CardStar for BlackBerry Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 4 May 2010 09:21 am EDT

CardStar for BlackBerry

A few weeks back we saw a little tease that CardStar for BlackBerry was on the way. While it was due on May 1st, we're glad to say as of today it is finally available. CardStar takes your membership cards out of your wallet and onto your device. Simply enter your barcode numbers into the app, and it instantly transforms them into portable cards. Open the app, select your card and scan away. CardStar is great for membership cards, rewards & loyalty cards, gym memberships and more. The huge database includes a load of well-know cards, and they are adding more every day. Now you can finally clean up your wallet and pull those annoying tags off your keyring. CardStar is available as a free download. Hit the link below for more.

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CardStar for BlackBerry Now Available


That hurts when your on an s1 and only have about 10 megs of memory available. Oh well. I still had to download and check out. Thanks

and it locked up trying to open it. I did a battery pull and hoping for the best. Been waiting on this for quite a while.

EDIT: Batt pull fixed me right up. :)

and that's why my dislike from BB is grow. i can't deal with the lack of space anymore. I applaud the developers keep making large apps force rim to add more space or open the memory card up. even with 512mb on the future bb's that's still not enough. RIM F U, my 9700 will be my last BB.


I've been waiting for this app since it was announced. At 3.6 mb, it's taken almost 20% of the memory I had left on my Storm. I'm just angry now.

Applauding the developers for making a nearly 4MB app that just creates a barcode image with the store logo is misplaced kudos.

It appears that the entire merchant database (symbologies and logos) is compiled into the package. It would be far more maintainable if it were to interactively query a server for that information, then you are probably only looking at like 70K (complete wild-ass guess) for the app. Not 3.6MB, that is ridiculous.

we shouldnt be complaining about 3.6mbs, RIM needs to do something about this fast. I understand compiling everything into the app because you dont always have service in stores. I've been in Target, Walmart, Koger, and a few other places and had zero signal. you dont want to be at the checkout counter trying to get the app to connect to a server.

You don't need network access at checkout for this app. You only need it when you enter your card information.

I am not going to say the phones have all the memory they'll ever need. However, this appears to be the worst use of that memory. The way the app works, you find your store, enter your information, and then it creates an image. So you have 3MB of database sitting there doing nothing after you enter your card information. That is a big waste. The app could do the lookup, and create that image from a server. The image would stay local, so after you create your card, you don't need network access after that point.

For all those who think their phone is locking up when they launch- just wait it out. After about two minutes it will open. Then it will be very laggy for about thirty seconds. After that it's smooth sailing! I've been waiting for this and so for it's working great!

I fear trying this on my Tour with stock 4.7 software. I can see it resulting in a 528 error. But that is resolvable with DM.

Is there a way to have the barcode pop up first when you select a card? It is just showing the card number and I have to tell it to show barcode on my Storm 2.

Once you do it one time it should save like that. I just had to guy my bestbuy 'show barcode' once and everytime I open it the barcode us the first thing to pop up. Hope it works for you.

Thanks, I didn't bother going back in after switching to barcode view, rookie mistake. It does hold the barcode as the default view once selected.

3.6 MB is way to big to put something on a Blackberry, seeing as they have given us unreasonablly miniscule amounts of memory to deal with apps... can't we at least get a separate on bored ROM for Apps and RAM for running said apps?

Just wondering.. cause some apps look great, but I'm always stuck thinking, which app do I wanna give up to load this app? At the moment I have just pretty much only apps that I want to keep on my phone.. and just don't have the space for any hefty apps

I'm in the same boat, especially since I'm still rocking an 8310. I only have apps on it that I absolutely love & in my opinion are "must haves" for me. Kills me to see some phones out there with 4, 8, 32gigs of memory & our beloved Blackberries have at most 1gig, UGH. I can't wait till I can upgrade & even then the 9700 won't be anywhere close to what some of the others are offering as far as memory goes.

Can you put in cards that don't have a bar code?

For instance, my Starbucks card has a number and a magstripe. I assume they could use the number to look up my card in the system rather than having to swipe the card.

This would help me remove just a few more cards off the keyring.

Yea this was odd to me too. Makes sense but I don't know if I'd rather carry the card and quick swipe from them and I'm done, or don't carry it and give up some time to them to type it in. Hopefully they find a workaround. Seems tough though.

Just downloaded and installed. It is a large program but one I've been waiting for.

I think a couple things should be added to the functionality of this program to make the end user experience better:

When searching for a merchant, pressing the first letter of the merchant name should bring you to to the first merchant beginning with that letter instead of having to scroll all the way down a list of merchants manually.

Most membership numbers are numeric, the default key entry should be numeric.

Love the thought of this app. Went to the link (didn't read this blog first) then saw the size. I bookmarked the site in case I decide to give up that much space. If I had a bunch of cards I use regularly then I might download this. I have 1 or 2 I normally use. They don't take up that much space in my wallet....

Its works fine on my 8330 and I'm running I typed in my Movie Gallery card and the lined up the barcode its a perfect match. Now the only thing is will these stores in North Carolina trust scanning my phone! I can't believe this is free BTW

I suspect that the program is that big for a reason. Anyone read what it offers the retailer? There's a lot more to this app than meets the eye.

From CardStar's Merchant Site:


•Consumers can engage with customized merchant information within CardStar, including contact information, store locators and mobile coupons.
•CardStar allows merchants of all sizes to aggregate offers, promote incentive programs and communicate important information like product recalls to customers through its application.


•CardStar empowers merchants to push the right offers to the right customers in real time via geo-targeting features — strengthening customer loyalty by guiding the shopping experience.
•The variety of information funneled to consumers through the CardStar app promotes user engagement over time — making CardStar a valuable mobile marketing channel for reaching customers on the go and driving sustainable awareness of marketing campaigns.
•CardStar provides a deep level of customer analytics, enabling merchants to tailor marketing messages and promotions to mobile customers.

I have a VZW Tour running VZW's latest OS 5.xxxx not a hybrid. Genuine version. Locked it up tight. Every time. Batt pull is only way out. Delete....

how did you add to your blackberry?? when i try downloading it it tells me it doesnt recognize my device...

Had the same issue. I entered a third card, but it didn't appear. When I tried again with the same name, it told me it was already there. Exited the program (Menu|Exit), and restarted it, and the new card showed up. Subsequent cards added easily. I haven't yet tried scanning these at a store to see if they'll work.

This locked up my VZW Tour ( and I deleted it after two battery pulls before reading the post above to wait up to two full minutes on first run.

I'll wait and see what everyone else thinks before trying it again.

how did you add it to your blackberry?? when i try downloading it through my mobile browser it tells me it doesnt recognize my device

I OTA installed with stock blackberry browser. I had tried clicking the download link in Opera Mini and got the message you said you got.

but it's way too big for my Berry. I just can't see putting it on my Curve right now, after I upgrade I think I'll give it a go but for now I'll just stick to using the little keychain cards, they don't bother me that much & take up less space!

my keys wont take up all the room in my pockets anymore with all those tags gone....great app cant wait to use it. and its free!!!! almost feel like i won a contest but those who know me here def know that wont ever

This is awesome. Got rid of the clutter on the keychain. Wait till the wife and her storm try it. Her keychain needs it's own purse. One of the best aps ever. Oh thats if it really works!

DL'ed to my Tour running stock OS 4.7. Did a BP, then when I tried to fire it off, I got a message saying: Error Starting cardstar_bb: Error loading module 'cardstar_bb' OutOfMemory Error.

And then if I fairly quickly try and run it again, it says:

Error starting cardstar_bb: Module 'cardstar_bb-6' has verification errors.

Any ideas?

I tried uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling, reboot, and I still get the same errors I noted above.

I'm out, for now. Too bad.

I used this app all the time on my iPhone and have missed it!! May 1st I was searching for the app with no luck. Now it's here. I am currently in the process of entering my cards.

Like you guys, I have been waiting for this as well. Loaded it on my Curve 8900, now I am getting 552 errors. Here is to hoping I can unload it without having to wipe my phone.

I see everyone talking about 3.6 Mb required for this app. Can someone please tell me the difference between App Memory and Card Space? I have 7.5 Gb free space on the card but only 111.0 Mb of App. space. What's the difference and is 111.0 considered a lot of free app. space? Thanks as usual.

that's plenty of space on your phone to install this app if you so choose, the 7.5 gb is on your sd card and you can't install apps on there. only on the phones memory.

I wish I had 111.0 MB of app space... usually around 15, max for me.. which makes it pretty rough trying to run programs!

Got it on my 9700 now, loaded right up with no stalls or issues. So far I've added what I had on my keychain and the normal ones I use in my wallet, next is to tackle the ones I have on my kitchen table in case I go to those places lol

Hey all, running Storm 2 on VZW. After install (twice) and battery pull, im getting "Error starting cardstar_bb: Error loading module 'cardstar_bb' VerifyError" Any suggestions?

file size might be an issue.. but what about the lag time? Do YOU want to be behind the guy that says "hang on, I have to wait for the program to come up to scan my rewards card"...?
And don't say "load it before you go in the store". That may work the 1st time, but seriously- who's gonna do that?

I get a message asking for "authentication required for Spring Security Application" when I try and open the link. Anyone else getting that?

Already removed 6 cards. Going to go home this evening and the other cards that don't fit in my wallet anymore. I'm going to try this out today when I get lunch and see if the scanner takes it.

So what specifically, is this reading off of my device and pushing to the company? This is what it says it does:

"CardStar empowers merchants to push the right offers to the right customers in real time via geo-targeting features — strengthening customer loyalty by guiding the shopping experience.
•The variety of information funneled to consumers through the CardStar app promotes user engagement over time — making CardStar a valuable mobile marketing channel for reaching customers on the go and driving sustainable awareness of marketing campaigns.
•CardStar provides a deep level of customer analytics, enabling merchants to tailor marketing messages and promotions to mobile customers."

So will this send info to CardStar who then sends what I do on to merchants I purchase from in order for them to send me more crap in the mail?

Looks like a great idea, I just don't want more spam...


Listen - this app sounds great, but I stopped the download halfway. That's a lot of space...maybe good for the 9650. But someone help me out. I went to CardStar's website to get a better understanding of how usable this app is. I cannot find a list of all vendors that CardStar allows me to use on my BB. What stores/barcodes can I use??? Help!

If you download it you can check the list of vendors. They're catshorized in the app (no search function sadly). But if want you want isn't there just ininstall. There's a lot of them.

So far so good. DL'd and entering all my tags as we speak and it's smooth as can be. Hello Keychain FREEDOM!

I have a storm 2 and a HTC Eris with Android 2.1. While playing with the Eris, I downloaded Keyring.....AWESOME APP. It scans the barcodes and does everything Card Star is supposed to do....has tons more vendors. Card Star is just missing something. Maybe its because its new to blackberry, but it doesnt look like a lot of effort was put into it. Feels rushed.

I can guarentee that if they think Android owners are going to use this over Keyring, they are fooling themselves.

And I am getting IT Firewall blackberry has never touched a BES

And....why do I have to edit a PDF, send it to them to get a card added? No forums, submission web forms?

does it back the cards we save to the SD?
if i decide to do a wipe and reinstall of the OS are we goign to have to re-enter every card, again?

Seems silly but I'm very excited about this app. This will lighten up my wallet a lot. I installed this on my VZW Storm 1 and it seems pretty good. A bit slow, and is a huge 3.6mb file but still pretty good. When adding cards, at one point I can only see the first 6 of the 8 cards that I added. But exiting the program and going back in brought them all up.

Suggested Improvements:

> Sort Cards Alphabetically. (Not sure how it's doing it now, but after entering 10 cards, looks pretty random. If anyone has seen a way to do it, let us know.)
> Allow backup to memory card.
> Setup so I can share a code. Would be cool if both my wife and I didn't have to enter them on both our phones.

Don't forget to read the FAQs. There are disclaimers on what kind of scanners this will work on, but it's still nice to have a handy database on my S2 of all those cards.

The sounds like a useful application. Will have to see how well it works in real life. I started the application with no problems. Started loading the cards, while entering the third card it popped up asking me if I really wanted to exit the appliction. I clicked no and finished entereing the card. But wait it is not showing in the list. I tried entering it again, got the same exit message, clicked no again, finished the entering, then was told it was already in the list. But it was not showing still, tried a 4th card. It didn't show in the list either. Tried to exit, restarted and it still didn't show the 3rd or 4th card. Did a battery pull. What??? Now all the cards are done. Went back and put them in again. Now they all show up. Did another battery pull just to make sure it didn't drop them again. So far so good. Will have to try the next time I am out shopping.

LOL.....I tried using their e-mail/support submission form. When I type submit, I get a HTTP Error 404 message. nice. Can't even tell them the problems I am having (though I did Tweet them).

Still can't get it loaded on my Tour.

What gives? I even just sat it down on the desk and walked away for a while to still have it frozen. Removed it, the keychain tags aren't taking up nearly as much room as this in theory

The FAQ in the app said it works well with gun scanners. Mght not work with flat bed scanners (those at grocery stores or those devices with constant scanning). WTH is it good for then?

App SUCKS!!! DL to my 9700 was a piece of cake! Easy to add the ten or so cards I have. However.....went to BJs then supermarket.....wish I had read a lil more! WTH is the point?!? 99% of the places you visit these days has flatbed scanners. AND.....not all hand guns scanners will work! After the fb scanner didn't work I asked the clerk to use handgun and DID NOT work. She said she's had couple other and they don't work!!! Waste of my time adding all these damn cards for it not to work!!!

@ 3.5meg, I'll continue to use my iPod touch for this feature.
I did a batt pull and still couldn't get the barcode to view.
Good intent.

this app seems pretty sweet, however, I'm rocking an 8130, and there is no way I can put this monster 3.5 mb app on. I have bookmarked the page, and hopefully, it'll still be free once December rolls around when I can get a new berry!

I have been waiting for this app for long and at that size I for sure cannot install it on my Storm1... thanks so much RIM...

In my attempts to get it loaded on my Tour (still can't) I noticed that there are about 60+ modules. I assume these are files for each of the card images in the DB. Seems in efficient this way. Could they not have developed it where the images stay on their servers and you just request the list and DL those that you need, or something like that......

FYI, for anyone else having problems getting it running, they are responding to Tweets rather quickly, @MyCardStar.

They also asked that you email them with any details you can if you are having problems:

I am very limited with memory on my Storm1 and cannot afford to keep this app, so I downloaded it, created the bar codes I needed, and screen captured all of them. I created a folder "bar codes" in my pictures folder and added a shortcut in Quicklaunch. Deleted app. Works great. I didnt need the other features of the app, so I am good to go.

Hopefully this will help others that are limited for memory space.

How do you go about screen capturing? I looked thru the menu functions but can't find it. I know i must be missing something.

I totally agree with everyone's complaints about the memory limits of our beloved BB's.
This app got me to thinking, why not just take photos of our cards, then store them in a handy folder. When we need to use the card at the checkout counter, all me need to do is pull up that photo..... end result, no less app memory, and everything is stored on the memory card where it should.
If you phone does show thumbnails, but they are too small to read, just name that photo to the company... for ex, CVS

Also, if you are unable to take a quality photo with your phone, there are TONS of bar code generator's out there on the web!

Hope this helps.......

ok so I would love to tell you how its running on my storm 2 but its been downloading for the last 15 minutes-

By downloading and entering my barcodes into this program, I am placing my faith in it and opting not to use the keytags/cards at checkout.

However, if this application randomly locks up or throws errors whenever it wants, I will feel like an idiot at the checkout line. If I can't get a discount or save money because of this program messing up my wife will beat me.

Any reason why this app won't dl for me off a Storm? When i click the link it's telling me it's not recognizing my device. Anyone else having these issues?

A big app, but it's well worth it! I use my Bold as my music when at Gold's Gym. Now I don't have to carry anything extra to enter...just scan my 9700 please! =]

Stupid question, it asks for member number, most cards have a member id and a barcode with a different number. I assume we use the number below barcode?

So...Has anyone actually used it at a retailer yet? I have a barcode scanner at work, and it wouldn't read any of my barcodes. I understand ones at a grocery store will be more tolerant of crappy reads, but still.

I tried to use mine at a grocery store (self serve checkout) and the scanner wouldn't read it. I deleted the app immediately. If it's gonna take up 3.5mb on my Storm, then it better work perfectly every time.

Too many issues for me. I entered three cards then all subsequent cards did not show up until I did a battery pull (just leaving the app was not enough). After the battery pull, the cards I added previously did show up but newly added cards did not. Really slowed down the responsiveness of my phone. I hope this gets updated and fixed but for now, it's gone.

There are websites that do this, and you could just make a screen capture on your computer and put the pic onto your phone. But if you like the ones that this program creates better, just do a screen capture of each, and then uninstall the program. You will still have all the codes in a pic folder. Most of us don't get new cards regularly so there's no need to keep the program once you have the codes.

I downloaded and set up the cards just fine with my Storm 2. Problem is... the barcodes aren't scanning... even with a handheld scanner. I tried 2 different stores :( Doesn't seem worth the effort.

Installed with no prob on my storm...but no scanner would read the cards I had entered....deleted due to massive size

I use an old school approach for some cards. I used a digital camera to take a crystal clear photo of some of my cards. I then used the photo at checkout lines.

No lag using this approach, although I have to go to a subfolder in my BB pictures to get to the bar code.

Great concept, but it dosent work.. I enterered a bunch of my cards..and tried to read them at the checkout here at work.. the scanners don't pickup anything with the glare of the screen...and we've got good scanners..

Even free, it's not worth 3.6MB of space on my aging 8330m. Now maybe when i get my 9650 in a couple of weeks...

The readers in the stores won't scan the screen. I have screen protector on (BSE). Has anyone tried with just a bare screen?

card stars website says they dont work with screen protectors. but you can email them and they might be able to tell you of specific screen protectors that do work.
But alot of ppl have not been able to scan with their blackberrys even w/o screen protectors. Apparently, to scan from a berry, the store needs a specific imaging scanner.
good luck

aside from taking pictures or scans of your current cards-which you use routinely, so once you have an image, you wouldn't need to regenerate it-**don't most stores accept your phone number** for rewards program cards?!

i'm not sure i want to hand over my BB to some store clerk to drop, either.

and what if you have a screen protector on?

just a few thoughts.

after seeing that it could offer location-based coupons, i said "ok, what the hay," **despite** still being skeptical about having to hand my phone to a clerk and that it might not work with my screen protector on.
it never found my location, even though google maps did fine. and it wanted access to my security timer??? why???
this app needs so much work it's not even funny (it's kinda ugly, too).
RadarCoupon, in the appWorld, is a better alternative.

I have a storm 1. When I clicked on show keyboard I pressed 999 and a secret menu popped up asking for a system password

Emptied my wallet of all my loyalty cards and loaded them on my Tour this afternoon. Stopped by CVS and Staples on the way home from work. The associates scanned my phone with no problems. We will see how well it works at the grocery store this week.

My wallet just got a lot lighter! This app works like a champ. Already used it at the grocery store tonight. Very cool!

I don't get it. Why is this any better than taking a pic with the phone's camera? I did this the other day with my Staple's rewards card. I signed up online and couldn't print out the card b/c I ran out of toner (which is why I was headed to Staples). I snapped a pic of it for them to scan. The clerk actually had me read the numbers b/c he said the bb screen is too reflective.

Has anyone actually tried having the store scan from the screen?

I tried this at the gym today (work out world) and there were unable to scan it. I don't have a screen protector on my phone either..

I loaded a bunch, and they all have the store logo above the barcode, with the exception of my CVS card. Can't get the CVS logo to show up like it does in the thread picture. Anyone else???

I received a reply from CardStar after providing feedback. Known problems are the inability to put stores in alphabetical order and no store logo for CVS. I was told these problems would be fixed in the next week or so. Also, I learned that the location service (find nearest store) doesn't work with Blackberry, only the iphone. I did not get an estimate on a fix for that issue.

I saw this news this morning and was very excited. I can actually leave my house and take nothing but my phone and house key. I put my Golds Gym info on my phone, went to the gym and FAIL. I even had the employee behind the counter try and get it to work, but nothing. Tried far close and no luck. It has to be the glare from the screen. I want to know how the company tested this and said it was working? Is there a screen protector that would make the screen not have a glare?

I already have the numbers in my SplashID wallet and for vendors that use phone numbers, I just give those. Haven't carried membership cards for awhile.

p.s. funny that they are linking to this article on their web site with all the negative feedback it's gotten so far.

I quite enjoy this app. As one user pointed out, they can now get rid of the stack of cards in their wallet!

The only suggestion I would have for the creator is to make the card names show up in alphabetical order. Maybe I'm just too organized or something but alphabetical would make a great feature.

Another suggestion would be to have names come up when I type in a letter key. For example when I hit the letter "F" in the main menu everything that has the letter F in the first name would show up.

I suppose it's hard to hope for things like that from a free app. This one certainly works well and eventually will have a great potential!

Didnt work at Planet Fitness. I tried a few different times, too much glare on the screen i think. Maybe if the screen wasnt as bright, it would work? Ill try it tomorrow and see if that works.

I saw the app. I downloaded the app. The app worked just fine on my Bold 9000 and I like it at lot. It didn't even cause any lock-ups or lagging.

However - it did renew that old serious app memory leak I had about 6 months ago and worked soooo hard to get rid of. So - I deleted the app. Memory problem solved immediately.

Perhaps I can install the iPhone version of it on my iPod Touch and use it from there.


I typed in my starbucks number and saved it. Then went to display barcode and it still just displayed the numbers. Its messed on my phone. And do you put ther verification code in as well like they normally need when typing it in manually (its like the digits on the back of your visa). Or just the membership number? And where do I send various businesses to get with the program. Like shoppers optimum or the bay HBC

I've got a Storm 1 and after installation and inputting my first number, the result was simply a screen that dislayed the number but didn't convert it to a barcode. Bye-bye app.

You have to switch to barcode, then it stays like that.

I'd think barcode should be the default though.

Incidentally, I uninstalled it too.

I installed this mega app and went down to the grocery store Kroger to try it out and ..... FAIL

It can't read the barcode off the screen luckly I hadn't removed the tag off my keys yet, food is expensive there without the member number.

Maybe if they made the barcode larger it would help


Didn't like a number of things with it, but decided to give it a shot.

Didn't work in first store (making me look stupid - trying to be high tech, when all I needed was a phone number).


End of story!

"Trying to be high tech" lmao!!! That is hilarious and exactly how I was feeling. Like a damn fool!!!! But its ok I can lmao at myself! But made me think about how this is the ONE time my trusted BB has failed me and made me feel like an @$$!

Oh had me cracking up here. That's exactly how I would feel. Now I'm not wanting to even try it out. Maybe I'll try it at the YMCA..and tell her I just want to try a dumb app (that I secretly think is way cool) hehe..

My phone is always active. I try standby mode but it only stays 2 minutes or so then it lights back.
It'll consume my battery in no time if the phone is always lite.
Any suggestions?

Installed it, added 4 cards, only 2 showed up. Tried to add the missing cards again and it said they were already there. Also why not have a barcode scan using the cam a la BB Messenger?

Uninstalled the app from my BB.

I'll keep the keyring tags.

I have loaded this on my Story 9530 and it works great. Not all of the bar-codes come up automatically, but you can make them appear by selecting a specific type. I do wish it would automatically alphabetize the cards for me. Right now all the cards are in no discernible order. Other than that, I do like it.

Installed it on my 9630 with high hopes. Went to the grocery store and also looked like an idiot trying to scan my BB. Had to revert back to the trusty plastic. Hope someone figures out how to get this to work.

I have a BOLD 9000 and the barcode would not scan at my Pharmacy (CVS) this morning. The person behind the counter had a touch screen phone and he had the application on his phone and the CVS barcode on his phone would scan???

Win some, lose some and some are rained out. That's life. But really disappointed it does not work on my BOLD 9000.

I got the app loaded fine on my Tour, but both the self-service scanner and the checkout scanner wouldn't recognize the barcode that was generated. I tried both with and without my screen-protector, and double-checked the card number (the card worked fine BTW). Maybe I'll try PetCo, but I'll feel really stupid if the checkout person's scanner can't read the screen.

Went the the gym to try it out today and didnt work! besides i keep getting appliction trying to reset security timer!!!!!!!!

this was not such a great app for my 8900. had to reload OS and restore. so much for testing apps before publishing them

Was kinda guessing that it would appear as it does in the picture once you enter the info required. But seems all it does is list the numbers of the barcode, not the barcode itself. I know when when the cards are scanned, that is hat is scanned, the barcode, not the numbers. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I doubt it.

3.6 MB and it's like we're strapped for cash or something, lol. All the reason why RIM needs to seriously increase app memory. I just resorted to downloading it on my iPod Touch.

Shut down my phone. i have the storm 1 and i deleted other files to make room for this app. downloaded the app rebooted my phone n it never turned back on >=I

From cardstar website:

"On iPhone and Android, CardStar features SyncScan™, our advanced system for rendering barcodes. This new technology allows for successful scanning with most merchants using handheld laser scanning guns. On BlackBerry, an imaging scanner must be used to read from the BlackBerry's screen."

Should have read the comments before downloading. Why is the blackberry the rodney dangerfield of smartphones for app developers?
Most apps on the blackberry are substandard compared to iphone and now android. Fail.

Downloaded it today disregarding the fact that this bloated 3.5 MB app will drop my POS 9530 down to 12MB, but to top it off discovered that it has a huge memory leak!!! This app, granted I only had 12 MBs left on my 9530, dropped it down to 1.4KB in 4 hours. DO NOT INSTALL this APP.

1) was able to enter more than 2 cards after rebooting phone

2) even after emailing cardstar tech support, the scanners at the stores just don't read the bar codes (FoodTown) or they read incorrectly (CVS)

I was happy that the app was here, but very disappointed.

Verizon 8530

uninstalling. going back to bringing card or phone number.

Got it on my 8830 and I figured out the software, that is fine but tried it at convenience store/gas station Speedway and didn't work. Cashier said they "never work here" but I don't know if she knew what she was talking about.

Going to try Kroger, CVS and Rite Aid next.

I loaded this on my Storm 2. Easy to enter cards, some didnt show up after entry but a restart of my phone made them all magically appear. I held on to all my key tags after reading that the app wont work when you try to scan the barcode. First shot was this morning at CVS. I kept my fingers crossed and KA-CHING! It worked.

**Only downfall I can see so far is that my phone does not go into sleep mode anymore. Anyone else experiencing this?**

Why not just use your phone number at the checkout line? Nearly all of these places can pull up your membership card when you give them your phone number. Takes 2 seconds.

Was very excited about this one - downloaded it, tried it, didn't work at Price Chopper. The checkout girl said she's seen the program before on customers' cellphones and it never works w the laser scanner. So she ended up havin to manually input the numbers. So much for quick and easy. And ur right, RIM really has to step up their game w regard to app memory.

This app would be worth it if it worked but so far I have tried it at two stores and neither one can read it on my Storm 9530. Glad I didn't pay anything for it!! It is a great idea and a great concept IF it would have worked and certainly E for effort BUT scanners just don't read it! Overall, don't waste your time and your precious phone memory!! Deleted as soon as I could!!

Like one person said its just easier to give them my phone number since the scanner doesn't work at foodlion, Cvs, or Ingles. Really is a fail why have it on your phone seriously

After waiting forever for it to load the first time, literally at least 2 minutes, I put all my cards in. Ended up going to Dick's Sporting Goods the next day, would not scan. The guy said it seems about 50/50 on the phones. I will prob try one more store before I just delete it off my phone. I do not have high hopes.

I agree it is almost useless. I have tried it a few places and it doesn't work. I am considering removing all together.

i went to self check out and was very ampped to use this amp and it didnt work :( total bummer. i held the phone in both directions and NADA NOthing no beep saying the bar code was read. Totally Ticked off i threw out all my cards no less.

i to am sick of low memory and now my memory is full and i keep getting asked if i want to delete some apps i might not use as much. but it shouldnt come to that. there should be more space i see people with iphones that have tons of apps and phone just keeps on running fine. im ticked off. is there a way to download apps to memory card?? if someone can tell me or email me.. please email me or message me on here. ty. I have the storm 9530

After taking the time to enter all of my cards in Cardstar, I updated my blackberry and lost all of the entries, despite backing up my phone.

Booo. I'm hesitant to put them all in again, only to perhaps lose them.

I was so excited to get this app for my Storm. I put all my cards on it and was so disappointed when it didn't work at the grocery store today. So so disappointed. I guess I'll just have to wait for the iPhone to come to Verizon.