Carphone Warehouse system shows off white BlackBerry Z10 for £480

Z10 Pricing
By Adam Zeis on 26 Jan 2013 10:46 am EST

While we're just inches away from the finish line and the BlackBerry 10 launch on Wednesday, the leaks are still coming at full force. The latest is a shot of the Carphone Warehouse database in the UK that shows off the BlackBerry Z10 pricing info. The system is showing the Z10 in white priced at £480 "SIM free" -- or around $758USD. A bit of a hefty tag but pretty much on par with what we'd expect for an off-contract device. Keep in mind that this isn't official pricing but it still gives us a decent look at what kind of price the BlackBerry Z10 might hold down come release day. We'll find out for sure on Wednesday.

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Source: Engadget 

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Carphone Warehouse system shows off white BlackBerry Z10 for £480



I can't wait til Wednesday to see the announcement and hopefully a clear indication from T-Mo of when they'll have it available, shortly after the announcement.

If Carphone Warehouse are selling it for £480 then other online retailers will most likely be cheaper (Clove, Expansys, Handtec, etc..)

To provide context for non UK residents, CPW have the 16GB iphone 5 at £509 and the Galaxy SIII at £499 so £480 is actually cheaper than some of the phones it will be compared with.

But this shot looks like as if the UK's 20% value added tax is included in the price ("VAT 20"). Is it?

If so that would translate to a price of 607 USD or 450 EUR without tax.

that would be a (rip off) tax included price yes.

this would make it £400+vat.

id caution against using the currency exchange rate, as a £599 iphone is $750 in the US. a closer margin to work from is its about $50 less than a 16gb iphone5.

For that price I'm hoping to buy a cellphone with available apps... all the important ones... I don't care if it is expensive, but if I'm going to pay for it I need it to have EVERYTHING.

I dont know, but the processor is dual core right? Is it gonna be ok for application with high demand of processing power? Just curious about that. But I'm sure I'm gonna buy this phone . Just a bit concern that perhaps the price might a bit a lot for phone with those processor, just an opinion. Sorry if I'm wrong

I dont know, but the processor is dual core right? Is it gonna be ok for application with high demand of processing power? Just curious about that. But I'm sure I'm gonna buy this phone . Just a bit concern that perhaps the price might a bit a lot for phone with those processor, just an opinion. Sorry if I'm wrong

£480 isn't much different to what the 9900 sold at SIM-free when it first came out so I wouldn't say it's that expensive. Keep in mind SIM-free handsets make up the minority of sales for retailers such as CPW, they move most of their units on pay monthly contracts.

This price is in line with all the other top of the line mobile phones. Here in Canada, if we are to believe it is going to be less than an iPhone 5, then $649 for the Z10, then it will be along the lines of an iPhone 5 ($699) for for 16GB, a 32GB iPhone is $799. Considering the Z10 can have 16+32 GB, then it is in line with the iPhone. A Samsung SIII with 16GB is $649, a 32GB one is $699. So the price for Z10 is correct.

Why are you guys getting so upset over the price. It is cheaper than other flagship phones and we dont eve know what the final hardware is yet.

nope other flagships are cheaper.. as i said before. the S3 in CPW is 400quid
well i guess as much as i love Blackberry, i will not pay over the price for it
i will be waiting to see final hardware

The answer is simple. Blackberry isn't Apple. One of the primary complaints regarding Apple is that its iDevices had always been ridiculously small.

No other OEM since Apple has been able to charge $600+ for a phone under the standard size. (We're at 4.7" to 5.0" right now.) That's not to mention that the CPU in this thing is kind of dated. Many phones are quad cores A15s by now.

If Palm and Symbian Nokia are any indications, RIM will be taking a risky position. The Z10 needs Lumia 920 pricing.

First off, I'd say 4.5"is closer to standard size for touch screens now. Just because there are 4.7-5" screens, does not make that the new standard. Secondly, quad core shmod core. A good OS makes up for "lack" of cores. It's not QNX's fault that android phones can't perform well enough on 2 cores. And thirdly, don't go spewing what seems to plainly be just what your outrageous expectations are, as what the status quo on phones is. I don't want/need a 5" quad core better than 1080p super behemoth battery wasting pos. This bitchin Z10 that will cost less than and iPhone 5 and have nfc and dlna and expandable/swappable storage and a removable back for extreme users will do just fine...

As mentioned we can't just do a simple exchange. And correct me if I'm wrong but these are unlocked sim free phones. So generally the cost is higher on those.

If we take the 509 pounds price the iphone 5 in Canada is 699.

I'm still inclined to believe we will see the Z10 come in at 550-625 + taxes on most carriers in Canada.

Yes this is SIM free and unlocked. You basically buy from the manufacturer (through retailers) so carriers have nothing to do with it. How does this work in North America then?

Imho this is the start of a marathon, not the finish line. RIM has a long way to go in order to recover from the last five years. The company was warming up and recovering from a very bad injury.

What does "Sim free" me?

Just that they give you a SIM card for free with purchase?

Or it doesn't need a SIM card like the old phones?

European pricing on higher priced products has always translated higher than pricing here. Where the UK's got it right is at the lower end where they're either priced similarly or lower than Canadian off contract pricing.

There are a few people I know who are looking at taking a chance on the Z10 and all are looking at buying off contract. If RIM is serious about luring people over from other brands they had better be prepared to set the price reasonably and police the carriers to ensure they're not gouging.

Just a bump, some store here at my place offer limited time discount for iphone5 from 20ish january to 10ish february. They cut the price for almost $200. From ±$700 to ±500. Yes, it's still very expensive here. But that store cut the price at the time bb10 will be launched.

I hope RIM have a good chain of command so the headquarter able to know what happens in the world realtime so they can decide the best tactic for different markets in the world.

In my experience shopping in the UK, the price for electronic items are about the same "dollar" value in the US. ....for example something that has a price tag of 200 pounds in the UK is usually $200US in USA

I would say an avg price of $500US is more likely. Of course this is all rumors so I'm not gonna whine about it until its actually released.

what i'm saying is that if you check it out they don't usually convert most times they just use the exact figure or very close. Do a price comparison between and

When the 9900 came out in the UK Carphone Warehouse were selling it for £550 sim free for months. I can even remember walking into Phones4You (another UK high street phone retailer)and they wanted £600 for it! So £480 better than expected to be fair.

Guys, Need to remember that Verizon is *no longer* subsidizing phones for many of their customers. These include a lot of the smartphone owners who have unlimited plans that they do not want to lose especially if they BB Bridge to the Playbook. In order to get a subsidized phone you have to give up your unlimited data, then subscribe to a lock in for 2 years, and then start using your new 4G phone on metered data. So most people I talk to are keeping their unlimited and therefor going to buy the new BB Z10 outright, but only if the price does not go over 500 bucks. If it does it will be a non-starter and the 9930 stays in service.

Thats expensive! Less than an iPhone 5 I suppose, but they should price it more on par with Nokia Lumia 920. It is good hardware and new software so it is reasonable, hopefully they go a Snapdrago s4 Pro in the final hardware.

I'm glad you guys are willing to pay silly money for a phone, as much as I love my BB, I will not be buying any phone at price I'm not happy with after all my 9900 works just fine, so I'm prepared to wait if the price Z10 etc is not to my liking.

so RIMM are releasing a brand new phone with a brand new OS and you are expecting them to practucally give them away. get a grip man £480 is a good price for a "NEW PHONE" look on amazon and the 9900 is still selling for around £300

The question isn't whether RIM will be able to justify the price or not, but rather whether it represents good value for money to potential purchasers.

I have my limits as to how much I think a device is worth, that's any device not just BlackBerrys. If the price ends up being outside of where I think the price should be then my 9900 and 9790 are both giving admirable service right now and I'll wait it out. That's not being cheap. That's not being disrespectful of RIM. It's why I drive an Audi S4 rather than Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

At today's (Jan. 26) rate, 480 Euros is $649 Canadian. More than I hoped but reasonable I think. I thought that they may be bold and price around $550 to provide a significant price edge over iPhone.

Dunno 4 sure, Wed. will tell the tale perhaps.

Also we don't use Euros in the UK; it's £480 not €480.

As said before this is after tax, before tax is £400 so:

400 Pound Sterling = 635.91 Canadian Dollar

If you use the listed iPhone prices on as a conversion rate:
US $649 / UK £529 = 1.2264

So £480 phone should work out as $588.88


And doing the same with the Canadian Apple store gives you $634.25.

I'm not sure why everyone is thinking its after tax. It seems like an 'invoice' type setup, and the last column for amounts is not shown. The first line is the phone, and the second line is the tax, which is seperate. That's how I see it. Unless its a UK thing that the tax is always included in the price, I'm not sure.

VAT is always included in the price. If an ad says the price of a pack of gum is 1GBP then that's what you pay as the tax is already included. Same with cars, pretty much everything.

Interesting. I didn't know that. I stand corrected. And for what it's worth I like that system, it's straightforward and simple. I wish we did that up here in Canada instead of constantly doing quick math in your head.