Carphone Warehouse promises more BlackBerry Q10 stock to handle demand

Carphone Warehouse promises more BlackBerry Q10 stock to handle demand
By DJ Reyes on 29 Apr 2013 12:24 pm EDT

We saw the BlackBerry Q10 launch in the U.K. on Friday 26th April 2013 and while it was only available exclusively from Carphone Warehouse within Selfridges in London there was huge demand. We saw queues of people lining up to get their hands on one and also reported that stock had run out within 90 minutes of the doors opening -- a record it seems for Selfridges. 

Following the huge sell out of the BlackBerry Q10, Carphone Warehouse have said that they will be bringing in extra stock to cater to the demand of the latest BlackBerry smartphone. Today is the last day of the Selfridges exclusivity. All Carphone Warehouse stores should have the BlackBerry Q10 available from tomorrow, April 30th. 

Like most places Carphone Warehouse has the BlackBerry Q10 available SIM free for £579.95 or available from all the major networks starting from £33 a month on contract. From their website it seems they only have the black one available right now with the white one coming into stock around May 6th. Phones 4U and Vodafone still have it showing as pre-order, with a delivery date of April 30th. So, it should also be available from them on April 30th. Both Phones 4U and Vodafone will have it available in black and white. O2 UK are showing it as available on their website with up to 3 days delivery. Buying on Pay and Go from O2 is also a bit cheaper at £529. Other U.K. networks have yet to set a date or even have it on their coming soon pages.

It certainly is nice to see the BlackBerry Q10 fly off the shelves that quickly and while the BlackBerry Z10 is an awesome device, catering to those who were longing for full touchscreen device, it's clear to see that many more were holding out for the physical keyboard BlackBerry 10 model. It certainly has me torn as it was nice being able to type on a physical keyboard and have keyboard shortcuts but the bigger screen does makes browsing and media viewing a pleasure.

Press Release

LONDON, 29th April, 2013 – Carphone Warehouse predicts that the BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone will be a sell-out following the bumper sales this weekend and confirms that it has brought in extra stock to satisfy anticipated demand. Selfridges sold record numbers of the smartphone over the weekend via its in-store Carphone Warehouse concession ahead of the smartphone going on general release across all of Carphone Warehouse’s 800 stores tomorrow.

Sir Charles Dunstone, Chairman and Co-Founder of Carphone Warehouse, says,

The exclusive launch of the BlackBerry Q10 at our store within Selfridges over the weekend was an amazing success. We have never seen any product sell that amount of volume in such a short space of time - it was incredible.
The new user experience is fantastic and with its trademark BlackBerry keyboard, we think it will appeal to both BlackBerry loyalists and new users alike. We are expecting the nationwide launch of the BlackBerry Q10 to be huge for both BlackBerry and Carphone Warehouse

Rob Orr, Managing Director, UK and Ireland, BlackBerry, comments, “This increased support from Carphone Warehouse following the Selfridges sell-out reinforces the strong demand for a high-end BlackBerry 10 smartphone with a full-QWERTY physical keyboard.”

The BlackBerry Q10 will be available at Carphone Warehouse stores nationwide from tomorrow, Tuesday 30th April, or online at

The highly-anticipated new handset will be available on O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Three, EE and TalkMobile, free from £33 per month* and £579.95 SIM-free.


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Carphone Warehouse promises more BlackBerry Q10 stock to handle demand


Does anyone regret not waiting for the Q10? That's what I'd like to know. I'm picking up my Z10 tomorrow...

I gave up my beloved 9900 for a Z10 the day TMO released it (3/26). No regrets at all. The Z10 is awesome and I've enjoyed having a full touch device. Having said that, I plan on getting the Q10 as soon as it is released by TMO.

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I don't regret buying the Z10 at all. The demand for the Q10 is good to see, obviously this form factor still has a place in today's smartphone market. The decision to make a touch screen device with a physical keyboard may prove to be a masterstroke for BlackBerry.

Sent from my looooong waited for Z10

Weirdly, had the Q10 been released first or at the same time as the Z10, I probably would have went for the Q10. I didn't want to wait any longer so went ahead and grabbed the Z10 (the promotion Costco was running made it difficult to resist) and I must say the virtual keyboard on the Z10 is a work of art and may have finally got me to drift away from the physical keyboard. Now that I look back it may have been genius for BlackBerry to release the Z10 first. In a way it forced me to try the virtual keyboard. I suspect it would be hard for me to give up the extra screen space now, but nonetheless I'll have to give the Q10 a test drive.

What's happening DJ...M@ here!

Q10 for the win! I'm getting so excited here in the u.s. waiting it's realease. I'm excited for the great folks in the u.k. and canada also. It's going to be an amazing device!

CPW in my town said they have 3000 in their warehouse atm. Some may be in the larger stores tomorrow but my small store will have stock Thursday.

I have the White Z10 from Verizon and I don't think anyone regrets it, I really think it's preference. The Z10 is new and a risk, and the Q10 is "what BlackBerry does," is known for and is safer. A keyboard will always sell better from BlackBerry until the trend changes and that's where the Z10 type phones come into play. It's BlackBerry's future and the Z10 keyboard is the best hands down. Not even Google keyboards can beat it. BlackBerry is the future of mobile computing.

O2 UK have it on their website today and I was in one of their shops and they expect to have the stock in soon.

This is just great to hear! I knew there would be demand for the q10, but didn't think that many would sell out that fast.
@lamptimo - I don't regret as I was never the physical keyboard kind. I love my z10 and I m very satisfied with it since getting it back on Feb 5th. The virtual keypad and larger screen is perfect.

It's slowly being revealed that distributors from the middle east and other parts of Europe were buying dozens at a time to sell at inflated prices. Sales are ultimately sales and this is great, and I think the q10 is the "real" BlackBerry, but there weren't 2,000+ people with around $900 US each grabbing one.

All the talk regarding the Q10 has been for its keyboard and rightly so but it seems most of us are forgetting that it's touch too! You get the best of both worlds with this awesome communications dynamo!

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Happy to hear. So sick of my buddies bashing blackberry saying they are done. Best keyboard + modernized os = far from done!

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Thorsten was just on Bloomberg TV and said he expects "sales of several tens of millions Q10's."

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Tbh expectations are nothing until met. But all those people claiming to be waiting for the q10 go get it now!!!! Got my z10 but am tempted to just buy the q10 too!!

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The only reason I want these things to sell big time, is that the more phones get into our hands... the more likely we'll get the important apps developed for us.
The fact that the q10 requires app adjustment to fit the screen, I fear that the phone will endure even MORE limitations than it already suffers (app wise).

The reverse could also be said of the Q10; if it outsells the z10 both initially and in the same length of time then development of apps could be prioritized for it above the z10.

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£579?! Good lord how do they justify this pricing, our stores so like to suck our money out of us for not going on contract! Got my Z10 outright!

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Definitely glad to see BlackBerry isn't down for the count yet and that every loyal BB user like myself are content with our Z10s (which's virtual keyboard is so plush I might add...) and that lots of you are patiently awaiting the Q10 here in the U.S.which brings me back to the good old days when I purchased my very first BB (the 8703e) I was hooked ever since. But it feels weird cause I have yet to come across another Z10 user where we can both share our feedback of our new phones... and try some of the new cool features,but all in due time I guess. meanwhile, I pretend to be the sole owner of my Z10 which makes me feel unique amongst these "Wack Phones" and " Dumb Droids" owners out there lol!

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