand functionality. I've been going naked with my Z10 for the last two months without any issues. *knocks on wood*


Right now I am actually using a "bumper case" It leaves the front and back open but provides protection for the surrounding edges of all sides of the phone. I didn't like it at first, but I am starting to like how I can feel the natural texture on the battery door and still have protection for the phone.


I have been using the black version of this case with a black Z10 for a couple of months now and definitely would recommend it if you prefer more minimalist cases. At quick glance, you might not realize there's a case on it. It's similar to the Incipio Feather Ultra cases, though it seems to be holding up better than Feather case I had on my 9900.


I decided against using this case after I realized how much pressure it was putting on my phone, specifically on the screen just under the ports.

In a dark room and screen brightness set to full that area of the screen would actually discolor due to the immense amount of pressure. I tried another case but it had the same issue.

I ended up filing it and sanding that area down until it received some of the pressure. It was better but still went back to my transform which allows me to strip my phone naked in a second and not feel like I'm going to war to take the case off (see: casemate).

Posted via CB10


Exactly why i tend to stay away from these cases, some even leave marks on the area where it had the most pressure on. Really annoying!

Posted via CB10


99 percent of the cases cover up the logo(s)....

Posted via CB10


Which I why I got the Poetic Atmosphere case. The back is not completely clear, but clear enough for the BlackBerry logo to be seen (The T-Mobile logo on the back of my Z10 is pretty faint with the case.).

de marco

+1! Don't need cover, without is beautiful :)

Posted via CB10


Hai simon, one question. Is the charger inlet cutout fits with the charger ends?

I've used similar case from another maker but if i hook up my phone with the charger, the cutout of the case doesn't fit well with the charger ends so i have to open the case if i want to hook it up right with the charger.

Posted via CB10

Simon Sage

Yeah, I never had any issues charging with this case on. 


I've had this case since I bought the Z10 the day it was released. Fantastic case, fits like a glove and like the name, it's barely there and you don't even notice it. I recommend it!!


I actually recommend the Case Mate Tough case over this one, as it provides better protection from falls.

Posted via CB10


I like the flip lid case better because I can just flip the phone and have the case cover the phone screen side for travel so it does not scratch the screen. Link:


I've been looking for a case and I really like this one, however ; I do not like the fact that it covers the BlackBerry logo.. i have a BlackBerry and I want to show it off not hide it...

Posted via CB10


If I didn't have/know about Clear Coat protectors, I'd be all over this case. Very streamlined. The reason I don't use cases is because I don't like to spoil the look and feel of the device itself in my hand. Clear Coat full-body protection lets me still have the look of a naked phone. The only thing I don't like is that it's shiny and takes away from the beautiful matte look and feel of the Z10. However, I'd rather sacrifice that than have my phone scarred up from drops or keys scrubbing against it.

But yeah, this is a sweet looking case for sure.


Hi, I have a matte seen protector from Tech Armor and it rocks! It' s smudge free and easy to glide your fingers on the screen!

Posted via CB10, from my DarthBerry


Thanks for the tip! I'll have to look 'em up.


If it's covering the BB on the back I want no part of it

Posted via CB10


Had ballistic since day one. Dropped my zed multiple times so far still working good.

Posted via CB10


That's why I went commando with my z10 minus the screen protector. Love the feeling of the back cover!

Posted via CB10


How does the black case look on the white Z10? I was going to buy the black battery door but I think this might look better.

Jim Wolfson

"The top and bottom sides are completely bare. Though this helps keep as much of the device's original look and feel, it did allow the top of my Z10 to get dinged up after a drop."

That's why I use an Otterbox. Do you want to protect your $$$ phone or not?


Just a days work not a big deal. After a month or two I lost the case, too big and didn't show the BlackBerry label.


I have the black case. It's not too bulky but it can be a bit of a struggle to get off if you want access to the battery or change cases.

Posted via CB10


Case looks too minimal for me. I read a post just yesterday where a guy broke his Z10 screen while using a transformer case.

I use a ballistics case. Not the best looking case but it gets the job done.

Posted via CB10


I have this black case on my white Z10 for a couple of months. Just as they say it's barely there. The black case on white phone combination looks good too. But if you as me the z10 is a phone which looks best naked.

Posted via CB10


I have this. Better case is the black Nilkin for z10 off eBay. Way better and it's only $7. Comes in black, white, and brown.

Posted via CB10


No hole to show off BlackBerry logo... Pass

Posted via


No doubt. I like showing off my Z10. When people ask what it is I tell them. No its not a 2 year old IPhone 5. It's a awesome Z10


I wish they would make a hard snap on case with the BlackBerry logo on the back. Hate having to cover it up with a plain case.

Posted via CB10


I have this case for my black Z10 and my wife has the white one for her white Z10. We have really liked them. Not too bulky, but sometimes I still go without.

Posted via CB10


I bought one and it didn't fit properly without taking the battery door off

Posted via CB10

Aston Martin 007

Why is only available in the Canada store?

Posted via CB10

Winston Loh

thanks for the review...


That's the one m using :) its a very cool case, slim n light


Looks good. Be nice to find some Z10 Chive cases.

omega supreme

I bought 3 similar cases with a 3d raindrop effect and faded clear colors from Londonmagicstore on Amazon for just under 5 bucks for all 3...not to shabby.

Posted via CB10


Does anyone know if this case fits a dev alpha c? Because im searching for a good case for my dac, but i can't seem to find one that fits, i'm now using a Galaxy Samsung S4 (big version) leather hose, but this is'nt perfect, a case is easier (for me) to operate with.

Anyway, thanx for replying when you do.


Been using this case to protect my beautiful Z10 whenever we go out, slips out easy when we get home liking it

Posted via CB10