CascaRun Pro for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a ton of enhancements and fixes

CascaRun pro
By James Richardson on 10 Jul 2014 05:32 am EDT

For all you fitness fanatics out there you'll be pleased to see an update rolling out for CascaRun Pro today. Whether you're already a CascaRun user or maybe you've been thinking about the investment - now may well be the time to make the commitment?

As you will see below there are a ton of new editions in this latest version. If you like to use your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to record and track your fitness activities this is certainly one of the best apps we have to do so on our platform.

CascaRun Pro will set you back $4.99 but if fitness is your thing it will be money well spent.

New in version

  • Active Frame support (with global stats and monitoring info)

  • More activities (golf, treadmill, spinbike, stairs, sailing, motorbiking, canoeing) and improved icons

  • Improved support for indoor activities (default fields, manual distant input)

  • Manual Workouts

  • Improved support for imperial units

  • Fixed timestamp format in exported GPX files

  • Fixed possible issues when downloading altitude correction (for altitudes below sea level)

  • Fixed crash when stopping workouts with media keys

  • New hint when pressing the stop button (instead of swiping up)

  • Performances and filter improvements

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Reader comments

CascaRun Pro for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a ton of enhancements and fixes


This app just keeps better and better!
Using it regularly with a Polar HRM and it's sweet. Did I mention UI is all black! :) :)


Perfect ! Just bought the pro version the other day to replace Crapomondo after they killed it.

Posted via CB10

I saw the update notice for Endomondo but didn't apply it because I didn't like the look if the change log.

Is it unusable now?

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

You're warning is about Endomondo correct? I just wanted to make sure CasaRun Pro is all good. It's been awesome and it keeps getting better.

Second that. After updating today I went for a 5km run (regular route I always run) and Endomondo tracked it at only 1.02km. The route map showed enormous missing sections.

Downloaded CasaRun Pro instead.

Damn, I should have checked this before my 5:30 run this morning...

I guess I'll see what it's like on my tomorrow run.

Thanks for the heads up!

It still doesn't register the elevation during my workouts. This is probably why the Endomondo registers a higher calorie consumption when running the apps side by side.

Posted via CB10

Best $4.99 I've ever spent on an app! Have been using it since almost it's beginning. It just keeps getting better!

Posted via CB10

+ 1, but I appreciate that a cloud component would be a big step up in complexity.

Z10 STL100-4 (Verizon)/SR:

Awesome to the motor biking Dev! This is a great app, I have tried pretty much every gps tracking app and this is the only one that didn't get deleted!!

Z30 user and lover.

If only it had a cloud and integration with myfitnesspal I'd be all over this.

I really enjoyed endomondo until they killed it.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. Integrate with MFP, cloud access, and elevation tracking would be important for me to consider switching.

Dev could go to a basic/Pro version like Endomondo to create a better revenue stream. I'd love to replace my Endomondo paid subscription with a native app.

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used it for hiking. Initial, it didn't report elevation, but started working properly a few days later.
Great app

Not quite sold on my Z10....yet

As I was reading this article on the updated version, BlackBerry World notified me that the free version has been updated as well. Just thought I'd pass it along.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z10.

I support this. Totally different experience. No drama here in the tropics. Otherwise we're too sealed off and don't receive enough sensory input. Free reflexology treatment included.

Even did it in the snow while overseas. Guaranteed to keep you moving!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Got 8 barefoot marathons and two barefoot ultras under my belt. Not to mention a ton of shorter races, all barefoot, and all without injury.

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I like this app very much, not only because of using and function, but also because it does NOT transfer my personal and private data anywhere!

Please, please add a pedometer to this app too.

I noticed in a few comments that elevation is working for them. Did you have to change any setting to make it work? Is it related to which map provider you are using?

Great app!!! I'm curious to see how the treadmill option works.

Posted using my amazing and intelligent Z10

Load a workout select the 3 dots at the bottom right of the screen and select send by e mail and email the gps track to and that is it. The gps track will also send time, elevation and hrm data if your using one. You obviously need a Strava free or pro account. Works perfectly.

Posted via CB10

Great app, use it almost daily for my runs and bike rides.
Export the gpx and upload it manually to endomondo, just because I like to have a complete overview.... some sort of automatic upload would be great, but I have no problem doing it manually :-)

Posted via CB10

Bah. Another review by someone who doesn't DO what the app is for and a developer who needs to find people who actually do the "thing" the app is supposed to help!

I'm a runner and cyclist -- fairly serious at the first, recreationally for the second. This app SOUNDS good but misses the mark in a number of very important ways. For the record, I run (and bike) with a Garmin 310XT at present.

First, the HR strap (for bluetooth units) is nice and the accuracy is ok.

But -- it has no auto-lap function. This is a flaw in some running "watches" too; when you're running, EXCEPT in a race, you don't know exactly where the mile splits are. But you probably want to know split times -- so how do you get them? You can't post-hoc, and that sucks. With a smartphone it's even worse because pulling the phone from wherever it is (e.g. in a sports armband) and pressing the "lap" button is utterly unacceptable while working out. For some people (like me) who use a waterproof armband it's utterly impossible.

So.... what the app needs is what Garmin stuck in their 305, 310XT and then everything beyond it for the last many, many years -- auto-lap. Every mile, kilometer or on some preset time interval the unit marks a lap automatically. You can set it to display current lap pace and last lap split pace. What this app needs is equivalent functionality -- auto-lap and, at each lap, announcement of the last lap's split either in time or pace as you select (e.g. "8:05 pace".) It should also be able to be configured to speak the current pace on some interval (e.g. once per minute) since with the phone in an armband you can't look at it either.

This means after the workout you can go back and look at splits as well, which is very important while training.

Now if the app can do this and work while music is playing, so you can have your running music punctuated with the app's announcements, THAT would be worth having.

In addition for cyclists the software needs to know how to read a cadence sensor (for the bike) and, if possible (for the hard-core guys) a power meter. I use neither but a huge number of cyclists use a cadence sensor with more than a few buying power meters. Being able to use at least the former is almost a necessity.

I'd consider buying the app if these things worked, but I'd have to see the lap functionality in the free version first, because this is easy to get wrong and if it's wrong, it's useless.

For now I'll stick with my 310XT, much as I'd love to just use my Z10 and bluetooth earpiece (as I do anyway for music while running.)

You are probably right with the first paragraph :)

The app actually has something better than auto-lap: you can dynamically select the split interval (in the second screen) and the table is automatically updated for the selected one (0.5km, 1km, 2km, ...) after and during workouts.

Audio-feedback works with music (it is automatically muted during announcements) and you can select a custom interval for regular feedbacks.

As far as I know, cadence is not yet supported, though.

Posted via CB10

If it will put forward announcements on laps and such that would fill the need -- unfortunately without buying there's no evidence that it does, nor is that listed as a feature in the description.

This is where crippleware free versions fail to drive sales. I'd buy the app if I knew I could ditch the 310, but if I can't then it's simply $5 down the drain.

It probably doesn't help if you do not see the features which are already in the "crippleware" free version...
Anyway, you can check the screenshots in BlackBerry World (there is also a one with some audio-feedback settings) or buy it and ask for refound if you are not happy... I am using audio-feedback with regular updates (set to 500m) and it works a treat.

"Ask for a refund" = beg for one if something NOT PROMISED by the developer isn't there as expected?

That's foolish in the extreme. If the developer wants me to buy the product they can either put forward a representation that I can use as a binding statement (if I have to dispute the purchase when it doesn't work as claimed) or make it possible for me to figure it out on my own. The latter is impossible because the crippleware version has no audio prompting at all, so determining whether I can configure it as I wish is not possible.

Your cheap shot is noted but I won't buy the app based on YOUR claims, since YOU are not responsible if it doesn't live up to my expectations. App developers need to understand that if they want people to buy their apps it needs to be possible for those who look at those apps to figure out whether the need will be met UP FRONT before money changes hands, or provide for an automated and guaranteed means to return an app within a reasonable time (24 hours?) and KNOW they will obtain a refund -- not ASK for one.

With the current flawed BlackBerry World model I have bought only a few apps, and it's BlackBerry's and the developer's decisions that have led to that. Mireo is one example of an app developer that got it right -- you can use the app for a period of time FULL FEATURED, with NO omissions, and then buy it if you like it (or not if you don't.) I bought it as it fits my needs and that one was quite a bit more than $5.

I'm not tossing money on the table "on the come"; if the developer wants me as a customer they can do what's necessary for me to determine whether the app meets my needs before money changes hands.

You seem to be quite emotional for a $5 decision. If your expectations are the same when ordering food or wine in a restaurant, I would definitly pay at least $5 to witness it!
But anyway, if you already have a $200 watch and write a novel about your expectations, I would suggest to give up and run, ride work and earn money instead.

Your attitude is why BlackBerry World has commercially failed.

If I ordered wine in a restaurant and it was vinegar (that is, unfit for the purpose and intent for which I bought it) you can bet I would be rather upset if I had already paid and had to beg for a refund.

CascaRun is a gem amongst software for BB10. It's top quality and one of the best of it's kind.

I have found one small inconsistency/bug though.

Despite setting the units of measure to metric. CascaRun will still ask you to input your weight in pounds instead of kilogrammes.

I'm an avid cyclist and like CascaRun Pro. I use it to upload to Strava (since the Strava app won't work on the Z30 without forcing Google Play services to run). I have been unable to get the app to send a .GPX file by email (which is how you upload to Strava) since the most recent update. Any suggestions?

Other than that, the only issue I have with CascaRun Pro is that it seems to underreport elevation compared to my Sigma bike computer (barametric) and my friends' Garmins. I'm not sure whether that's a factor of the phone or the app.

Nevermind. They provided another update yesterday and the email upload now appears to work. Great customer service CascaRun!

ui5c5My Z10 is paired with a Polar H7 HR belt, CascaRun connected but I don't get a HR reading, same thing with Sportrate Fitness. Belt works perfect with ipad mini and Polar Beat.
Other BT pairings:
JVC KD-AVX33 car radio
Creative WP-350 headset