Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter comes to BlackBerry 10 and it's pretty awesome

By James Richardson on 10 Jun 2013 03:37 am EDT

If you fancy some hunting why not go and shoot some dinosaurs? Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter for BlackBerry 10 brings us yet another game that has been successful on other platforms.

There are two styles of game within the game. 'Survive' is the less exciting of the two but is still a bunch of fun. Here you remain static with a shotgun as your only means of defense against the dinosaurs that are coming to eat you. Survive as long as you can before you are served up as their dinner!

The 'Hunt' section of the game is where the real action is at. You can freely roam an island looking for the dinosaurs that you have chosen to hunt. Depending how far you get in the game decides what weaponry you have at your disposal and you are also equipped with a pair of binoculars which not only allow you to see the dinosaurs, but they also provide you with the breed and distance from you. Also in your armory you have a camera. If you fancy it you can take photos of the dinosaurs you shoot and they will then appear in your photo gallery on your BlackBerry.

On-Screen controls are nice and simple. A virtual joy pad on the bottom left of the screen will guide you through the jungles - freeing up your right hand to select a weapon, aim and fire.

Graphics wise the game is sweet and although not an action packed shoot 'em up it's more of a chilled out game so not just one to kill a few minutes time.

Features include:

  • Select from 7 huge 3D environments
  • Chose time of day (night vision on!)
  • Fill the area with dinosaurs to your liking and skills
  • Equip with camouflage, cover scent or radar
  • Pick a weapon and hunt or take a camera and observe
  • Store your prey in real-size trophy room
  • Go green and use tranquilizer instead of bullets
  • Read tips and tricks for every dinosaur in ‘Dinopedia’

Priced at £2.00/$2.99 I'm confident this offers great value for money. It certainly will be staying on my Z10.

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Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter comes to BlackBerry 10 and it's pretty awesome


Read the majority of reviews on this site: why would you get a BBRY is games were NOT Important to you?

My z10 is headed to Kijiji in a month or so
.. need tools. Not toys.

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That's one of his jobs so,.. technically he uses his Blackberry for 'work'. Stop being jealous and go get a job that makes you happy instead.

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Just a question man, no harm intended. Instead, you assume I am both jealous and without a job. You do know that assumption is the mother of all mistakes?

Jellybean 4.2 in a couple months will allows anything android devices use on to our BlackBerry's

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I've been playing this on my PlayBook and Z10 since the day it came out. I LOVED this game on PC when I was a kid and the developers have done an amazing job of porting it for QNX. Best of all, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that once I bought it for the Z10 I didn't have to pay for it again on the PlayBook.

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