CardStar App For BlackBerry Smartphones Coming May 1st

By Adam Zeis on 17 Mar 2010 12:26 pm EDT


What is CardStar you say? Its a very cool little app that lets you store all of your "convenience cards" in one place. Instead of having loads of cards or keytags for the video store, gym, car rental agencies, pet store, library, hotels or supermarkets, you just need the CardStar app on your mobile device. You simply enter your card information, and the bardcode can be displayed right on the screen. No more carting around loads of plastic cards that get lost and worn out. There are loads of retailers in the CardStar database, and you can submit a request for addional retailers if yours isn't listed in the system.

The CardStar app is listed as coming soon, and a tweet by @mycardstard yesterday stated the app will be hitting BlackBerry on May 1st. Definitely something to look forward to. I know I'm excited to ditch all those worn out tags on my keychain in favor of this app. For more details, hit up Thanks to Ben for sending this in!

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CardStar App For BlackBerry Smartphones Coming May 1st


Now this is an application that I look forward to. I don't carry certain cards on my keyring because I do not go to those stores often but when I do it would be nice to have the card to scan. With this application I can store the barcode without cluttering my keyring.

All you really need to do is scan your card, or probably just take a picture of it with your BlackBerry, and show that picture to the scanner at your your retailer.

The CardStar website asks you to upload a picture of the barcode but an automatically generated one would be more accurate.

now this app would be useful..i actually could get by with just carrying the phone in my hand and my ID and CC in my pocket then. I'm not one of those girls who carry purses and even carrying a wallet irks me.

I was just searching for an app like this earlier in the morning because i saw an announcement for one for the iPhone today. It's nothing super exciting but i can definitely make use of it.

But what about all those places that don't have fancy barcode/magstripe cards? You know, the paper ones that get stamped each time you come in. You know, about 75% of the thickness of my wallet.

Don't get me wrong... I'm very much looking forward to this, but I suspect it may not be as useful as I'd hope.

will this work on all bb as i have the curve 8330 i cant wait this will be such a usefull ap i can rid my wallet and just have my phone id and cc that will be so wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I am beta-testing an app called ScanNSave that stores images of your keyring cards on your media card. Take a pic of the card through the app and it is viewable in gallery or list form. And yes, the images are completely scan-able. They actually work in real life. It's very simple right now, but it's free, it's not limited by a specific database, it doesn't farm your account info out to yet ANOTHER 3rd party, and it works!

Hello fellow crackberrians,

I am all for this new application and am looking forward to the days that we can eliminate more clutter from our keychains and wallets.

I am somewhat apprenhensive to rely on these apps because I do not like to let go of my blackberry to attendants. I am happy to hold onto the bb as the attendant scans the screen.

I noticed this first when I sent my boarding pass to my bb email and when required to scan the barcode on the screen, the attendant pulled at my bb and I would not let go of it. She asked me to let go so she could scan the screen and I said to bring the scanner to me. Needless to say, that caused some looks over in my direction at an airport no less. She took it lightly and issued me a paper boarding pass so I would not have to take my bb out at the next gate.

If our society is to advance to go paperless and use our pda/bb more often, they should give us easier access to scanning devices.

Am I just being anal here? If yes, then who is responsible for the breakage if an attendant accidently drops your bb? What kind of inconvenience will you incur to have the bb replaced? you leave out of town....

Haha, I don't think you're being anal because I feel the same way and would do the exact same thing, i.e., not give the employee my BlackBerry and hold it myself while they scan it. I definitely plan on trying out this app, but if more times than not I am 'forced' to give my BlackBerry to the employee to scan, then I will more than likely ditch the app.

I have some concerns based on their website info:
1)they suggest your phone should not have a screen protector - not good for us Storm owners
2)the scan will work better with a hand scanner - not available at a self-checkout aisle
3)you would have to hand your phone to the cashier to scan the barcode - could be tricky
4)phone screen needs to be clean, free of fingerprints smudges, etc - problematic for Storm owners again, with or without a screen protector

We'll see

Seriously - none of you have figured out how to do this already? If it isn't free, I'm not paying for an app that let's me do something I've been doing for nearly 2 years with little effort.

I've scanned all my membership cards and stored the images in a folder on my memory card. Open the image on screen and it's scanned perfectly at CVS, Fry's, Safeway and a few others.

So RIM needs a 99 cent category app because at best, all it will do is slightly consolidate what I already do for free.

This better not be another Shazam.. A free iPhone app which we Blackberry users has to pay for. Cardstars site says Completely FREE and that better remain there May 1!
this is also prob gonna be a storm only app.. IMO making it for other devices would make the barcode too small

This will be great for my Walgreen's, Petsmart, Borders, and Sundowner titty Bar membership cards.

By putting pics of the code on your phone. If you can't get a good quality pic/scan of your current card, there are plenty of websites that will make your barcode for you if you type in the number.

No desire to take up more memory on my device rather than media card.

Who cares if you "have been doing this for 2 years already" or "this is a waste of space"...we don't want to hear about it. This app looks very cool and handy and it's just something that will be great for BB users everywhere. You don't have to prove to us how smart you are cause you have been doing this forever. No one cares that you do not like it. No need for your negative comments. Let us "non-haters" enjoy something fun for our BB's. Go scan some more barcodes or something.

I used a Droid for a month and one of my favorite apps was called Keyring. You used the camera on the Droid to take a scan of your card. The app had a database of hundreds of cards and would display your barcode along with the graphics of the store, like CVS, Dick's etc. It really enabled me to empty out my wallet of those cards.

Even though the Droid is a great phone, I missed my BB email and went back to it and got rid of the Droid. This is one app that I really wished I could get on my BB. I'm glad I'm finally getting one.

I have been waiting for this since the original cardstar came out for the iPhone! They SKIPPED blackberry so they could work on the Android (what they told me). Kinda makes me wonder WHY we (blackberry users) are so frowned upon?!?! Are we not a LARGE customer base? Are we not loyal? Are we not worthy! :)

I'm looking forward to this one. I have about 30 cards I can put on it RIGHT NOW!

Just don't like the idea of handing over my shiny new BB to a bored out of their skull cashier to scan.I'm pretty sure most wont let you reach over and scan it yourself and what happens if they drop or bang it against something, who pays? that's who. Think I'll give this one a miss, good idea though.

Totally agree with TonysBB... I won't let anyone touch my phone let alone some stranger who would probably scratch my always kept perfect new condition phone.. I can picture it now.. "It's won't scan"... *slides it across scanner as screen scratches*...

If they don't let you reach the 8" to scan it yourself, then they can do without the customer buying habits and demographic information they're trying to collect.
Most checkout scanners that are not hand held guns are well within customer reach. I can't think of a single retail store I have a card for where the counter mounted scanner is not directly in front of the customer. Even the little "R2D2" scanners that sit upright on the counter at convenience stores and such are on a cord and easily pointed in the direction of the customer and within arm's reach.

The scanners may be in easy reach but how many stores let you scan your own card now? Just because you have it on a phone doesn't mean they'll all of a sudden change their procedures.

How does this compare with other services? I've tried using and and saved the barcodes as .pdf files. I went to blockbuster and had them scan it, and it didn't work. Does a .jpg or other format work better than .pdf files? I thought it had something to do with the scanner not working on reflected light (something like that) which is what this whole thing is about. If someone can help me understand and explain how it would work, I would definitely be interested. I just have too many on my keychain and some in my wallet, that this would come in handy.

Just saw this app on my buddy's iPot touch and it is awesome!! Finally something that compiles soooo many freakin' cards. My wallet thanks you!!

Did someone say Fandango is doing this to? Sweeet! I have 11 cards dangling from my keychain, I would LOVE this to have them all work on here.

Used cardstar on my iPhone and it worked everywhere for me. Kroger, Hallmark, Blockbuster, Petsmart, CVS, Best Buy, and the list goes on. The only app I truly missed is coming to Blackberry!!

It did not make it out on the 1st, but on CardStar's Twitter page it has this.

"Note to all: #CardStar for #Blackberry & #Android is set to release this week!!! Once live you can download CardStar thru :)" and

"@ChefMorry Your wish is my command! Just 4 u we will release Blackberry this week!!! So keep an eye out on our website or Blackberry Store about 4 hours ago via web in reply to ChefMorry"

So we can only wait and see this week!

Not working as well as it works for for iPhone/iTouch. This version you have to tell it what barcode to use, the previous versions, it does tht automatically. You have to be a BarCode Genius to figure out which Barcode version to select. I selected all of them and I didn't see any change in any of the formats that show and it doesn't give yo any options if the barcode (begining or ending) doesn't match what you have. 'Duane Reade' the easiest one, didn't match anything they had???

Flaky start!!

I've been bragging about this all week and actually put the time into load up all my information and have been enjoying this app very much.
However today I just re installed my OS and while the app itself is there, ALL my information is GONE.

Can someone do something about this. Is there a back upfile that can be made. This sucks. I had so many in there.