CascaRun Sports Tracker Pro hits the BlackBerry PlayBook

CascaRun Sports Tracker
By James Richardson on 16 May 2014 06:40 am EDT

We posted recently that CascaRun Sports Tracker had been updated for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and with the update brought a free version so folk could experience the app before committing to the paid edition.

The Pro edition is now also available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now clearly you won't be running, cycling, skiing etc with a tablet but where this may well come in handy is reviewing the workouts on a larger screen after said workout. The features are quite similar to the BB10 version except for the landscape support and missing sharing and Bluetooth.‎ There is a demo workout included to play around with the release. As a first step, workouts must be manually imported and later on, a better solution will be offered to synchronise them between devices.

While we all know that the PlayBook wasn't the best selling device for BlackBerry - 60% of people who purchased one are still using it and are happy according to our recent poll.

If you have already paid for the BlackBerry 10 version you'll be pleased to hear that you won't need to do so again for the PlayBook Pro edition - good stuff!

Hit up BlackBerry World on your PlayBook to download CascaRun Sports Tracker Pro


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CascaRun Sports Tracker Pro hits the BlackBerry PlayBook


I agree. There are more than a few new apps to re-interest my two PB's as well.

PB's have been replaced by Z10's. Though smaller screens, they are more far functional than the PB's.

Since the BlackBerry PlayBook does not support Cascades, was this app rewritten in say Webworks or Adobe AIR just for it? Seems like a whole lot of trouble for such a small userbase.

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Like BlackBerry announcing a new PlayBook XL? That's my dream 15-inch PlayBook that will replace my desktop PC, runs something like BlackBerry Link, and control everything in my life. Hey, I can always dream :)

Meh the PlayBook is dead to me now I was going buy one recently but the day after got announced no more updates....don't care about it anymore we have the z30 and coming up the windermere and next year is the all touch screen blackberry :)

Don't be nasty now. I want to see it return in the form of a 7-inch handheld and 15-inch office tablet! :D

Well I for one am quite interested in checking this out. Have been using Cascarun since almost its very beginning and looking forward to being able to check out the detail of my runs on a bigger screen.

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As a long time CascaRun user I will also be downloading this to my PB as soon as I get home. I first saw him musing about a PB version in his BBM Channel and encouraged a PB release. If you use a handlebar bag or a map case for cycling events or longer rides, the PB bridged to your BB phone will also make this version useful as a replacement for paper maps. The 7 inch format fits nicely inside my map case.

"If you have already paid for the BlackBerry 10 version you'll be pleased to hear that you won't need to do so again for the PlayBook Pro edition - good stuff!"

Not so. I purchased this app way back when it first came out. I'm using the same BlackBerry ID on both my Z30 and PB64, and the PB is prompting me to pay 4.99

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Hasn't this Dev heard that playbook development has halted.

I mean maybe there's a few bucks to be made, but of the 2 million or so playbooks in the wild how many are going to download this?

Maybe new years would of been a better time to release this for playbook so they could of cashed in on all those new years resolutions people never follow through with

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To help you understand, this is from Casca's BBM Channel

"Probably not something that many had expected or wanted but an experimental (but fully functional) version of Cascarun for the Playbook will be released soon!

While recording sport activities with a tablet is not necessarily useful, reviewing the workouts is probably more interesting.

What do you think of this idea? Other versions for iPad or Android might follow..."

The gps doesn't work on my playbook and I would take it with me even if I did jog. I however may carry it with me on a hike.

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Good to see new apps on the pb for us - it's much appreciated!! I can see the app sync between this larger screen and a bb10 phone being a great idea for the future!

As I read the title I had visions running with my PB strapped to my arm :) but seriously, I think this developer is awesome but this is a bit of a head scratcher. If you want to see your results on the big screen why go through the trouble of importing them and why not simply display them on the big screen with Mircast or an HDMI cable? Only those who have already purchased this on their BB10 device should be purchasing this for the Playbook, so where's the extra revenue?

This developer is so terrific, I'd much rather see him spend his time on a new BB10 app that we can all enjoy. Perhaps he can put his terrific mapping skills to some cool new Geo-tagging game or something :) Just off the top of my head but what about a game where you set the map parameters, speed limits etc and the game (or user) sets Geo-tag coordinates. The users must exercise to get there within the specific time (bonus points for early time and not exceeding the red zone on their heart rate etc..). All the while getting a good workout. People can compete in teams or from opposite starting points on the map like on those sci-fi movies/TV shows etc.. Okay I'll stop rambling now..

P.S. feel free to take my idea and run with it ;)

P.P.S. in team competitions, you can have the Geo tag a moving target and have a teammate connected from "home base" sending you BBM voice notes or Wi-Fi calling etc.. to help you solve where you think the Geo-tag is heading and to help you get there ahead of the Geo tag before your competitor. Or a capture the flag scenario but in real life... how cool would that be?

What a waste of time. I don't think anyone can find this app useful on the PlayBook.

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He, he! It has been a lot of fun to read all your comments :) Don't worry, we also don't make sport with the playbook. The main reason why it is here is that it shares almost 100% of the code with another version of the app, which targets much more users than you can think of... So there was no reason to prevent existing Playbook users from reviewing their workouts with the tablet.

We may also work on a Commodore 64 version (, though, which should be ready in a few years.

Thank you for supporting the PlayBook. The PlayBook has a loyal following and will reward any Developer that puts Apps and Games on the PlayBook with BlackBerry World Purchases.

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I love my playbook. It had worked great a few years ago, and it works great now. Updates or not, it makes a great job. :)
What are you all doing with your playbook that they are dead? Smashing against the wall? Put inside the microwave?
My Playbook is alive :D

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Same here. I do wish some of the kids apps I've seen for Android and iOS were available, but that wasn't the main reason I purchased my PB anyway. My kids share one and I have mine. Got one for my mother so we can video chat easily and she can have a simple facebook experience. I'm very happy with the PlayBook. And the tethering/bridge function is icing on the cake.

Of course the Playbook isn't perfect, but it wasn't before.
I'm using it with the Origami Browser and it's great.
I can use it for reading and because I'm use it mainly for websurfing, Pim or Working, it's a perfect Device.
Yeah some apps would be nice but for that I have my Z10 and my Notebook.

Playbook rocks :D

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Love it looove my PlayBook . Great for web browsing, emailing, pdf, working with docs to go and playing Need for speed.

Thanks for supporting PlayBook even after BB pulled the plug. Though I never thought about running with PlayBook in my Hand. App is still functional for other use.

Loyal PlayBook users want BBM and Skype. That would be great. It will extend the use of PlayBook longer.

We appreciate the support.

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Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

Dude said he needs a "self removing dust of Playbook" app. Lmao!

Half of these comments are pure comedy.

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Great News for the PlayBook. Apps and Games are still flowing over from BB10 to PB. Thanks Dev!

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Waste of time to release anything for the Playbook at this point as there is no support for it and BlackBerry doesn't plan to release an OS 10.x for it.

Cool! I was using a different fitness app to track my runs, but I will download this for the playbook integration as well. Awesome feature. I'd love to see more apps with this kind of integration.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Kudos to the developer for releasing a PlayBook app, period.

I appreciate any efforts at providing an offering for our starved ecosystem.

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I love this app on my Z30 and I'm so happy to see it released for the PlayBook. Thanks so much!

Now how do I find those training records on my Z30?

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Works for me! I like Casca Run and I still use my PlayBook a ton!

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I'm still using the PlayBook. When BlackBerry comes out with a new 7" tablet then I might recycle it. Until then I'll enjoy the much larger screen than my Q10 has.

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I am not happy with my Playbook or that I paid full price for it or how BlackBerry crapped out on it!

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Playbook can still be used for video, still photos, selfies, office document creation and editing,, dropbox. It's certainly NOT DEAD or useless just because it isn't supported anymore. Remember that.

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Late to the party here. Surprised at the negative comments. Have to make the best of what we have. Thank you CascaRun for the support. I have the Pro on a Q10 and Z30 and will add to the PB. Which I use daily. Yes, I wish I had FB notifications and other hub stuff on it. But it's still daily Bible, Kindle, Kobo, email, and using Orgami Amazon Prime Videos and You Tube Videos via StereoTube (a fabulous program). And yes, using Foxcon I don't know why they can't develop a new PB even if low run.