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CascaRun Sports Tracker gets updated with some BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 fixes and more

By James Richardson on 13 Feb 2014 04:18 am EST

The Built for BlackBerry 10 sports tracking application, CascaRun, has received an update this week and with it brings some additional language enhancements as well as a tweak for users running OS 10.2.1 who were experiencing issues. 

For those of you that like to track your sports activities CascaRun is the perfect way to do so whether you are into running, cycling, hiking etc. The app is priced at $3.99 but you get what you pay for and CascaRun does a fantastic job. 

Available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones it's encouraging as always to see an update so quick from a BlackBerry 10 app that we've had pretty much since then beginning of BB10. Nice work Mr Developer. 

New features include: 

  • Fixed possible GPS connection/disconnection issues with OS10.2.1
  • Corrections for GPX file export (for workouts with heart rate monitoring)
  • Bug fixes in Export, Rename and Activity Settings dialogs
  • Added progress toast during export
  • Added Italian translations
  • Updated French, German and Spanish translation

More information/Download CascaRun Sports Tracker for BlackBerry 10



Was planning to get it at some point nice to see if gets updated relatively regally.


I want a native app to work with one of the fit bands.

Posted via CB using my Q10

Prem WatsApp

That makes me feel guilty. Should get going again. Too lazy. Pizza and coffee but no real exercise is no life. Tastes good though.

Maybe the higher app purchase price is not too bad, an investment, and you don't wanna waste that by sitting around all evening...

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Too expensive, just sideload nike + running for free

Posted from my lovely Z10


Too bloody cold here in Canada to be using it outside! This makes a couple updates since I moved into hibernation mode (I hate the treadmill). Can't wait for warmer weather.....I love this app!

Posted via CB10


James, check this sports app out too:
I talked with the developer, and he worked hard to support ALL BlackBerry 10 devices, including Q10/Q5 users such as myself. Anytime that happens, they deserve a bump up.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


The link is good. That last forward slash at the end of the link needs to be removed. Mod?

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


Thanks for the promotion and kind words @nerdydaddyo! I really appreciate it!


CascaRun is one of the finest applications available for BB10. It's actually available under different names on a number of different platforms and frankly BB10 needs more high quality applications such as CascaRun instead of the usual drivel.



Posted via Z10/ CB10


Did anyone have the same problem, that I have? I downloaded the update and now I can't start it.


The update works for me. Maybe delete and reload?

Posted via CB10


I had the same issue. Try giving the "shared files" permission to the app.


Does anyone know of a fitness app good for a treadmill. I have a Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor that connects beautifully with my Z30
I'm looking for one that has Heart rate, time and calories burned. All the ones I see use GPS which doesn't work if you are on a treadmill.

Posted via CB10


You can disable the GPS on this one and then it's good for treadmill walking/running. No calorie count though yet. Otherwise an excellent app!

 Q1o


Oh .... Fixed possible GPS connection/disconnection issues with OS10.2.1

Ya, I had that problem. That it was my hardware acting up.


I love this app. I agree with another poster if we could add a few standard gym excersize it would be even better. Don't need much heart rate, calories, timer with gps off would be even better if we got it to work with foot pods. Easily one of the best apps on blackberry

Posted via CB10


This just gets better and better!
I've had for some 4-5months and it has seen a few updates. A dev that definitely listens!

 Q1o


The shoes are dirty on the pic

Posted via CB10