Carphone Warehouse give us a sneak peek at the BlackBerry Passport

By James Richardson on 14 Aug 2014 09:06 am EDT

UPDATE - And just like that, Carphone Warehouse pulled the video. Guess they weren't really ready to give us a sneak peek. But hey, we found another copy because that's just how the internet works. ;)

Good news for BlackBerry fans in the UK that are awaiting the official launch of the Passport. It looks a sure fire thing that online & high street retailer Carphone Warehouse will be offering the new flagship BlackBerry 10 device as they have released the above video on their YouTube channel.

To say I am jealous would be an understatement, but good things come to those who wait. At present we are unclear which carriers Carphone Warehouse will make the Passport available on, but with the current media hype I would imagine they will sell it on all four of the UK's main networks.

Hurry up Passport release day please!

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Carphone Warehouse give us a sneak peek at the BlackBerry Passport



What's dumb is on my Samsung tablet I was able to watch this video without it showing as private using the Crackberry application. But I kept getting the this private message on my z30 using Crackberry app. Why is this happening?

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Anyone notice that this is the older version of the passport. The space key is not upside down like the newer ones, it doesn’t have the circle around the camera and it doesn’t have the line that goes around the back like the Q10.

...and that's why I prefer to date women with small hands.

On a different note, can't wait to see it in stores!!

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Intriguing device....better get it at all the major carriers in the USA.

Can't wait to give it a whirl.

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"better get it at all the major carriers in the USA."

Yes that would be a good start, but someone please tell BlackBerry to advertise this thing.
Who's the target audience and when would be a good time to put an ad on TV to catch them? Anyone?

Liked the video, it's looks really good to me. Cool how you can Swipe over the keys.

So BlackBerry, get it in the stores and advertise...

P.s. Still like my Z10.

www. carm. org

I doubt any US carriers will have it except maybe Verizon and honestly I can't blame them. If you owned a store would you stock something that doesn't sell and just collects dust on the shelves? I highly doubt it or you wouldn't be in business very long

For some reason I thought it has 13MP back camera...

However, 10MP is plenty.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

You know what the best part about the Passport is? If everything about this phone was exactly how it is in reality, but instead had a Samsung, LG or HTC logo on it, everyone here would be denouncing it to hell.

Fanboys lol...

They aren't fanboys they are called realist. BlackBerry sold 6.7 million phones in the 2nd quarter of 2013 and sold 1.5 phones in the 2nd quarter of 2014. That's a 78% decrease in phone sales which is horrible. People don't want to invest money on phones if they are not sure if the company will be around much longer. If that trend continues then BlackBerry would have no choice but to stop making handsets.

While I hope others love it and buy lots of them, I'm holding out for a full touch screen device.

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Same for me or at least a next gen q10. Just give me a q10 and a z30 with modern day specs and add in some little cool features while you're at it and you're golden BlackBerry!

What's in the specs of the Q10 that makes it inferior?...And are the "cool little features"
Getting high on specs aren't we? :) :)


What's the point of most of these comments anyway? If BlackBerry happens to read them, they'll see both enthusiasm and reservation.

I am too, but after seeing this video... I might be swayed... maybe...

I have to admit I have called this phone a hideous aberration, but I was absolutely wrong, this is a gorgeous phone.

Still, losing the wide screen is a big no-go for me.

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Why do I get this feeling it's going to be out very soon, I mean she says get down to the store to check it out?, or am I hearing things :)

I noticed that too. It could be that the video was released too soon. It was supposed to be released when the phone is available to buy. I guess that's why the video was taken down.

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It nice to actually see a professionally made video review of the passport! (even if it's that short)

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That's what worries me. If that happens any momentum they could have had would be lost.

"I love when people boast about their its a pissing contest"

That's how it should be. US should be the last market where Blackberry should release its device. There is so much bias against Blackberry in the states that it kills any momentum Blackberry gains. Did you guys notice why Z30 got gold in best in biz awards? Because there was only one judge from the states out of panel of 27 judges. US should be primarily for enterprise only.

There is bias against BlackBerry all over the world not just the US. Check the global market share numbers they may be better then it is in the US but consumers just aren't interested in BB anymore. The average user wants native apps and BlackBerry fails miserably to provide these.

I fear that is exactly what will happen based on past releases the US has to wait 3-4 months and the hype is gone. The USA is the market they need to be targeting that's where the trend is set for the rest of the world as far as smartphones go.

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I agree. I just hope if they are going to do a regional release that targets carriers that it doesnt take long after the inital. More importantly, I hope that they make it available to everyone day 1 via shopblackberry.

Shop BlackBerry is very important to be able to purchase the phone on release day. I don't buy phones on contract.

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Wow, you Americans think you just rule the world don't you. It's strange though, I've never seen a product in the UK advertised as 'USA Approved'.

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Let me say, no offense:

Wernher von Braun.

Hahaha, good chunk of last generation's scientists were more or less "voluntarily" emigrated Germans, actually, largest chunk of immigrants' heritage of USA is of GERMAN origin...

Look at all the light blue on the Census map.
Famous example: Einstein was born in Ulm, South Germany, near Stuttgart.

Let's not start a flame war, please. No hate. There's been enough real war in the past. Whenever I see people meet personally and shake hands, they like and respect each other, regardless of whether they're US American, Aussie, German, Japanese, etc.
I live in a tourist town and see it almost every day.

What our governments do or cause us to do is a different question ... :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Right on. American is a melting pot of many talented people. We just happen to live in America - but love our country

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My exact sentiments. If it doesn't hit state side immediately does it make it any less desirable to those from outside the US. Get a grip, plus we all know BlackBerry has been the brunt of scathing remarks of late mainly from Apple fan and commentators of late. BlackBerry is getting decent sales I understand from the Q and Z series outside the US. It'll be good however, if it actually launched and did well in the US, until just hope they hit state side soon after September for the sakes of those who need a serious productive communication device. Cheers !

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As a European, that statement made me laugh.

Sure, the market for smartphone ist set in the US - just as it is for cars and PCs. Oh, wait...

Smartphone technology is being driven by the needs of Asia at home moment. It's the test ground and the battle ground.

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Yes, but now we're under Master Chen's watch. He has righted nearly every wrong so far. Have faith, it's a bright new future for BlackBerry!!

I hope so. But based on past "roll outs" I really hope it's not at a snails pace again.

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I totally agree. Chen did sau he was cutting out leaked info. Hopefully in Sept he announces the Release. And next day. Launches. Every carrier, everywhere! That would restore a heck of a lot of faith in his turn around.

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What has Chen actually done? He Leaked the Classic 9 months before launch and Passport 4 months before launch, gave BES10 away for free with EZPass, Z3 still isn't available globally, you can't buy a BB10 device at any North American carrier stores and as far as the average consumer is concerned BlackBerry is out of business. He deserves a bonus right? Passport does look good but was obviously in the works before Chen came on board. As others have said, let's hope he learned from previous mistakes when I came to product launches!

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I think you are correct about the fact that almost all those devices and, the deal with Foxconn, were already been worked on before John Chen came to BlackBerry. Chen's current contribution is focused towards stabilizing BlackBerry's financials and also calming the market with his witty remarks and a sense of confidence that he shows in BlackBerry's future, example now he says that he is 90% certain about BlackBerry's survival and that he doesn't want to jinx it by saying 100%! Chen's contribution to BlackBerry will start showing its results in calendar year 2015.

Yes. I need that too. Would love to bail on trillion $ debt America. My govt is embarrassing. Lol

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Only a few years ago Australia was DEBT free with a SURPLUS.
Figure that. Now the finance kraken has engulfed even this prosperous country...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Each video I see makes me want this more and more...

One thing I'm not sure about is the camera... Is it a 10 or 13MP?

I've seen various released specs, most of which say 13MP. This is the first that I've seen that says 10. Either way, it makes little difference; the devices is a beast.

the passport seems to be getting more hype than the entire BBC launch /release...

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You know what they say about women with tiny hands ....
They make your ... look big

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Put this down next to someone's iTiny.

Watch jaws drop. BlackBerry NOT dead!

Can't wait for it. :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Doesn't really need one. Pick up your q10, imagine a slightly larger screen and the bb7 buttons :p

The GIF Exchange C001B7B16ً

I notice that girls really like the BlackBerry passport, at least in my family and friends. I think that the passport is going to be the first major success for BlackBerry 10.

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I think this is the best look we have seen of it yet. While I was a little worried about the size of it for my wife, this woman seemed to handle the PassPort just fine. 2 please!


What Resolution do you think HD is?
There's no actual Res that defines HD. Though I would define HD as 1920 x 1080p as the standard.

480p, 720p, 1080p? The Passport is 1400x1400HD. That is quite impressive. And could be classified as beyond HD.

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1920*1080 = FULL HD = 2073600
1440*1440 = FULL HD = 2073600
;-) Anyway that device is a beast! Can't wait to try it with my own hands! Finger crossed for the price!!

But we can all agree the standard for HD is 1920x1080p. Going beyond this should be considered Super HD ;) lol

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Just shared this video everywhere I could. Couple family members who own Iphones want to buy one now to replace their work phones.

I want a  Z50

Ravishing! Astonishing! Ka-booom for the Passport!!! Let's hope it will really be priced as rumored :D

If you look at the first screen where the presenter held up the phone, the phone looks LARGE.
IMO, it will fit into the nitch of oversize Galaxys and the oncoming iP'6.
Personally I may prefer the Classic with a more comfortable size.

Good video. Wasn't too short. Just right. Only thing I'd add is a demo for a few seconds of how pdf or word docs look in that nice screen.

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this is mega roll on release date .................means I can walk in and walk out with a passport

I hope they do a glob al role out. Not more than 1 week apart. If released in the UK, one week later should be available in N. America. For example.

Let's go Passport, where Art Thow.

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I totally agree! He has our back! And our Passport, To BlackBerry success!

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ok so I like the phone its amazing. but I only have one issue. it is gonna look funny when using it as a phone to talk to someone

Most users STILL think all the Note phones from Samsung look Ginormous up to one's ear. Passport isn't as big as those phones. It should be fine.

The NDA on showing off the Passport is over! Also, there's no set date for launch. They're trying to set it up after iPhone and S5.

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I really like it and the fact that it's "different" my only issue is that my z10 performs so flawlessly I am reluctant to even think about changing it even if it's for a new blackberry....

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I like your Sarcasm. For a minute there I thought you actually believed it.
No Smart Phone can take on the Passport head on, unless it's a device by BlackBerry. Nothing at this point can touch the ingenuity of this touch sensitive device, that has the ability to replace your Laptop.

The Note can dream all it wants. It has already lost against the Passport despite not being available. A device is not all about hardware spec's, software plays a huge role in the overall experience. And at this point, BB10 pawns all other mobile OS in the dust.

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To top it off:

Yep, it's gonna get pwned, hacked and (sorry, Aussies!) #-'ed, just like the Blackphone. Remember, Kaspersky states, 99% of mobile malware is written for Android...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I nearly read it's gonna go D... on this device....

(MEGA ouch, and obscene!)

But I know somehow, somehow, sorry, Samsung sucks ...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Not all all, the Classic will have its day in the spot light. But right now the Passport is on fire.

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The classic is going to be value phone for the money sensitive crowd, albeit an individual or a corporation. Not everyone wants to pay a premium price for a premium phone.

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I find it interesting how the device looks in different people's hands. When some have held it it doesn't look huge, in others (like that lady's), it looks huge. I just keep going back to my passport and hold it in my hands for perspective.

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It's like these free offers for apps. Available to the first 100 people.

Come on, no one copied the video yet?

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I don't know how I feel about this thing. I'd have to play with one but I just don't see any compelling reason to leave my Q10, personally

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Sitting on the fence hoping and waiting for the next ALL TOUCH with removable battery. For now my Z10 is just fine

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Best part of that video was when she said the rim is pure stainless steel. Had that detail already been confirmed? I hadn't heard it yet.

Can't wait to se in in flash and bones, hope it will be available in Romania to, I had hard time getting my z30 here.

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Vodafone has the Z30 in major cities in Romania. Just ask for it. I bought one for my mother in Craiova.

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Thanks for posting the new video. I was just about to post it on my FB page when it disappeared. Posted the new one. Interested in seeing my friends' comments. I'm the only one with a BB.
Hope this one doesn't disappear.

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Pointless retail outlet that can't be bothered with BlackBerry. I've been in their stores numerous times and their staff can never be bothered about any BlackBerry handset apart from a damming reviewing without even allowing a customer to make up their own mind.

Carphone warehouse have the most unhelpful staff when it comes to any BlackBerry handset. You will be lucky to find a handset on display with an active charge point.

I agree, I went in to get a z10 and the staff kept trying to talk me out of it! Lol, i told them "I know what I want. I want a BlackBerry!"

But in the UK it might be our only option. My Z10 is with O2. I went to ask about switching to a Z30. O2 don't even stock it. My Internet provider is EE. You never see BlackBerry devices on their website.

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Oh, now that is fancy. I think they were wrong on the camera specs. Well, at least I hope. 10MP is not so bad if the sensor is top notch, though. Everything I have seen on this says 13MP. We shall see soon enough.

I saw a phone this ugly and chunky years ago and for some strange reason bought the thing. It now sits in a drawer in well earned retirement after eight years of hard un faltering service. I think this beauty could be the next Bold 9000, it looks just bonkers enough to work.

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Video still accessible for me (UK). It is big... but loving the fact that it's a stainless steel chassis.

Posted via CB10... on my Z30 10.2.1

By the way, Car phone Warehouse here in Salisbury UK have always been very pro Blackberry and OS10, unlike Vodafone who can't stop trying to sell me all things Apple.
I know where I will do business in the future.

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The phone is as big as her head! I'm sure its targeted user base will buy it but the more I see the less I'm interested.

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What media hype? The passport will be on Vodafone and I will be surprised if it's on any other network!

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I can't wait for this device. To me, it looks like the perfect blend of Tablet and Smartphone.

Posted via CB10 on BB10 from Q10

Love my z30..Only things I would change to make it the holly grail of phones is a replaceable battery and a camera on par with focus speed, clarity and color accuracy comparable to Samsung and iPhone. Then I wouldn't have to drag the other devices around as a second device for camera only ( can't tell u how much that irritates me)

So BlackBerry Passport I hope will help in both departments.

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I do like my Z30 but it does feel cheaply made. Main reason is the removable back that is flimsy when you are holding the phone. It feels like dog crap in quality. I do like the processor and the keyboard. I don't know what the obsession with the removable battery is. It makes the phone feel even cheaper and less solid. Low end device. Especially when the battery life is as outstanding as the z30's...

Every time I see something new on the passport I want it more. September can't get here fast enough.

Z10 to Q10 to Z30 to Passport!!!!

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It's really disappointing all these people have the phone in their hands and the BlackBerry authority like crackberry has. Zilch, Nada, Nothing, Didlysquat. 0

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I am becoming more and more disappointed that I will not be able to get this phone :( I still have 2 more years with the Q10, it's a great phone but I want a Passport.

I highly doubt I will buy one but... I am always willing to try and see. It certainly looks 100x better than what I expected when I first saw sketches of it.

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As I said before, No matter how good, best, or great this phone compares to other competition s, without native apps. It will always fall behind. Just sharing my thoughts.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Simply awesome. September is soon here. Looking like a buy for me. Cheers !

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Finally decent look at a device.

well described - with uhh no umm hesitation, not too wordy, Just showing differentiating features, and an overall positive sentiment.

So awesome! Stainless Steel! Any info on the Actual Glass compound? Gorilla? Better?

 Swiped off my Z10 

Now BlackBerry should officially start making videos of this beauty and upload it on YouTube.

Can't wait to get one after watching this video.

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