Carry your Q10 in style with the BlackBerry Leather Holster

By DJ Reyes on 8 Jun 2013 07:05 am EDT

I wasn't always fond of holsters and I have only really been using them with the last three BlackBerry devices I've owned. Mainly because I didn't like slipping it into my pocket, especially when pocket sizes are getting smaller and I also don't like putting my BlackBerry device into my bag. It's not easily accessible when in a bag.

The next best thing was a holster, since I often like to rock a device naked, showing off my BlackBerry in all its uncovered glory. It also makes it super easy to pull out when I need to.

Once I got hold of my Q10, I had to get myself the BlackBerry Leather Holster for Q10 for it. Much like it's Z10 counterpart and a few of the later legacy device pouches, the Q10 holster has the red thread on the right side. The magnetic flap is centered giving you access to the headphone jack, whether you have the phone facing in or out. While the phone is facing out the way you can also see the LED notification too. Since it's on my hip I prefer to insert the phone facing inwards, it also means that when I pull it out the phone is conveniently facing me already. Whether the phone is facing in or out, only the HDMI port is accessible. On the other side, the volume up key and voice control key are seen but while the volume down key isn't fully visible, you can still press it through the holster.

On the front, you have the BlackBerry logo in silver. On the back, you have a very sturdy swivel belt clip that rotates 360 degrees. The clip is very springy but not loose and there is a deep hook so you can be sure it will hold very securely.

When your Q10 is sitting in the holster there is some wiggle room but you don't notice it moving around in there when it's on your hip so it's not really a big deal. However, what this means is, you can actually put a very thin case on the Q10 and it will fit snugly inside. The BlackBerry Soft Shell Q10 case is a perfect example. So, you can get double protection whilst you're out and about. What I also like about the Q10 Leather holster is that when you take the phone out it keeps its form, so it is very easy to slip the device in and out. I found with the Z10 version that I had to battle with it to get the phone back in, maybe because the Z10 holster is longer.

If you love holsters, the official BlackBerry Q10 Holster is certainly a good choice and one I recommend. It's sleek, sexy and quite cute. I think anyway. 

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Carry your Q10 in style with the BlackBerry Leather Holster


Side note. I think I'm going to dump this otter box case defender for a holster now. This case makes for awkward swiping gestures. My z10 needs to be shown. Not hidden. And in all the years I've never dropped or damaged a phone anyways.

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When I got my Q10 I wanted to keep it naked because it's back feels so nice. The perfect accessory for my phone was a holster, and I love it.

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I'm using the holster and BlackBerry soft shell and love it! Highly recommend this! Though I am waiting to see what the Otterbox for Q10 looks like...

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Although I'm partial to the Otter Commuter case (and similar cases), i'm going to give the holster a shot, paired with the BlackBerry OEM softshell case. Having the phone on my hip would free up my front left pocket (where I usually carry my phone). Not to mention, that holster looks really nice!

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

Almost all cell phone companies recommend the use of holsters, allowing their phones to be worn at a safe distance from the body. This would be in the range of 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters. From what I understand, there has been little testing done where cell phone users keep their phones in their pockets--against their bodies--for long periods of time.

I have a black Z10 and I use the blackberry leather holster when on the road, when I am at home I take it out and put on a white transform shell case (very easy to do). Got them both on amazon for a good deal. Best combination cases and both look great highly recommend for Z10 owners.

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Wearing anything whatsoever on one's belt should be immediately outlawed.

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I totally agree on this one, but sometimes you don't have too many pockets for keys/money and phone!

I used the holster of my 9900 clipped to my running shorts and covered it with my t-shirt. Nobody noticed and it was perfect.

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The odd time I use a holster I clip it to the top of a front pocket - hangs a little lower and doesn't look as dorky.

Saw a smokin hot chick the other day... long blonde hair and a stairmaster ass and she had her BB clipped to her jeans pocket. Calling her a dork would not have been a good opening move :-)

I'll give you that, but then again you saw the holster in use.....and I assume that was enough of a red flag to keep you from striking up a witty and engaging conversation. An opening along the lines of "I see yours, want to see mine?" while gesturing to your midsection may not have been properly received.

Then again, had you pointed out the fashion faux pas she just may have realized her error, saw you for the fashionable, caring stud you were, and dragged you off to the locker room for some hot, kinky.....swiping.

Dude not even relevant to this article. Please spam in the appropriate forum section please.

This BBM spamming is getting out of control, users on Android may not care as their used to this. But iOS users will dump it in a heart beat of this etiquette isn't formed soon.

Back on topic, naked is how my z10 travels.

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if you aren't wearing a holster, how can you tell your friends to "hit the hip" when you want them to contact you?

I read the short bit of the article shown on the front page and as I read "when pocket sizes are getting smaller" I immediately though, "What? Stop wearing girl pants then!" Then I looked at who wrote the article and realized the author was a woman, lol. For a second I thought Kevin or one of the other guys was complaining about having small pockets, lmao!! :-D

Yeah seems demand is more than expected, great for investors to a point, bad for users waiting even more. Check local stores, Kijiji for offerings.

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The pictures show the phone facing inward.
I usually have the phone facing out, so I can see the LED even when it is still in the holster.

Looks like the leather flap on this one is centered rather than off-center as on the Bold 9930 and Z10 holsters.

Speaking of holsters, during a family poker game last night, it was universally agreed that a holster these days is basically equivalent to a fanny pack in the fashion department. However, those harsh words did not persuade me to give up the most efficient method of carrying a phone -- the holster.

Just think; it does amazing double-duty as an efficient phone carrier and keeps your social life open by taking away the need to stamp a big "L" on your forehead. :)

I've been using it since the moment I got my Q10. I've always used holsters, but I have a strange issue with this one. when it's in the holster, I find that it's pressing the LH Shift & 0 keys :(

does anyone else have this problem?

Yeah, I've also been having issues with keys pressed and/or the camera starting when pulling the Q10 out, lately.

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Yea, never had this issue with legacy BlackBerry's. I wonder if it's because BB10 doesn't have profiles. BBOS devices would automatically enter holster mode once inserted into the holster....I hope 10.2 brings profiles (though no sing of that so far on the leaked 10.2)

Well there is only 1 function associated with the case on 10.1, and that's auto answering calls when taking it out of the case, and auto-hanging up when putting it back in both of which can be disabled. With that in mind, I wonder if like you mentioned, it's configured differently on the old devices to have a 1 second delay while you're pulling it out so that it ignores any buttons touched and what-not. Although with the 9900 I had similar issues with the touch-screen :-/

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Yea it would lock & unlock when put into & removed from the holster. With my 9900 I too always had to watch to make sure I didn't touch the screen when taking it out of my holster....ive not had that problem with the Q10, but I think that's because I'm now in the habit of making sure I don't touch the screen

Same here. What's really frustrating is you can't make hands free calls while the phone is holstered because of the random button pushing. I normally leave it on my hip when in my vehicle, because if I don't, I'll just forget it there when I get out. Should be a simple fix, since the phone app is already holster aware. I can't believe they forgot about disabling the keypad in the holster, it's not like this is the first qwerty + holster combo they've ever built.

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Yeah, but it is their first BB 10 one, an it's a brand new OS with plenty of little bugs that I'm sure will eventually get ironed out :-)

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Nah, the standard leather pouch is best. Wished they would've made a whole + small metal frame on the bottom for the speaker though.

I prefer a horizontal holster with no swivel. I find they don't stick out so far. I have one for my 9000 and tried a Tmobile demo in it and it fit. Probably not with a case on it, but I usually have the phone naked. Don't know what's with AT&T. They don't even have a demo yet and in the same mall Tmobile is selling them!!

Unfortunate timing for this post as the CrackBerry store shows this item out of stock. Making do with the 9930 holster for the time being.

The holster is a must-have when utilizing the headphone jack. I'll be glad when it ships.

Almost all cell phone companies recommend the use of holsters, allowing their phones to be worn at a safe distance from the body. This would be in the range of 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters. From what I understand, there has been little testing done where cell phone users keep their phones in their pockets--against their bodies--for long periods of time.

Holy crap people, please please take just this one tip - go look at a photo of a dude wearing a fanny pack. Then look at someone wearing a phone holster. Then back, then forth, then many times as it takes to convince yourself that the concept (and the look it projects) is exactly the same. Then, for the love of all that is holy, cancel any orders, round up the random holsters still collecting dust around the corners of your house, take the one off your belt, and go have a little leather bonfire in the back yard. Once you're finished, stick your berry in your pocket and drop me a thanks for all the ridicule I just saved you and the blackberry community at large.
In all seriousness, does anyone here think that strapping a BB to your belt is GOOD for BB PR? If so, think's known as "fostering stereotypes". One other know the movie Revenge of the Nerds? Good movie but bad, bad message.

Just one question tho! With all that gliding in and out of the case does it eventually wear down the key pad where there's noticeably wear!?
Just curious!?

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Just a note too!
I wear mine with the BlackBerry oem soft shell with the blackberry holster tucked clip facing out in my jean pocket! I wear skinny jeans and it fits nicely!
One should never wear anything clipped to belt and exposed! I witnessed a business guy get his BlackBerry ripped right off his belt as the subway train door was closing! And the thief just ran off into the crowds! But I like the soft shell combo and leather holster, as the holster was designed for a bit of wiggle room to accommodate without being snug or too loose! That's a great design element!

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I used to use a holster, but found that it rubbed the keys to the point where the back light would show through the worn parts of the key face. Now only screen protector and a super thin affinity hard case for the sides and back. No more gun holstering for this cowboy. But, to all those comments regarding holsters not being cool, or dating the user, being dorky etc... you folks should be ashamed of yourselves. BB's are about being productive communication tools. If this aids these users to be more productive and they enjoy the holsters, for whatever reasons that matter to THEM, then all the power to them.

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Ashamed of ourselves for trying to help others? Not a bit....we're providing a valuable public service by point out dangerous facts, right up there with tornado warning sirens and amber alerts. HUGE benefit to the community at large who may make an inadvertent mistake and thus get arrested by the fashion police. If convicted, those jails are not a joke - full of polyester leisure suits, pointy-toed leather shoes, parachute pants, and polka dots...not the small ones, the BIG ones.....oh the inhumanity! Makes me want to cry.

yes,of course. your profile photo aptly demonstrates what an astute eye you have for tasteful elegance

totally agree. why mr eaknet feels compelled to inflict his personal views and fashion choices on others totally ecapes me, and is frankly obnoxious. not to mention utterly inappropriate and completely off topic

I've used a holster and soft shell case wth the 9900 and have never had the paint wear off the keys with continuous use!

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I have the holster. I love it. It's a must buy. For those who don't like the wiggle room, I purchased a BlackBerry screen cleaner square (it's a small square that sticks and peels off of surfaces on one side and the other side cleans device) and stuck it to the back of my q10. The sticker is meant so you can peel and stick it many times, and it stops the wiggle room. It also comes in really handy for cleaning the screen also. Just incase anyone wanted to try it out.

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