Carry your BlackBerry PlayBook in a business-like manner with the Incipio Executive Premium Leather case

By DJ Reyes on 3 Dec 2012 01:13 pm EST

I'm not usual one who goes for cases that covers up the front of my PlayBook (or my BlackBerry device for that matter), unless it's a pouch or sleeve type of case. However, when I came across the Incipio Executive Premium Leather case, I thought I'd give it try. Still on my mission to find the perfect case for my BlackBerry PlayBook, will this be the case that takes the crown? Follow me after the break to find out.

Immediately upon taking it out of the packaging my initial reaction was "oooh fancy". It has a nice leather feel to it and the elastic strap that keeps it together is a nice touch. The inside of the case has a nice velvet-like feel to it, very smooth and soft to cushion your PlayBook. Inside the front flap is a rubber section with ridges to turn the case into a kickstand. It has three viewing angles, handy for laying on the table to watch videos as well as general browsing. I find I use this a lot.

The front flap can also be folded over all the way back so that you can just lay it on the table, with a slight angle. This helps for when I need to type things out as, it raises the PlayBook up that makes it easier to view and type. One thing about this though is that when you do this, the PlayBook sits upside down, it's not a huge problem since the PlayBook screen can rotate that way, it can just end up being a little weird for some as... well your PlayBook is upside down.

Installing the case is pretty simple, insert the right side of the PlayBook into the case into the sturdy rubber clips and you're done. There is a cut out in the back for the camera, enough not to block the camera view. While closed the buttons along the top and the headphone jack are exposed. The ports at the bottom can only be accessed with the flap open. For me this is also a downside. If I'm using the PlayBook, it's not a huge issue but if I just want to leave it to charge, I'd rather have it closed to cover the screen but I have to keep it open. It is not really a major con, more of a nitpick. It does also mean I cannot use the kickstand while charging. Though, I have occasionally turned it upside and tried to use the front flap folded over as a stand. Not always successful with that.

All in all, I am loving the case and have been using it ever since I got it. With that professional kind of look and its leather finish. I love carrying it around in the case. The front flap with the elastic strap to hold it in place means I don't have to worry about the screen getting scratched up when it's in my bag. It doesn't make the PlayBook too chunky and still fits in one of my smaller bags, along with my 'big' wallet. 


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Reader comments

Carry your BlackBerry PlayBook in a business-like manner with the Incipio Executive Premium Leather case


Nice case (but I'm a fan of OEM cases) but useless without a playbook as I kind find one at a retail store anywhere in California!

Nice lighting effect on the leather. Either it's the light or you put some solution on it because I have this case and the leather looks nothing like that.

This is the case that I use... really like it. Only problem is you have to put the PlayBook in upside down to allow the ports to be accessible with the cover closed. But when you do this the hole for the camera is covered.

That said I'd look at Amazon, a LOT of PlayBook cases and Accessories are being "discounted" these days. You can get an Otterbox case for less than this, and chargers are real cheap these days.

I love this case. I bought it last year and have had no problems with it. Also, I find it better and more natural to type on the PB with the down ward angle as opposed to typing with the PB upside down. It is really no big deal to open the case for charging. I do it every night.

I have tried several cases, including the one mentioned here. The exposure of the ports are important to me to have the playbook safely protected while charging or hooked up to the tv with HDMI.

I have found MY perfect case in the Blurex as well, as I can charge it on the desktop cradle charger without removing the case.

Nice review, but definitely not the best case, in my opinion.

It is sturdy and I've carried my PlayBook tens of thousands of miles in this case. However, I did mount mine upside down so I could use the camera lens opening. I then used an X-acto knife to cut an opening in the spine to provide access to the charging and HDMI port while the PB is in the case... It's a design flaw, I suppose, that just needed me and my knife to complete the design.

I also use the Blurex, but I install the PB upside down . This allows the PB to be charged while in kickstand to make it easier to use as an alarm clock and desk radio. It moves the camera cutout to the wrong side but the cover just flaps out of the way.

Its almost identical to my Targus Truss genuine leather case, which cost just £13.99 ($21 US/$21.65 CAD). The only real difference is the clips that hold the PB in place.