Case manufacturers already preparing for the Q30 / Windermere

By Bla1ze on 12 Apr 2014 04:25 pm EDT

Although it remains to be seen what, if anything, will become of the alleged BlackBerry Q30 / Windermere, case manufacturers are already getting started on making cases for the device it seems. It's a pretty common practice in the case world, you somehow end up getting the dimensions of a device before official release and you build a ton of cases for it making you the first to market with your offerings.

Sometimes it pays off and other times you're left with a bunch of useless cases because of a last minute change or bad device info. Needless to say, we'll have to wait and see how this one plays out but hey, at least we know if the Q30 does launch there will be some cases for it even if they aren't really the best.

Remember folks, it ain't official until BlackBerry says so. Don't get too twisted over the look just yet.

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Case manufacturers already preparing for the Q30 / Windermere



That's too big a phone!Please BlackBerry consider checking some sleeky concepts in the crackberry forums.That design sucks!

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Yes, this is a hideous phone. Crackberry concepts are top notch, BlackBerry should really consider hiring some of these people.

That was a pocket comment. Hmmm. Anyway, I totally agree. The only place for this phone is on a desk maybe? Or in wall security panel?. No one would want to stick that to their ear!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

People are all over the Note, and I think that is bigger than this. I don't like it but that doesn't mean people won't like it for its size...

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Sucks is an understatement, this phone is hideous. I hope this is some knockoff BlackBerry wannabe. If they do launch this phone, they're completely out of touch with the market.

Yeah. If that's what it looks like, hard pass. I'm just gonna buy a Q10 used and save myself some money at this point.

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I agree. The Q10 is designed with human use in mind. It's really a workhorse that fits into my life, rather than having to adapt myself to it.

And the tool belt would be where? Come on guys, it's just a rendering.

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Can we all agree to call it something cooler than Tool belt? How about Utility Belt?

I like BB10...and that's all that matters to me.

I guess that's what BlackBerry is planning to do with the rumoured 5" square screen. I think I'll stick with my Z30 with it's more 16:9 rectangular screen.

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Like Bla1ze states, it ain't official, but it doesn't stop Crackberry stealing a headline.

Alot people getting excited and getting their knickers in a twist. Let me help all those who want a wedgie, it's a damn ugly phone.

Wedgie on.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

There's half a page of comments about the looks of the phone, even though Bla1ze asked used to "not get too twisted over the looks just yet".

When I went on to read the comments, I hoped, oh, maaaaybe people listen this time, nope, half a page of comments about a phone that's not even official. LOL, SMH

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Just because people voiced their opinion doesn't mean they don't read. My own wife doesn't dare tell me to not express my views, why would i listen to some internet blogger, i wouldn't and i suspect many more are with me

Even if that isn't final design, the achillies heel to that whole design is the 1:1 screen ratio. BlackBerry needs to design it with a screen ratio like the Z10 and slap on a physical keyboard. Even if the resolution is bigger and the screen is physically bigger, the 1:1 ratio kills it.... I really hope this ends up as one of the devices that got scrapped...


Draw it out. If you think a large square aspect ratio looks bad, show me a 16:9 ratio with a keyboard underneath that looks good.

Maybe if you intend to put a 104 keyboard underneath...

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With a Q30 you will still type faster with your one remaining arm than you would with both arms on an Apple device.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I guess BlackBerry has given up on trying to make devices that are pleasing to the eye.

I guess they figure that biz users want functionality over anything else -- no matter how ugly the device looks.

I don't get this strategy. I'm losing faith in whether BlackBerry is going to be a company that makes devices I will want to buy in the future.

I love the productivity of BB10. But I want a sleek and beautiful phone as well. I'm not willing to use a dumpy looking phone.

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Can I borrow your arm once you finished with it, so I can smack some sense into your head.

It's just a phone, dam ugly one too, but no need to rip your arm over it

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Hah I think you and many misunderstood my comment I actually love the phone and I would totally buy it if they released it. It's just those cases that i can't handle!

Well, you will then two two hands, one to hold the phone and the other to hold the case to slip it into.

May not like the case, no doubt you will end up buying one you like.

Would you like your arm back?


 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Would be good if they would be prepared for the Z30. Need bigger selection.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App - Because the native CB10 app sucks so many ways. It is a SHAME!

How does the CB10 app suck? Trying to figure out what's missing but my imagination runs short


You can't edit your own posts, once posted it is there forever.
When you post something the view jumps to the top of the page so you have to scroll back down.
There is no way to see in a centralized spot who replied to your posts other than going back in the comments section of each place where you commented

Even so... the app doesn't suck but it needs further enhancements.

Powered by BB

So these things are fixed in the android version?

*prepares to scroll down and continue reading & sets timer for when to revisit thread and check for response to this comment*

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

I actually like it that way, that you can't edit after posting in the comments section. Kinda keeps it's real.

I often wondered how are comment threads "fair dinkum" on WP Central and other MN sites, if you can easily edit them, the replies might not be reflecting what been said after someone changed his post.

Oh no, think about FAKE FIRST posts or dodgy posts altered retroactively. Quickie and drmike wouldn't be happy ....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I second rdgroulx, and would like to know too what you don't like about the CB10 app.

Via CB10 on Z10 | T-Mo |

I too don't like the CB app on bb10, it crashes a lot and loads slowly :/

[URL="bbmc:C001230B6"]C001230B6[/URL] Exclusive HD Wallpapers for your BB10 device.

Never experienced this in the last 14 months of use. All I need is an "edit post" button for cb10 app and BBM channels and ill be happy.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Something is wrong with your device or install, never, not even once has the cb app given me issues on bb10

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

In the year that I have been running the app, I have never had it crash. Running on Z10, Q10 and the awesome Z30. An edit button would be very useful as it would be for Channels.

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Funny, but I have never experienced a crash on my z30. One thing that drives me nuts is no nested comments in the forums, but I'm not sure if that is only with the app or also on the website.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I have feeling that BB is just trying/testing different physical formats. No conception...IMHO

I think it looks very usable. Ugly, but functional. I not going to trash it until I try it.

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I agree.

But, unfortunately, I can't remain a BlackBerry customer if they have given up on trying to make cool looking phones.

If they can't figure out how to make phones that are both functional AND beautiful, then they AREN'T TRYING HARD ENOUGH.

They need to fire every single person on their phone design team.

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That's so true. I met this really cool person the other day, they were funny and had an amazing personality BUT then they pulled out an uncool looking phone so I threw my drink at them and told them to get the #$!? away from me.

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It might be TOTALLY usable, and come with some cool chrome or other trimmings, it's not official yet...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Hey you never know ;) the case manufacturers hold oh so much power influencing the design of the next generation smartphones!

/heavy sarcasm

PS. Don't get any ideas from this BlackBerry.... Please...

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I run the ugliest truck on the market, the FJ Cruiser. I didn't get it for looks,but function and it does exactly as I need it to function. There are vertical markets that I can think of that would benefit from this form factor. It's not for me, but neither is a Cadillac Escalade.

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Agreed, not a good looking phone at all. Just make the z50 already!! No one wants a keyboard phone!!

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You should not have a blackberry. Move to another brand. BlackBerry is moving to keyboard centric from now on as John Chen has repeated about 100 times if you followed it

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While his comment was completely off, so is yours. BlackBerry will lose a lot of customers without all touch. Chen never said they were abandoning all touch. Chen said they are focusing on qwerty. And you saying that he shouldn't have a BlackBerry because he wants one makes you as daft as he. I think that Chen/BlackBerry may focusing on qwerty because that seems to be where the biggest drop off in upgrades was. I don't think the Q series is selling as much as the Z series(not that either is selling tons). I think they just assumed that the qwerty would sell because it was qwerty. And people with their 9900's and so on are fine with keeping it till it dies or BlackBerry does. Qwerty is their biggest customer base NOW. But the future is not in qwerty, or at least not qwerty alone. The majority of people these days want the slab. And people in this vast majority need to take up an interest of some kind in BlackBerry if BlackBerry is to succeed and keep making handsets.

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The reason Bold 9900's are still in play is the tool/utilty belt.
For those of us that don't want the slab....... we are waiting and have been for some 2 years.
Bring it on home Mr Chen.

That's what I figured. The Q10 is a fine phone, it meets the needs of some but keeping the belt on a qwerty would have been a safer bet at the start I imagine. I'm still thinking pricing and form factor are going to be a problem for BlackBerry. I.E. The Z3 is cheap but a lot of people don't like the size. The z10 could probably be sold/made into a lower end/midrange phone for 299-349. And the size fits a large markets needs. And round out the lineup with a high end Z30 right? Loaded up with good options for 599ish. But then some want a higher end Z10. The Z10 now works awesome, and has good hardware(minus the camera perhaps) but it isn't high end looking. They cheaped out there. So do they make 2 cheap slabs from Foxconn, one 4.2 and one 5? Then make their own high end versions? Will those versions be crazy priced like the Z10 and 30? Or will they be well priced from 450-650? As long as real good hardware and features are in there, I'd pay that. Then still more want a full 5.5-6" phablet.
I'm thinking they'll have to deal with the 5" till BlackBerry makes some cash and can afford more options. The Q line has some of the same issues but they seem to be content in pumping out 3 of those a year. And now BlackBerry is up to 7+ phone styles per year again. Would that be too many again?

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What a dick. How about red cars ? Just because you don't like it, no one should be able to buy one ? Physical Keyboard phones should always be an available option.

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Not only the phone is horrible (keyboard too large, I am sure a nightmare to type in) but the cases are also deeply grotesque.....

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Didnt they just recently reveal a BlackBerry patent application for a "touch capacitive physical keyboard" that had three rows of keys and less function keys? The idea is that the keys themselves are touch sensitive and allow you to perform swipe gestures on keyboard. Also, it would free up real estate for the screen and toolbelt keys.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Funny that nobody has mentioned the absence of the tool belt either. It makes you chuckle.

Posted via CB10

The form factor looks awkward and uncomfortable to hold. I would have added a 1/2 inch to the Q10 screen with its same form factor and you have a big hit!!

Posted via CB10 via Z30

Agreed! All BlackBerry had to do is make just one of the many concepts it's fans have already designed for them and they would not be struggling ad hard. SMH

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What aspect ratio would that be, 4:3, like the iPad ?

Developers have to deal with yet another aspect ratio, but it might make sense to introduce it. So many iOS apps are optimized for 4:3/3:4.

The Bold is 3:4, so the 1:1 (4:4) of the Q10 actually adds vertical space!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Times have evolved Mr. Kennedy. All touch phones are the majority. Stuck in the 90's??

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I'd just like to see more cases for the Z30. So far, I've gotten two because that's about all I've seen: an Otterbox and the BlackBerry case. I know it's not as popular as say the Z10 but more accessories, either BlackBerry or third party would be nice.

Actually, there are a lot if cases for the Z30 , and I have most of them. The BlackBerry pocket and holsters are pretty good since they have the magnets that automatically shut off the phone. I also have a few rubberized case that are good. I have both the Otterbox Commuter and Defender series for great protection. If you're looking for something more personalized, check out Head Case for Z30 either in their own site or on eBay. Head Case has hundreds of great designs for their snap on cases.

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I would love this phone, less the keyboard that is. Make it all screen and you got a buyer here BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Try the Z30.... that's basically what the Q30 might be minus the physical keyboard, and with a traditional rectangular design. It's great!

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I am not a specs freak, but some ported apps on my Z10 were so laggy yesterday (skype, ouch)...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Don't criticize about the phone until you officially see if.. it's gonna Rock wait for the official pics and features to come out

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Yes all touch, gee, thought they would know that by now. No one wants keyboard phones.

Posted via CB10

Wow, I was hoping that the date on this post was April fools day . . what a ridiculously ugly phone . . just my opinion of course, but it appears I'm not alone ;-)

I bet that Mr. Ziro1 in 5 minutes can design a square screen phone much more interesting than that thing!

Mr. Ziro1, if you rea this post, do accept the challenge??

Posted via CB10

I'm pinching myself here just in case I'm having a bad dream...

Why oh why would they release that unwieldy and ugly monstrosity before releasing a nice slider or vertical format device with keyboard (ie like the old Droid Pro), is beyond me.


I can barely read on the Q10. I have been waiting a long time for this Q30, its keyboard and large screen. I will sure be the first one to buy this great device !!!

Posted via CB10

As I read the comments, I thought I was the only person who found it charming. I'm really disappointed in how critical the community is being.

Even I found it charming.. so now you are not the only one. Don't know why but looks nice to me. Kind of device I would like to buy.

There are a lot of Z30 cases, and I have most of them. The Otterbox Defender and Commuter series are good and offer good protection (the Defender is a bit bulky). I have the Glacier colours. There are some rubberized skin cases, like the Stream ones. The BlackBerry holster and pocket are made of leather and have the magnets that automatically shut off the phone. Check out Head Case on their Web site or on eBay; they have created hundreds of graphics and images on cases for the Z30....

Posted via CB10

You know I don't think it's the final version but it may different enough to make people take notice. Especially business.

Posted via CB10

I like it....the case I'm talking about. The phone...the phone is not real it's just there for button/screen placement.

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I actually like the phone, but needs numbers and has to come in white! Case is a basic TPU case and I have one similar on my Q10 and love it.

Q10, running

I guess I will be the only one getting this phone! LOL I think this phone is sexy, plus I believe the keyboard also uses guestures too, and the specs will be greater than the Z30. I'm in loveeeeee with this phone lol

BBM: 2B1F4D96 Channel: C00121E43

Actually if it had 4 rows of keys and rounded corners I prob would like it also...still would prefer a larger version of a Droid Pro style BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Personally I quite like it. It's different, and that makes it stand out. I would have no objection to buying and using this.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

For me, this is my ideal qwerty. The tall proportions don't look right to me unless your dealing with a smaller screen size. 4 plus inches is a must for a screen size.

Posted via CB10

This phone is coming to market, make no mistake.
It's the exact same dimensions as a passport.

I have a feeling it's going to be nirvana for physical keyboard enthusiasts.

It's funny: I recall the initial reaction to the intro of the iPad which was very similar to what I've read above. Seems to have worked out rather well though.

Posted via CB10

That's a good point ; if it's passport-sized, it may just be a hit, particularly for business and government institutions....

Posted via CB10

It is the same form factor as the LG Intuition (all touch Android phone) which was pretty much universally panned.

Some of the concept phones here are gorgeous, but leave it to BlackConn/FoxBerry to come up with a crap design like this.

Okay, can someone actually break their NDA and hint at what is going on with that keyboard. I don't mind the appearance of the device but the lack of a shift/ALT key is irking me.

The keyboard has one less row and is touch capacitive. Meaning you can swipe gesture on the physical keyboard to access symbols, etc. I hope it works well without the function keys, well just have to wait and see.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Mr. Chen will not let this see the light of day I guarantee it!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I don't like the looks of this phone. I certainly want big screen QWERTY but not such ugly looking. Why must it be a 1:1? Why can't they increase the height of Q10 to increase screen size? ******************

Looks like a tri-corder from the original star trek series.

And it will be regarded by the market as being that dated too.

Seriously, are there actual designers working on these devices? It seems more like the higher ups are forcing this down to the designers leaving nothing that they can do..

Posted via CB10

If the specs are good I will get this. But definitely looking forward to the BlackBerry Classic. It's going to be bad ass. Might have to trade this in for the Classic when it finally comes out.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

Yep. Those CASES are ugly. BlackBerry needs to make another Bold 9900 - modernized of course. Hands down the Sexiest beast!

Posted via CB10

Ugly as sin, terribad keyboard design argh... the next few devices are going to set the tone and path for the device world of blackberry and imo this is a crappy path

Posted via CB10

Doesn't look too bad, you guys can't really make a final decision without actually trying it in your hands.

Posted via CB10

Actually, no one has mentioned the better placement of the camera; thus proposed case shows a hole for the camera in the centre-top of the device which is better than being in the corner....

Posted via CB10

Wouldn't it be ironic if this ugly device is the one that takes off and puts BB10 devices ahead of Legacy devices in sales! Lol

Posted via CB10

Its a simple formula really, the Z10' s screen on top of the Q10 keyboard. If they have to make the keyboard 3 rows and touch sensitive to fit so be it. 6"+ phones are common nowadays.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Seen cases for the Q20/Q30 on ebay. Thing is, THEY ARE USING THE CONCEPT DESIGNS FROM CRACKBERRY'S FORUMS!! How stupid is that? They won't fit the devices when they do come out.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Purchased stocks and now this made me both suicidal and homicidal: either I kill myself or anyone working in Blackberry!

Posted via CB10

You do realize this is not official. And you do realize BlackBerry is a long term investment, not short term. They "WILL" succeed in becoming profitable, just not in 1 to 2 quarters. It will take at least 4 to 6 Quarters to see a rock solid profit.

It is different and unique. I bet it will have a great browsing experience with very comfy typing. So big.

The cadillac of qwertys lol!

Hmm starting to like this ugly thing. Maybe I'll buy cuz it seems so different and I would love a Giant screen with qwerty

 BlackBerry Q10 

I swear that phone looks like a toy, the keyboard is highly impractical, too wide, not tall enough, not enough keys, but enough keys to be in the way. Also should've called it U30 or V30 (get it, because those letters are halfway between Z30 and Q30)

What really concerns me is that this shows JC doesn't have full grip on BlackBerry. Someone who made the failed square decision is still running the show.

If this is real then BlackBerry has failed its loyal customer base.

Please tell me that this is fake.

BlackBerry ...Fix this mess.

Posted via CB10

Needless to say, if they start making phones that look like that, then they certainly will be done with the handset business

Posted via CB10

You claim millions or billions on keyboard research fighting typo, and that is what you come up with? Lol

Posted via CB10

Flip your z10 sideways and pretend there's a physical keyboard underneath. Do some mock typing and tell me that doesn't feel right. It think this design may be better than we think it will.

Posted via CB10

I need to comment again sorry.

That's the Q30 nooo way! Get some of the concepts on the net, pay one of those guys who came up with amazing prototypes.

Comon BlackBerry don't let this happen.

Posted via CB10

Guys, this is N imagine from a foreign Chinese wholesaler who make cases well in advance on speculated specs. Is it not the Q30 until BlackBerry announces it so please have fun on a Saturday instead if crying like little babies. :)

Posted via CB10

It is funny to me that at the end of the post it says don't believe it until BlackBerry says so and all the comments are about the design.

Posted via Q10

I sure would not mind seeing Thorsten Heins comimg back to BB. At least I got to see share price go from 8 to 16 dollars under his watch. I just cannot see anything good coming out of Chen here any more. The bad decisions just keep on coming. Bye Bye BlackBerry!!

If that's how the Q30 will look, then I'll have to pass. I'll stick to my Q10 and wait for the Classic.

Posted via CB10

This phone would be BlackBerry's big mistake cherry on top of its biggest mistake cake.

This phone is all wrong. Who exactly is asking for a square 5 inch screen?

Square. Oh dear.

Posted via CB10

Not sure about the design appeal, but this phone sure will stand out. No one will mistake it for an old generation BB phone like the Q10, nor mistake it for a generic Android touch slab like the Z10/30.

What an embarrassment. If this is real, Geller's gonna have a field day. Please, BlackBerry, don't make us defend this phone. If this was even a concept design presented in-house, immediately call security and walk that designer out the door, smh.

Highly doubt that this is the final product. It's way too rough around the edges. Can't wait though, I will the first in line when this baby drops.

Qyped on the most Qeffecient device in the Quniverse.

It's funny, these comments come on a leak, render, or early blurry pic of every bb10 device that came out to date, "oh that thing is ugly, I hope something like this doesn't come out, what is BlackBerry thinking, blah blah blah" Then when the official pics come out, everyone changes their tune & talks about how nice the device looks. Nothing new. When or if this becomes official, it will be the same thing.

Posted via CB10

These comments are truly hilarious.

You would think peoples lives depend on the Blackberry-ness look of this phone.

If you don't want this one people, wait for the Blackberry Classic to be released.

I am one who wants a physical Qwerty keypad BlackBerry that truly breaks the mould and offers a huge screen.

Relax till you see the final product, Blackberry receives enough hate outside of these forums as it is.

They need something really different to try and grab some of the Windows phone and android crowd back in to the Blackberry family and a model as out of the box like the Q30, just might do it.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Oh dear. I had been pinning my hopes on the Q30, as a slider seems either non-existent or too far into the future.

If this is what it really looks like, it's going to be Goodbye BlackBerry for me.

That's an awesome phone, I love the design and...heu...hmm... wait a you're right, that's ugly!!!

From my super Z

Jumping on the bandwagon on these type of posts so I can concur with my Komrades here.
And too wide. Bigger screen, fine - make it taller and only *slightly* wider than Q10.

Posted via CB10

But let's have some faith that BlackBerry is smart enough to release a more sophisticated looking device as a worthy successor to the Q. And let's be happy that a sequel is really on the way. 6 months ago it looked like BB was permanently getting out of the handset business. I like reminding myself of this every now and then. Times were bleak; now they're fun again. It's fun to root for something you really believe in.

Posted via CB10

I have long since accepted the fact that the bold 9900 is the last great design by BB. We will never see anything of that caliber ever again.

Agreed, it was a still is a brilliant phone. All they need to do is make the screen bigger without loosing the Utility belt , or drop the belt and make a bigger screen

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

I disagree, they should leave that design alone. They won't do it justice. Hopefully they just slap keyboard/tool belt onto a Z30. I really like the footprint of that device.

Did anybody already say it is ugly? It is, unfortunately. If this device really exists, it's still time to cancel it.

I think that it is way too soon to determine whether or not this phone will be on the market for consumers. I have a BlackBerry Q10, (actually, I own two of them in black and white) I'm so in love with the Q10 that I don't know if I would purchase this device. Not that I'm not fond of the device. I just can't imagine having a better device, than the BlackBerry Q10. And I don't think that I will be parting with them for quite some time.

Posted via CB10

All right. Before we all freak out (including myself), we have to realize that we still have no proof this... thing... will ever actually be released.

Will reserve judgment on whether I can continue to patronize this company until we know for sure what they're doing with that... whatever-it-is.

Posted via CB10

If that device ever makes it into production BlackBerry might as well call it a day...who the hell are the lead designers in that company as it was obviously a design that was considered at some point? They should seriously consider hiring some of the guys from the concept forums! Everyone has had enough of mediocre's time to woo the enterprise with something sleek and powerful ! If you can't provide the apps, give them some cutting edge hardware!

Posted via CB10

I couldn't care less about the look of the phone. I am a business user who needs a QWERTY keyboard phone that can deliver performance, ease of use and a large screen, and this Q30 phone will likely deliver all of the foregoing.