CarFinder Application Remembers Where You Parked

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jul 2009 12:49 pm EDT


VQ CarFinder, now available in BlackBerry App World, automatically remembers where you parked your car. The application, which works on all GPS enabled devices, remembers where you parked so you only need to launch the application to find your vehicle, unlike other applications that require you to note where the vehicle was parked. CarFinder works off Bluetooth in your vehicle. When the Bluetooth signal is iniated upon starting your car, the application activates the GPS. When you park and turn off the vehicle, thus turning off Bluetooth, CarFinder notes where the vehilce is located. If you don't have Bluetooth in your car, you can purchase a Bluetooth car charger from within the application for $19.99. A pretty cool app if you find you can remember where you left your car often, but most probably won't find the need to spend the money. CarFinder is available as a free trial, and a full license is available for $9.99. Check out for more information, or head to BlackBerry App World to download.

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CarFinder Application Remembers Where You Parked


If you are on Verizon (which has locked out 3rd party apps from the Curve's GPS), you can do something very similar, although it is not automatic... When you park, start up BBmaps (the BB version only, not Goodle maps, because the BB version has GPS access). From the menu, start GPS navigation. When it finds your location (a couple of seconds), select SEND LOCATION, and send it to your own SMS or BBemail address. Now you can exit BBmaps and go on your way. If you need to locate your car, open the message you received, and click on the link. It will pinpoint your car! If you need more help, start GPS navigation -- now arrows on the map edges will direct you from where you are to the mapped car location! No app needed.

....unless, of course, you parked your car in a garage with several tons of concrete and steel above your head, blocking out any GPS signal. Still, interesting concept.

Oh, and GPS is usable on my wife's Verizon 8330 Curve by third-party apps (she uses Google Maps all the time).

If you cant remember you parked your car in Scooby Doo Blue 5, then you don't deserve a blackbery.

Are we really becoming that lazy?

Parking in downtown Chicago is becoming so difficult that sometimes you have to park 1/2 mile from where you are going. Some of us are getting to that age where the short-term memory is no longer so great! :-)

Wow, what a dumb app. But i guess there are people out there that are dumb. So it might come in handy for them.

Everybody and their dog has a bluetooth headset and this app depends on losing your BT connection? That just silly.

No it is silly that you don't understand how the app works. It has nothing to do with your bluetooth headset. It recognizes the *built in* bluetooth in your vehicle. Or a bluetooth device that stays in the vehicle and powers on and off with the cars ignition.

Since about 1 car in 100,000 has built in bluetooth you're saying that the application understands that a BT speaker in your visor and the BT speaker in your GPS are not the same thing as a BT headset and won't get confused? Why didn't you say so?

ok so now u need to get within 30 ft to start your car to get the bluetooth working, so you can use the app. still need to remember where you parked ur car anyway. dumb app.

I use VQ CarFinder and I think the people who posted their comments here TOTALLY missed the point.

(1) The other apps people mentioned need to be MANUALLY launched... which doesn't help you much when you're in a rush and not thinking about where you parked... which, I think, is the whole point behind VQ CarFinder's AUTOMATED function. It automatically remembers where you parked. Every time. You don't have to do anything. Pretty cool.

(2) Have you ever lost your car and been stressed out and had your wife YELLING in your ear... is $9.99 a "rip off" if it saves you that stress/embarrassment :)

(3) It interacts with in-vehicle Bluetooth, not your BT headset. And if you don't have in-vehicle Bluetooth (I don't) then you can buy and use one of their BT Chargers for $19.99. It comes with a mini AND a micro USB adapter, and cost me less than what I paid at Verizon a year ago for a basic car charger.

(4) Lazy vs efficient... hey, call me lazy, but I am always on my cell when I'm driving and I don't always pay attention to where I parked. Maybe I'm lazy... but at least I'm not lost in a parking lot :)

is there a application that you can load on your blackberry that is compatible with a Mac Computer. I am trying to load an application on my blackberry that would allow me to sync my calender up with my calender on my Mac. Computer.

thats soo not cool this app can cost at max 99 cents imo im a developer but im not a stingy.... INSERT PROFANITY... not cool