CascaRun Sports Tracker for BlackBerry 10 gets updated

By James Richardson on 19 Sep 2013 06:55 am EDT

The 'Built for BlackBerry' sports tracker application CascaRun has received an update bringing some new features and improvements. If you're into sports where you have the need to track your distance/speed/route etc then this one is well worth checking out. 

One of the attractions for many may well be the ability to link the application with heart rate monitors and this is one of the things that has been worked on for this update to increase the supported devices. 

So, whether you are into jogging, biking, hiking, skating, etc CascaRun could well be the perfect tool for you to use on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. You can pick this one up for £2.50/$3.99 and for what it does, that sounds like a bargain to me. 

Updated in this version: 

  • Support for more heart rate monitors (almost all existing Bluetooth monitors, including Bluetooth Smart devices)
  • Share trainings by e-mail and on social networks
  • New activity icons and filter
  • Pause button
  • More translations (German, French, Spanish)
  • Many bug-fixes and UI improvement

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CascaRun Sports Tracker for BlackBerry 10 gets updated


Kewl beans

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OK James, that far better :)
Awesome app indeed! (let's say I did read on your mind on the previous review when I suggested you 2 exemples of beauties apps that would may deserve more a review than the Wallpaper thing :)
RSS HUB may deserve one too :)

This is a great native app. It has replaced my ported Endomondo. All that is missing is a voice coach (telling your time and pace at 1km intervals) but that is a promised feature - probably once 10.2 lands.
Awesome app!

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Yeah I say goodbye to Endomondo when I leave BBOS7, the BB10 version port was to buggish for me, I fastly removed it!
That app is way better, and all designed for our devices! With frequent updates and devloper always hungry of bug reports, feature requests and feedbacks! (Check the CB thread for it)

Now the app works with my "old" Nokia BT Sportstracker Belt. Great Support from the Developer. A must buy. thxalot

I have the Zephyr HxM as well and got to try it out this morning. It paired and started recording HR for my morning bike commute but unfortunately it stopped recording the HR just after the start of the ride. Since my Z10 was in my side bag, I didn't notice this until after I got to the office and looked at the uploaded data. I will pay closer attention to it tonight for the ride home.

I use this app every second day
Just wish it had an auto pause setting like Mapmyride. GPS should make that possible.

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Yep auto-pause is necessary. I think it still has some ways to go to compete with the likes of Endomondo, like audio coach (audio feedback), setting splits (1/2 mile or 1/2 KM); calorie burn; elevation, etc... But the app is looking really good and thankful that they have started to work on the social integration part.

@1magine: I would actually argue wether the number of features is a good metrics to appreciate the quality of a product. A great user experience is the most important reason why we are using BB10 and not an Android device. Same applies for apps, an overcrowded UI does not bring fun. Additionally, it is also not that obvious that the number of calories burnt is more useful than an interactive review. So to compete with CascaRun, Endomondo has also some ways to go, like lock-screen, interactive review, flash light, respect of user privacy, low resource usage, ...

That said, audio-coach is being finalized and will be ready in the next weeks. And yes, it will be configurable. And no, it will not use a generated google voice but is based on professional recording.

A wonderful app - I don't run, cycle or other do "high performance" workouts. I only do lazy bushwalks but the app, is great to track your walk. I especially love that the data is kept locally and not automatically shared with the cloud, FB or NSA.

The UI is (nearly) perfect (Hey, CascaRunner - where are the Zoom In/out shortcuts for the Q10, you promised ... just joking) and has some nice/unusual elements: To swipe the Stop button up to prevent accidentially pushing it, is a brilliant idea.

IMO - this is an absolute showcase app ... And as you see CascaRunner is listening and talking with the users (something you can't say about BBRY)

This app and its developer are awesome and should be supported. Screw the dodgy EULAs and permission requirements of competing apps. Looking forward to many more updates! :)

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