Carbon Slick Free Theme Updated For Bold And 8900 Now Includes Tour And 8520 Support As Well

By Bla1ze on 17 Aug 2009 09:30 am EDT
Free Carbon Slick Theme Updated For BlackBerry Tour And 8520!

One of the hottest and most downloaded free themes in the CrackBerry App Store got a nice update last night. Carbon Slick from Ninja Themes was updated for all supporting devices with the Bold and 8900 getting "bug fix" versions to put in but the real update is for all you 9630 Tour and 8520 Curve owners, as Carbon Slick is now available for your devices as well. Ninja Themes has been pushing the updates out at a good pace... be sure to check some of his other work as well such as Berry Electric as it is a premium offering which right now is on sale for only $1.00!!

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Carbon Slick Free Theme Updated For Bold And 8900 Now Includes Tour And 8520 Support As Well


guys this may be a stupid question but i am new to BB so forgive me...

Anyway how do you get the weather icon in the top corner?

Oh yeah the device is a 8900 only had it for 3 days

it is dependent on the theme you are using, they will usually tell you which number (in placement) the icon has to be.

Just installed this theme on my BOLD and it looks great! I love the extra icon in the corner option and the quick glance at the calendar. I am not much for the color red but it still looks cool!

Bold user, been using the prior version of carbon slick for a few months and really like it. But ... this new version killed my SMS/MMS shortcut. Now texts go to email which requires me to reply to my email to get the text. Is there a way to get back what this version broke? If not this theme will sadly have to be replaced as the inconvenience is very high to the point of me saying WTF were these guys thinking?

absolutely awesome -- thanks a million for that tip. I did not know that option was even there. All back to great!

I am a BB newbie & just downloaded this Carbon Slick theme, but I lost my SMS & MMS icon. Where did it go?!?

Great, nice looking theme...but the Viigo app doesn't show up? It shows to be loaded and on the phone application list...but the icon doesn't show up to let me launch the app from the home screen!! Why?

Hey, great theme! is there a way to get a little profiles icon somewhere on the home screen (small icon at the top) in order to show if im in Normal or Vibrate or etc...

Does anyone know what the weather app is that is captured in the screenshot (pic of moon upper right corner)? Thanks.

I downloaded this theme... I don't love it. I like having the volume icon on the top left since I'm always going between vib and ring. I'm also a Yankees fan, not a Redsux fan. haha

is there anyway to have sms show up where they have cal. info. when i use the theme it has nothing on the right side where they have info and i don't know how to change that>