Carphone Warehouse in the UK open up BlackBerry Q5 pre-orders for July 1st

By James Richardson on 21 Jun 2013 03:23 pm EDT

The title of the post pretty much sums up what we needed to tell you. We've heard previously that the Q5 is likely to go on sale at the very start of July and Carphone Warehouse in the UK are also confirming that.

It looks like at the moment they only have the black variant up for grabs. Prices start from £21 per month but for that you only get 100MB of data. On a 3G plan you're really going to need to be on a £26+ monthly plan realistically.

The other option of course is to get the BlackBerry Q5 on the EE network as currently they are the only UK carrier that have 4G in place. Those prices start at £36 per month which is a little steep but at least with CPW you have a huge selection of carriers to choose from as well as price options.

Pre-order the BlackBerry Q5 from Carphone Warehouse


Poirots Progeny

Nice! Can't wait for this!

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2 Phonez

I hope the pay as you go / SIM free price comes down to £200 quickly.


Wondering if it will ever hit Canadian shores. My left hand needs a phone too.

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blackberry hermit

The SIM-free price (i.e. off contract) is £319.95. Ouch!

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Ooh so my Z10 at launch for £27 a month is still fantastic value, unlimited calls and texts with a gig of data. Given the Q5 is supposed to be a budget model then it has to be better value...

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I seriously don't understand how people are complaining about the price. At $400 or so, that's a pretty damn good price in my opinion. Why? Because you are buying a SMARTPHONE. They are not cheap by definition. I think the price is fine and especially for a phone running this fantastic OS.

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I'm not overly critical of the price, but it's not exactly in the usual curve territory either... this is the curve replacement if you ask me.

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These are meant to be the curve equivalent. It is way too expensive for what it offers. BlackBerry is the new apple

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If I didn't have the Z10 I would get one of these. Hell I might get one yet for a holiday/toss around phone.

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I hope they reduce the price. They won't retain the curve market and that market is by far the biggest market BlackBerry has in the UK.
Sod competing with android apple or Windows, at this rate BlackBerry won't beat their own legacy platform

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Not sure why you would buy a Q5 if you could get a Q10. Way better and more features ie..hdmi output.

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Dan Smiddy

This isn't the curve replacement, this is a curve upgrade. I remember the first curves didn't even have 3g when the others did. This phone has 4g. The only equivalent phone out in the market is the Sony xperia Sp. Which is also available for around £300. So its a good price. Stop the haters!

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Guys these phones are coming to North America and it will be cheaper. Inside source.......Waterloo......might have to wait till August

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Will buy q5 as a side phone to z10

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Q5 area under screen looks more swipe-friendly than Q10. Killer looking phone if you ask me.

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