Case-Mate Barely There Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9650

Case-Mate Barely There Case
By Adam Zeis on 27 Jul 2010 12:23 pm EDT

The Barely There case from Case-Mate is one of my favorites. It gives a different look to the device, while providing great protection to the sides and back. While some may prefer a more "all over" case, I like the look and feel of the Barely There on my device. The case is available in both Black and Metallic Silver and leaves you with easy access to all ports and buttons while not getting in the way of daily use. The Barely There cases are also availble for other devices including the 9700, 8900 and 95xx series. Check out some up-close images after the jump.

Photos of the Case-Mate Barely There Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 

Case-Mate Barely There Case
Case-Mate Barely There Case
Case-Mate Barely There Case
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Does anyone know if the phone fits in the OEM Leather Holster with the Casemate attached?


That is my daily set up on my 9700 and works great with the CM and holster.

Hope that helps


I imagine it would. I was able to get a Tour with Innocase II to fit in the OEM holster, albeit tightly.


How does it fit without the case? Is there some space or does your phone fit tightly in the holster? The case doesn't seem to add too much girth to the phone, so if there's some space remaining in the holster it may just fit (but rather tightly).


Its pretty obvious this is a 9630 case, that just happens to fit on the 9650 albeit the charging port being a little off. Most of my tour cases fit the 9650 as well, shame most companies aren't making new cases for the 9650 and are settling on pushing tour cases instead.


The Incipio case is better. The case-mate blocks the speaker. That's the reason I went with the incipio for my 9700.


I like it but it doesn't protect the top but I don't care. Its worth the money. I got mine off ebay for 12 bucks


I have the case, and I love it. It's durable and looks good. It fits tightly to the phone, yet is easy to take off. I use a leather holster and it fits just fine in there.