Carriers around the world now pushing BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

By Bla1ze on 28 Jan 2014 07:48 am EST

While there's still no official announcement as of yet from BlackBerry, the forums are filling up with folks from around the world letting us know that BlackBerry 10.2.1 has arrived on their devices. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to the release other than that it's happening across several devices and several carriers. Bell, Rogers, TELUS, Virgin, T-Mobile UK, T-Mobile Germany, Airtel India, Mobiliy and more are showing as available.

So, needless to say if you have a BlackBerry 10 device, go ahead and check for updates. Let us know in the comments what carrier you're on and where you live. For the most part, everyone should be seeing as available. While you guys do that, we'll see if we can get a more formal announcement from BlackBerry along with a full list of carriers confirmed to be rolling it out.

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Carriers around the world now pushing BlackBerry OS 10.2.1



This is bullsheet! I'm going through the most trying to update. Phone is not finding update and blackberry link is focking stupid. This outweighs any new features at this point.

Z!0, Nothing Compares

I can confirm that I received a software update
Was already running the latest leak 537 I believe. I am on Optus in Melbourne, Australia.

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Carrier : 3
Country : denmark

Still claims there Are No new updates :(

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Z10-STL 1 using telkomsel from Indonesia, update size (1/2) 755MB from downloading as typing now :D

Wonder what to app count is with BB10 adding all unpaid app support to BB10 compared to iOS

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I have the z10 on talk mobile and it says I have the latest software update. When will I be able to update it to 10.2.1??

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Verizon wireless finally sent the updated OS here in Southern California! Downloading now...

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Swisscom carrier in switzerland and as usual, im waiting for the update... With swisscom we always have to wait tooooo long!! Come on guys, move your a...!

Orange in Switzerland - Check!

Was running on a leak and got just a 7MB file to download... Think I have to wipe and reinstall. anybody knows if loading a backup bugs in some ways??? I'll look in the forums but if anyone knows it, very appreciated

Ferrari ZetaDieci

Patiently waiting for Sunrise in Switzerland to get the ball moving. Still no update showing!!

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No update yet here with Mobilink, Pakistan. The previous update took a very long time to show. I hope it is not the case this time.

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With the best will on the world folks, there's no way I am going to casually and quickly browse through 500+ replies to check if something has been mentioned, so, forgive me if it had been, but let me say that so far, no sign of this update on Vodafone UK!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Wife has hers on EE, friend has his on O2 uk and I still having nothing from Vodafone uk. Usually one of the first.

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.537 from Vodafone Australia overnight. Just having a quick look now, can can already spot some of the changes (lock screen notifications, quick settings...). I like!

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So this is truly the global release? Amazing someone forgot to include the USA and it's carriers. Oh well really should not be a surprise.

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Ecuador, today without the sim, updated from to, I need 10.2.1 getting desperate and frustrated, come on

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I'm with AT&T US...since Rogers has the official up date, can I load my z10 through Sachesi using Rogers file??? And will it be the same??

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Hi, I have unlocked BlackBerry Z10 purchased from USA. I am in in India right now. My os is still When I am trying to check for updates it is showing that my phone is having latest software.
Can anyone help?

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O2 UK, 309mb, 20 main to download and 40 main to install. Nothing yet on Vodafone UK

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Greetings to all CrackBerriers. Just updated my Q10. I already like what I discovered so far.
Touch, Lebanon.

Just in case anyone was wondering Vodafone UK are not releasing update till the 15th of Feb, apparently the haven't made any agreement with BlackBerry, this is a fickle excuse....ill update when I know more.....

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MF Vodafone UK still MF lagging around 12 hours after news that other carriers had started pushing the update. MFs pull your MF fingers out; you're not doing yourself any favours. (Probably too busy trying not to be bought by AT&T ;)

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

No update here from Mobilink, Pakistan so far. Previous update took forever to show. Hopefully this one comes soon.

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Haven't seen anything from wind mobile (windmobile), I don't even have a sim puncher/cutter to grab the latest update from any other carrier, only having full-sized sims. :(

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I'm on contact using BBz10
Carrier is Talk mobile
Latest BlackBerry 10.2.1 update is not showing on my device, someone help me plz looking forward to use the latest BlackBerry software

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Blackberry z10 STL 100-3 carrier vodafone Albania. Im not getting the update. I am still on 10.1. Do something

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At 1:15 p.m. PST in Los Angeles, nada from T-Mobile.

(Maybe they're keeping the OS update in the warehouse until
called for just like the phones.)

I was not getting an update notice, on Bell, in Alberta. I plugged into Link, and had the software upgrade notice. I "upgraded" from the leak. (The only change I see is that I have been downgraded from the 1926 radio to the 1899 radio.

My unlocked z10 on Vodafone UK hasn't given me any news on an update?? Is anyone else having this problem and if so how can I fix it????

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In Boston. Verizon carrier. Yesterday downloaded through BlackBerry Link. I'm going to try snap tonight!

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Did the update this afternoon on Z10 for Rogers and now after update browser doesn't work. I open browser and my tiles are there I tap on tile browser goes black but does nothing. I type an address in and it does the same thing. Anyone else having this issue.

Yo! Even in the Scottish has arrived, and seems to be fine...:-) So far......

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Hi guys, update arrived in Belgium ! I'm currently on Mobistar carrier. First problem encountered : android sideloads not working anymore :-s Any fixes for this ?

Confirmed upgrade option from Indosat, Indonesia.

I'm on Q10, was using leaked OS of 1055.

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How abt unlocked international version. I can see the updates only on link when tried it says software update error occured

Claro and Orange in the Dominican Republic, rolled out yesterday; I had already instale. 1925 on my Q10 so I wont bother.


nothing as yet in South Africa.

does anyone have a link where i can download the full update for all the devices (z10, q10, q5 and z30), as i need to update allot of bb10 devices?

I already had the 1925 leak installed on my device. The official update came in yesterday at 328kb size exactly. It even allowed me update over the mobile network.

Etisalat Nigeria

Posted via CB10 on my Z10STL100-1/

using the latest version and software upgrade. from philippines
carrier globe telecom. tnx. love my bb z10

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Need an explaination here, I downloaded Blackberry Link on the school PC. Connected up my phone, signed in Blackberry ID. Selected software update, happened to look at my phone and it said you have the latest software update Thought to myself this update must have happened with the phone in my pocket earlier!!!!. disconnected and run the phone in settings and it says latest update which was supposed to be from 3UK. I looked to see if there were any changes to the screen icons etc rang it from another phone to see if the left and right swipe worked but it was still the same set up from 10.1 !!!!! everything is working as per 10.1 but nothing changed or added !!!! any ideas of what to do next??????

Any word on AT&T? I'm running the 1925 leak anyway, and my updates are set to automatic, but I was just curious.

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we all have the same dream ! we want blackberry to go nuclear on some form of wearable . would be nice if intel and blackberry made this happen .two ex number one struggling ? I mean blackberry is still number one in safety so they just need intel help for hardware to be uptodate and by going wearable they are on level playing field with the competition .I don't see any other way for blackberry to be on par with competition but by making a partnership with intel ! and as we saw the main benefactor would be intel because they have yet to pierce the ultra small market ( smartphone) and it doesn't look like the other maker are about to let intel in on wearable either .

By far the biggest carrier in the USA (AT&T) and they have yet to roll out the new update. Frustration begins!!

I have the BB Z30 and I am with Vodacom South Africa, I see that the list shows Vodacom, but the new release is not available,
Any suggestions?

...from Paris, France. carrier B&You (part of Bouygues Télécom), upgrade to for Z10, but nothing this far for my sim-free Z30. why nothing comes from BlackBerry Link? BIG DECEPTION. carriers here refused to sell the Z30, pushing iPhone instead. Bought mine from the UK, sim free, and got NO Help either From BlackBerry or my carrier...