Carphone Warehouse to offer BlackBerry P'9982 on November 25th for £1400

By Adam Zeis on 19 Nov 2013 10:43 am EST

If you're one of the few that has been saving up for the arrival of the BlackBerry P'9982, you'll be happy to know that starting on November 25th you'll be able to pick up a shiny new SIM-free device from Selfridges for a mere £1400 (around $2,250). The Porsche Design P'9982 was announced earlier today and while it will be made available in various stores in the coming weeks, you can pre-order one of your very own online starting tomorrow

We'll have more on the P'9982 in the next few days, but if you do happen to add one to your arsenal be sure to let us know!

Press Release

LONDON, Tuesday 19th November: Carphone Warehouse has announced it will be stocking the new Porsche Design P’9982 S

smartphone from BlackBerry®. Created by Porsche Design and BlackBerry, the P’9982 is fashioned from high-quality materials and features a customised version of the BlackBerry 10.2 Operating System to provide the ultimate user experience.

The P’9982 will be available from the Carphone Warehouse concession in Selfridges, from the 25thNovember SIM free for £1400.

The P’9982 which extends the Porsche Design luxury brand’s range of modern luxury smartphones, features a satin finished frame forged of high quality stainless steel, complemented by a hand-wrapped genuine Italian leather back cover. The smartphone combines Porsche Design’s iconic styling and the BlackBerry 10 experience, delivering a superb handset that’s built to excel at mobile communications, messaging and productivity.

The P’9982 will also be available to pre-order online from Wednesday 20th November at

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Carphone Warehouse to offer BlackBerry P'9982 on November 25th for £1400


I wrote "nice price" as it's an absolute deal, followed with an elation of joy 'eeeee' mistakenly confused my statement to mean too expensive; out of my price range. --- Gawd, I'm full of it, you're bang on assuming I lack millions in the bank --- Eeeee

Well, you are actually making it hard to choose which is the most annoying post: the one that tries to claim 'first', or the one that berates the person trying to claim 'first'.

What about the one that berates the person berating the person trying to claim 'first'?

Or the one that berates the person who berates the... . aw skip it.

Keep trying you'll get it next time :)

I'm sure quicksilver will appreciate your effort :D

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Wooo first! That's one pricey phone. Hopefully some people buy it. Be a bit sad if there were only 500 and even that couldn't be sold out

Hahaha come get me drmike and quicksilver! I'm a firster (a failed one in this case) and I'm proud!!!

I don't get it...
The only plus compared is the design and the 64GB... thats it!?
How about at least a bigger battery or even a quad core if technical possible...
Gorilla glass?
Just something.. !

OK I won't buy it anyway ... I will save my money for the Z30+Z50+Q30

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It's not meant for people like him... its meant for rich people that don't know what to do with their money.

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Lol nicely done there.

I personally like apple products myself but I also like this BlackBerry.

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yup, considering the same store is selling the Z10 at £180 im sure those small bits are worth £1220 lol.

Still people nor part of the target market critiquing a product solely on parts that make up a whole based solely on price.

If you don't u understand target marketing, how brand name recognition & prestige works - then you'll not understand why Porsche Ferrari or Lamborghini or Mansions exist. The principle base is the just like jewelry.

This is meant for the buyers market, I'm willing to saw this priced at $400 you'd purchase it preferred BlackBerry devices to the competition.

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Uh ferrari and lamborghini are very expensive because they are hand made, and have absolute top end specs to match the styling. They aren't just your average car with a pretty body on top.

Mansions are more expensive because they are bigger and have far greater specs over a normal house.

The P9982 has virtually same specs as the average version. So your missing the point I feel in that regard.

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Early 1980's ... Porsche 944 (and early 90's, ?, the 968) and the Ferrari 308/328 GTS could NOT match the performance of the Mazda RX-7 Turbo II, or the Nissan 300ZX Turbo ( vs the 968 or the 348)!!

Not all Ferrari cars are completely "hand made" ... their hand-assembled only the upholstery is "Hand Made" (you cannot make a crackcase, drive-shaft, throttle by wire gas propulsion or even coil-over springs by Hand in that amount of volume 3-7000 units fully assembled per year and STILL meet the safety regulations not to mention maintain lower costs on warranty for the drivetrain and the rest of the manufacture of the complete product. Get that understood first.

Second ... Ferrari nor Porsche have "top end specs to match the styling" on ALL their models". The 911 has essentially the EXACT same shape since the 40's (? if not close to that long just more 'refined' or lower headlamps, roofline) and yet still sells but nowhere close to the volume that the Nissan Skyline GT-R, Corvette (models), etc ships in to the end users ... I'd estimate the last model of the RX-7 had much better performance than a Porsche Carrera 4S had ... I've driven both down the same road and I'll tell you the RX-7 (96) had a much more responsive steering, acceleration, and handling on the on/off ramps than the 4S. But that's a personal perception and yours, mine or anyone else's here would be right & both wrong ... because it's personal perception.

Now ... back to the smartphone comparison ... the point I was trying to make is the want & desire for a LUXURY product still applies ... it's called exclusitivity and it worked QUITE well with the P'9981.

I will place my order first thing in the morning.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

If you're even looking at the price and considering that as part of the buying process then you were never the target audience for this device. It's expensive because Porsche.

No, that price is only for the public edition. Crocodile leather is for the limited edition, which they will only make 500 available. Not enough Crocodiles around, my friend.

For $ 2250, I hope it comes with a gift card for a high class escort service.

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Lmao these comments,iam dead already! I mean that a price for a good secondhand car here!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

I never understood the idea behind these... The specs are not really all that different, and rich execs are dismissing BB10 because they think it is too difficult to use.

Showing off? This is how generally showing off a BlackBerry goes
-look guys I have a BlackBerry
-lol you have the same phone as my grandmother

Exactly what zedad said. They make Porches design portable hard drives with a plus for twice the price.

I agree ----- I also wouldn't turn down being a part of that group.

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It's just gaudy marketing gimmick when they no longer have any clue how to actually compete based on sensibly priced, competently crafted and practically useful business communication devices. I suspect this project was started under Heins' watch, so I am about to give Chen some benefit of doubt.

Pretty sure this is going to tee up some negative press. No phone should be worth that much unless it's encrusted with jewels or maybe keys to a new porche :)

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That's so cheap, i might get two. And have change left over for a bottle of champagne.

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Only 500 are made totally hope they would sell out

Come on guys blackberry needs our help....
Don't become cheap for. 99cents apps or game.....
If anyone wants to buy it all the power to them.....dont compare it to the regular z10 or z30
This is like the collector item,,,or painting, , you can never put a true price on.

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

The £1,000,000 super car owners in London won't be able to afford these smh.

Posted via my CB Q10

This is a nice addition, however I think the Q10 should have got the Porsche treatment, I think it would make more sense unless BlackBerry are planning a Q10 Porsche Edition or maybe they will wait until the Q30?

This phone is for rich oil execs like those in UAE, i think you can also get a gold plated phone too! That's the main market for these phones

Compared to the android luxury phone that vertu or anyone else is making, the P'9982 is at "better" value.

For the price you could buy Z30/Z10/Q10/Q5 and change, but I expect the owners of 500 made will enjoy
Their purchase, nice to have the choice,

I had P'9981. I want this one too... but just got my Z30, couple of weeks back. so shall wait for 6 months.. hopefully price would be down too... lol

Typed using thumbs on my Z30..