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Carphone Warehouse in the UK offers up a great BlackBerry Q10 deal

By James Richardson on 3 May 2013 09:51 am EDT

Carphone Warehouse in the UK has a super deal on the BlackBerry Q10 running from May 3rd - 6th. For this time period only, customers can pick up the Q10 with unlimited data and double minutes all for £33 per month. This great deal means customers will have a monthly allowance of 1000 minutes (normally 500), 5000 texts and unlimited data, for no additional charge. In addition customers will also get the BlackBerry Bluetooth Stereo Speaker for free!

The Q10 on this offer doesn't come with an upfront charge but as usual be expected to enter a 24 month contract unless you fancy going SIM free. The Carphone Warehouse website is showing this Q10 deal is available on all the major UK networks so if you are looking for unlimited data this could be the place to go phone shopping.

More information at The Carphone Warehouse website

Reader comments

Carphone Warehouse in the UK offers up a great BlackBerry Q10 deal


That is a heck of a deal. Who said contracts were more expensive than pay as you go? Unlimited data on a fast 2600mhz LTE network is incredible for that price.

Agreed. This is a deal and a half. Hence my first comment. The fact the phone has No upfront charge. Best Deal is free lol. But I'm on an unlimited data plan. So I can't complain and my Z10 was free so I love Telus.

Posted via CB10

Cheaper to maintain towers on a relatively small island than the US or Canada. Wish it was that cheap here.

That deal is going to sell some berries without a doubt. Jump on that deal folks if you are in the uk. I wish I was!

From what I can see, Thw unlimited data only applies to TMobile and the 3 (Three) networks and is subject to fair use policies. I believe 3 permit you to use your phone as a wifi Hotspot for the £33 but TMobile do not.
The other networks do not offer unlimited data plans at this price ie Vodafone, Orange, O2 ect unless you buy the q10 sim free and obtain a Giffgaff sim only deal.
Q10, 24 month contract, no upfront cost for the handset, £33 a month and maybe a free gift thrown in is a sweetner is a really nice deal though.

I'm sure that is not right as ee have a data plan of 20gigs cap... I'm sure this is 3g data plans... I'm already on 4g with ee an worth paying for the 20 gigs... 3g is already slowed dwn with a huge number of subscribers and more people on one network makes it worse for each user downloading... anyway its nice that bbry are doing nicely and getting everyone to buy the next phone to have...

Posted via CB10

I would pick this up if they had unlimited data on 02... its so hard to get unlimited data these days when you take out a new contract.

Posted via CB10

Doesn't look like the unlimited data is available on every network.
Got my hopes up!
At least edit the article James, it's misleading at the moment...

Sounds like a good offer but Three have the worst coverage than any other carriers in the UK so unlimited data is the mutts nuts if you can get a signal.

Posted via CB10

Just to note: this is NOT an LTE deal!

It's for 3g only.

That said, giffgaff will have new £20 goodybags available from the 14 May, 1200 mins, unlimited texts and data, on the O2 network and NO CONTRACT - so it depends on whether you want to pay for the Q10 upfront... I have :-)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

This deal isn't for LTE!

Also, giffgaff have new goodybags coming on the 14th of May: £20 for 1200 mins, unlimited texts and data, on the O2 network and NO contract. So it depends if you want to foot the Q10 upfront... I did :-)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Sorry for the multi post - I didn't realise the first one had gone through... darn gremlins!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

To add to the above, 3 data speeds has suprised me its always got H coverage everywhere I go and the streaming quality is way better than my iphone 5 on vodafone 3G so I am happy all around! If your able to get this deal do also with 4G just around the corner....

Posted via CB10