Carbonite mobile application for BlackBerry - Access your backed up files from your device

By Adam Zeis on 30 Jun 2010 11:28 am EDT

Carbonite for BlackBerry

When first announced over a month ago, Carbonite for BlackBerry was only working on a select few devices/OS versions. We got word today that the app has been updated and now supports the Pearl Flip, 96xx, 89xx, 83xx, 85xx, 9000, 9700 and Storm. If you are a Carbonite user, this app is a great one to have on your device. It allows you to access all of your backed up files on the go so you never have to be without your documents, photos or media. Features include:

  • Browse: You can browse the directory structures on all of your Carbonite-backed-up computers.
  • View: Bring up PDFs, photos, music and video files, Excel, Powerpoint, Word documents and other text files can be opened and viewed right on your BlackBerry.
  • Share: You can forward any file via email, right from your phone.

The app is free to download from, and Carbonite accounts are available for both PC and Mac starting at $54.95/year. Hit the links below for more.

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Carbonite mobile application for BlackBerry - Access your backed up files from your device


Ah...finally. And of course I didn't receive an email from Carbonite letting me know the app was available for the 9700. Thanks to CB for bringing this to my attention.

edit: Well...that's not good. I installed the app, gave it a try and it responded with "Internal Server Error." Oh well.

Hello John. I sent an email yesterday afternoon. Hope to hear from you regarding my troubles with the app.

I am a HUGE believer in online backup solutions and have been using Carbonite for a few years now. Just downloaded this app and it is lightening fast! If you have a Carbonite account you MUST download this.

Backup! Backup! Backup!

I have a 9700. Server may be getting pounded at the moment. Don't give up! When I say fast I mean it's FAST.

Boss is away on vacation, his computer crashed.

Can multiple BlackBerry users access the Carbonite back ups? We have subscriptions for five different PCs. (plus, I have it on an iMac at home), can one carbonite BB app access to separate Carbonite back ups?

I have two separate backup files and they both showed up. As long as the backups are linked to one email they will all show up. Otherwise all they need to do is log in with the email connected to that particular backup

When I try to log in on my 9000 I get a pop up that says "Service Not Available". I was corresponding with the product manager at Carbonite and he said they are working on it. I'll direct him to this thread. Maybe he can monitor our comments.

Great! I have been thinking about getting carbonite for a few months. Saw the ad on fox news. Now that they have a blackberry app I am sold! Downloaded it today.

download on PC went smooth. However when I try to download app to my Storm 2 9550 I get unsupported media type: text/vnd.sun.j2me-app-descriptor.
Any thoughts?

I emailed like the earlier post stated. I got awesome, fast, customer service that resolved the problem quickly. Very impressed!

Got it downloaded and works great.

When I try to view a PDF it says "No applications to view this file were found." I can view PDF's that get emailed to me just fine.

Hi fellow crackberry friends. If you're having issues with the Carbonite app on your berry, could you please post the model of your berry and any error details?

I am not affiliated with Carbonite but do believe in their products. I'm just trying to help them sort out these issues since it doesn't work on my 9000 yet either.


I'm currently a happy user of SugarSync - can anyone (esp the Carbonite folks and/or current users) tell me any differences and/or value above and beyond what a service like SugarSync can deliver... just curious...

the application, opened it up, and I signed on to my computer and my C-drive folders showed up on my BOLD. What a great application to have.

My only question is--Why didn't Carbonite let me know this app was available? I have subscribed to the Carbonite backup program for almost three years.

Good thing I am a CrackBerry junkie. Sure hope it works with the 9800 when it come out. Because I will be purchasing one ASAP.

Just downloaded and works like a charm on my Storm 2... lighting fast also! I am out of my office a lot and access to my work files from anywhere is priceless!

I'd really like to see a comparison post between this and SugarSync. Seem like similar services. Maybe some day in the future... you know, as a Crackberry Idol winner assignment.

so if you are just going to use this for music and video, why not get something thats free?

winamp remote does an awesome job of this. I have a desktop computer with a terabyte of storage in central illinois at my parents house. It stays on all the time, always connected to the internet. I have tons of music and video on it. When I am driving in my car and need to access some music or video, I just pull up from my phones browser, and thats it. It works great and the sound quality is not bad at all.

I like this also because since I primarily use my netbook, and its a laptop that isnt turned on most of the time, by having everything on my desktop, it ensures I always have access to those files when I need them.

I was even considering installing pc anywhere or timbuktu or however you spell it on the dekstop. That way from now on, I could just download all my music and movies to that remotely and access them anywhere.

As mentioned earlier in this thread, I couldn't get Carbonite to work on my Bold 9000. After working with John Kalish (carboniteblackberry on CrackBerry) and discovering that I was getting an APN error, I found the fix. This may not work for all those having trouble getting Carbonite to work on their BlackBerry but its worth a look.

I should start by saying I'm on OS 5. In the Advanced Options under TCP/IP, you will see a check box beside "APN Settings Enabled". This should be checked. Mine wasn't. I checked it and where it says "APN:", since I'm on Rogers, I entered "". Now the Carbonite app works like a charm. Each carrier has its own parameters for APN settings and some will require a user name and password.

I hope this helps out those having trouble with this great app.


I have been a long time user of Carbonite at work and at home. I love it. I do not use the remote access that frequently but it sure is handy for when you do need it. I think it works faster/better on the blackberry app than it does on their internet www. based remote access. Seems to works more smooth and faster on the mobile app.