Carriers around the world now pushing BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

By Bla1ze on 28 Jan 2014 07:48 am EST

While there's still no official announcement as of yet from BlackBerry, the forums are filling up with folks from around the world letting us know that BlackBerry 10.2.1 has arrived on their devices. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to the release other than that it's happening across several devices and several carriers. Bell, Rogers, TELUS, Virgin, T-Mobile UK, T-Mobile Germany, Airtel India, Mobiliy and more are showing as available.

So, needless to say if you have a BlackBerry 10 device, go ahead and check for updates. Let us know in the comments what carrier you're on and where you live. For the most part, everyone should be seeing as available. While you guys do that, we'll see if we can get a more formal announcement from BlackBerry along with a full list of carriers confirmed to be rolling it out.

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Carriers around the world now pushing BlackBerry OS 10.2.1



I had the leak of 1925 already and discovered a new option today when I woke up that I never noticed. In the Updates Software settings there is an option icon at the bottom where it allows AUTOMATIC UPDATES. Woke up to find that the phone updated over night, I suggest people go and toggle it off if they like to control when they want to update their phone. IMHO, it should be defaulted to off.

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I understand that, but not everyone would like automatic updates even on wifi. There are many reasons but I will name just one since this is not really a forum thread; I don't always like to install updates right away, but hear from others if the updates went well before I go ahead and do an update.

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I'm sorry if you might have misunderstood my post as a compliant. I personally don't see it as one. I was notifying people about a new feature I realize the new update has now, and why some people might want to turn it off.

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Arrrrgh. I just checked and I have been downgraded to. 537 from 1925. No wonder my battery started sinking randomly. What a drag!!!!!

It's not a downgrade - is the software release, and is the OS version. When in settings > about, choose the OS category and you will see.

Actually... i dont think thats a downgrade. I speak under correction but Release numbers and Os version numbers are different and dont speak to what you actually have. As for battery sinking... doesn't a new Os need a day or 2 to settle? give it a day or so...

Ah yes, I see now. Thanks for alleviating the frustration. I did turn off auto update. I don't like surprises on my mobile computer.
OS. 1925
Radio. 1926

Still got the random battery drain. I believe it's from Words with Friends.

Not sure if you're joking or not, but OS Version is the same as Software Version

Mine was off, and never touched it until I read this... by the way we got the official update From Orange and Claro in the Dominican Republic (Caribbean)

Z10 my baby...

It's better to have it ON by default because savvy people like you will know where to find the option to turn it off. The average user who is not tech savvy won't know and they won't update their phone either. I know many people still on 10.1 because they are lazy or just don't know how to update the phone and at the same time complain about bugs.

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That option was already there i had the leak since it came out and noticed it and i had it on since and my phone hasn't updated i dont know if Tmobile US got it yet

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You're being pretty optimistic since we haven't seen the 10.2 update yet. They'll probably push that one in 8 months, EOL the Q10 and then announce a sale on the newest iPhone/Galaxy models.

If your in Australia grab yourself a Vodafone sim, they just pushed the update

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Boost / Telstra nothing yet on my Q. Just got out of bed. Will check my Z10 now, which is on Optus.

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Yep, crawled out of the sack. Optus on my Z has got it, 378MB. Skip the backup, downloading now...

(only my secondary phone, wouldn't do that on the Q)

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Can someone please let me know which is newer the leaked version from December or the on just released by the phone company I'm just wondering because the one that my carrier released has installed with out asking me and I want to know if I have been downgraded or not thanks

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The update is newer with carrier add ons.
If you get and update it normally advances you i.e. no update would occur to a phone running a newer leak.

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Your device won't show an update unless there's something new. I'm on the last leak and my update was only 7MB and instead if saying OS update it said Software update. Obviously it just changed a radio or something that was newer than the one in the leak.

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No, all it did was update the software version data. The radio in this "official" update is older than the latest available. I'm actually dumbfounded that we got such an old build pushed as official.

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The radio that came with the leaked 10.2.1 OS was actually very good and I'm not talking about 1926 radio.

Thank you to all and it just freaked me out cause I unlocked my phone this morning and it told me an update was done did not even ask Me if I wanted to do it or not

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Same here! I woke up to my phone haven been updated on Bell Mobility.

We'll see if this official version is better as 1925 had some poor battery life.

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At least you got the notification, Bub. I just got random battery drain. However, thank goodness for CB! I'm now in the know and can figure it out.

You're sitting at the source (?), and yet you did not drink. Until now.... LOL

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Yeayy here at Indonesia the update has arrived, OS version size 285 MB. Currently installing

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Were you able to update? I also use Sun Cellular but prepaid.

Can you please PM me where did you get the leaked version? Thanks in advance.

i'm sure the Mods appreciate this posting. it seems that they've had their hands full this morning with a bazillion new threads opening up ever minute or so.

7am in Ontario on Bell. I was running the latest leak and it asked me still to update. Not a thing has changed that I can find so far.

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Downloading size 292mb..but seen same file from Rogers at 700 mb? Why? Currently in Vietnam for the new Horse year. Happy new year to y'all Asian from Crackberry. To a fabulous 2014. #BBRY4ever #lightsout2014

Try not to DIE for success

try to figure this out.
in my house i have a q10 and a z10 that were running 10.2...
Carrier pushed update, and the size is 303.
there's a third device in the house, z10 no sim, running a version of 10.2.1 (the second most recent, so not 1925 or 1025 or whatever the numbers are - the middle one), anyways. that update was 700mb and chance.

Hi guys, I have got notification (Netherlands)... I am running leaked version at a moment and update is only 7mb... does anyone know what it is? should I update? Best regards. Miki

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What phone and provider? Just curious, running the leak on my Z30 but no news yet from Vodafone NL.

If you're using the leak then the 7mb update is only to add apps that came from your provider, other than that it's the same OS.

I downloaded the update & it totally messed up my phone - ring tones changed, apps became sluggish -especially Solitaire, calling became troublesome. Any ideas ?

I have the and left my phone for a couple hours without usage, came back and found a message that my BlackBerry 10 has been updated to, very strange, it can update alone without permission?

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There's an option under System Update to set it to automatically download and update the OS whenever there's one available, but I'm sure it was something I had to select.

Yes, its in the sttings I saw somewhere for auto updates, I was going to post file size bit I was auto updated, mu wifes BlackBerry z10 was 311mb

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

Fido, Ottawa here. My phone just gave me a popup saying that I've been updated to the latest version of the OS, though it didn't restart or anything, so it was probably a touch-up since I was running leaked

Fiancees Z30 running 1925 leaked got updated on rogers this morning but my Z10 leaked 1925 hasn't been updated on Rogers :(

Digicel trinidad got notification small update because was running leak os 8mb

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On Bell in ottawa and I have the update to. 537 said 292mb initially buy now it's saying 985mb anyone else?

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Got it, checked for updates when I got up and presto it was there. Backing up as I type and will be updating as soon as it's done.
Cornwall, ON

Of course no update from MTS for my work Q10.

Both Rogers phones at home got the update this morning.

Can you also ask them why this version is behind/older than the one in the ASK pushed out weeks ago?


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Had it docked, in sleep mode and connected to my wifi. Woke up today to a Reboot Required message - Software update complete.

Didn't know that it could do that. What a wonderful message to wake up to :)

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*Not reading through his comments before* Vodafone India has pushed out the updates as well.

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Germany (262) T-Mobile (01) OS (Update Update available!
Germany (262) Telefónica o2 (07) OS (Update Update available!

None showing for me on Globe. Z10STL100-3/ with 1926 radio. Anybody with Globe Philippines running the leak previously and was still prompted an update?

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So much for Verizon being first! I'm sure someone is going to be fired for nearly ruining Verizons reputation as the l

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