Carbon OS7 by BB-Freaks - the first theme for OS 7 Bold, Curve, and Torch!

Carbon OS7
By Alicia Erlich on 10 Dec 2011 01:43 pm EST

It's been a busy week here on the blogs, especially if you're an OS7 owner and have been experiencing theme withdrawal. Between Magmic's recent releases and our own how to guide on building an OS7 theme, being able to change the stock design on OS7 devices is now possible. Now while those themes were compatible with the new Bold and Curve, BB-Freaks has done what we've all been waiting for and developed Carbon OS7, the first theme that also supports the new OS7 Torches!  

Carbon OS7 comes in not just one but five fabulous color (Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, and Red) schemes. It is an amazing looking theme with customized backgrounds and colors, a cute icon set, and is wallpaper friendly. I'm still not used to seeing a theme on my 9900 but believe me you don't want to pass this one up. It's available for $1.99 from the CrackBerry Store for BlackBerry Bold 9900/30, Curve 9350/60/70, and Torch 9810/50/60 devices.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below that corresponds to your preferred color and enjoy!

More information / screenshots and to purchase Red Carbon OS7
More information / screenshots and to purchase Pink Carbon OS7
More information / screenshots and to purchase Orange Carbon OS7
More information / screenshots and to purchase Green Carbon OS7
More information / screenshots and to purchase Blue Carbon OS7

Reader comments

Carbon OS7 by BB-Freaks - the first theme for OS 7 Bold, Curve, and Torch!


Until the theme builder comes out there's no competition so they can charge for all these themes often subpar, its the same situation on the playbook for the twitter apps until a native twitter app is released

I can't believe I just spent 2 bucks on this crap!! Icons ugly and way too small. Theme is all over the place!! Damn I miss having a good theme on my phone!!

yea im deff looking forward to themes, but theres no way id waste 2$ on this crap, the stock theme looks 1000x better, im not gonna pay for ugly fonts and tiny icons

This is a "tough crowd" . Give the guy a break. It's the first theme made for these devices and it was made without an OS 7 themebuilder!

Exactly... people complain because there are no themes, so developers find a way around not having Theme Builder and make what they can. But guess what, it's not good enough for people so they complain some more. It's ridiculous.

I wonder how many of the people complaining understand what the devs have to do at this point to make BB7 themes AT ALL? I bet if they knew, they would be a little more understanding. 

i get that its hard to do, that doesnt change the fact that the dev could have made it prettier, if you can change the icons, you can change the icons, they dont have to be tiny and almost indistinguishable. for 2$ i dont want to install a theme that inhibits productivity.

First of, let me start off by saying 2 Thumbs Way up for the effort, time and skill it must have taken to build these without a 0S7 Theme Builder.

But, in defense of those who are "complaining" they are simply frustrated. They want a unique and exciting visual experience on their phones. They want something that looks better than what shipped with the original OS or maybe similar, but not something a that deteriorates their user experience. Something that looks better than the competition. Something that makes them proud.

We live in a world of aesthetics and user experience where the beauty of the UI is key. In an already deteriorating BlackBerry community, we have to show of stuff to others where they go; "Wow, I like what you have on your phone." BlackBerry users are the brands biggest advocates and they can't do their jobs if they have to display something like this. They want beautiful phones that function and do it in elegance in an experience that enchants them. The difficulty of creating a theme simply can't negate the fact that it has to look beautiful and entice others towards the product.

While I applaud the effort of the developer(s) that brought this first OS7 theme together, I can understand the agony of the BlackBerry user who fails to see beauty in this and simply feels frustrated and let down by the lack beauty in the OS they already have to suffer.

Well said, 1MXR

The creator gets an "A" for effort, because instead of waiting for the OS7 Theme Builder to come out, they did it the "hard" way and I can appreciate that.

But a lot of us BB users have high standards for what we put on our devices. I personally will not lower my standards and install a theme that looks like a customized version of Windows 97 just because it is the first and only option available to me.

Michelle, that's like saying that this is the first time someone has been able to make poop fly. Yeah, it would be amazing to see poop fly, but I'm sure as hell not paying for it!

The red theme takes me back to Wolf 3D on my x486 PC. This is something I would have put on my 7130C.

I think it's cool that this is the first theme on the 9900, I'm still not going to pay for it due to risk of it slowing my device down and messing up my icon locations.

Plus it doesn't look as nice as the stock theme

I remember the days where themes were free. I can't see myself or anyone I know spending $2 on a blackberry theme. Change ur wallpaper and BAM,new theme. Good enough for me

Its hard enough to get the operating systems to work properly and you wanna throw a theme in the mix? And yeah, they are super ugly.

Wow, these people are least someone put the time and effort into making a theme, whether you think its "pretty" enough for your phone or cost too much, show some respect! If you whiners want a free theme, maybe you should spend your own time and resources making one, and then give your work away to everyone else for free

Yeah, how DARE you people offer up your honest opinions!!! Don't you know how Apple blows away the competition? ISheep! We need BBsheep to compete, dammit!!

Wow, a comment about poop flying and then more ignorance from the same're on a roll, buddy! Since you're big on honest opinion, mine is that you're an idiot that talks ridiculous nonsense, where in my comment do you see anything about apple or isheep? Also, whining about the price of someone else's work and then insulting the quality of work isn't a constructive opinion, take your self entitlement issues some where else, you don't decide what another person's work and time ares worth! Like I said, instead of whining about how you can't afford flying poop or themes, maybe do something more constructive like making a theme yourself and giving your work away to everyone else for free....I'm assuming with your honest opinion that their work should be free, then you obviously must work for free too or have no job! As holding a job in which you get paid goes against this honest opinion that people shouldn't be compensated for their time and work....

So, do you disagree with film critics? They give their opinions on films that studios spend MILLIONS on. How about car magazines? Wait - even better: how about tech blogs? What if Michelle, Bla1ze or Adam come out and give their honest opinion on an app that they didn't like? Or if they wrote an op-ed piece on RIM as a company (which they have)?

So, you'll say, "what the hell makes you so qualified???". Well, I am the end-user. The consumer. The one that makes the ultimate decision on whether a product lives or dies. No, not all by myself. But as part of a collective. That's the way the world works. Well, that and sheep who blindly follow, but Apple has that market cornered.

As for the "flying poop"? It's the weekend. Lighten up, Francis.

BTW- I did post a serious, honest bit below.

Ok, I'll use your invalid if some reviewer says a car, movie, or tech device tells you its lame, do you go in and publicly whine relentlessly that it should be given to you free? Yes, I saw your ultra serious comparison below between themes and super "high end " car stereo components such as sony and alpine lol, your comparisons make no sense....a theme would be closer to putting seat covers on your car seats, not replacing speakers and adding amps! I still fail to see the validity in your apple isheep comment in reference to my saying show some respect for someone else's hardwork! Imagine, your co-workers complaining that their work is better than yours to your face and telling everyone you should be working for free because of an end user, yes you decide whether to purchase something and its value to you personally, but you don't get to decide what someone elses time or product is worth to them....if that was the case no one would buy anything and everything would be free

We'll just have to agree to disagree. Well, looks like you disagree with about 98% of the posts here. So I guess we'll have to all disagree with you. And let's leave it that. Oh, btw

- mrdoucheme, where in the hell in my post did I say that it should be free? My post, not any others.

One of the issues is that BlackBerry actually did a decent job with the stock UI/theme. It does look pretty darn good. To create a theme that you could actually expect people to pay for it would require that theme to be *better* than what is already there for free. It's sort of like aftermarket car stereo systems. For years, many people would flock to either their local car stereo shop or electronics giant store. They would replace that clunky tape player with a cd player, those paper cone speakers with the higher-end Sony, Alpine or Rockford Fosgate (with subs) and a strong amp to power it all. Then the car manufacturers started to ship out their cars and trucks with much improved systems. The sales of aftermarket stereo systems declined. Sure, the die-hards will still get the upgrades (I did), but the stock systems started to satisfy more and more people.

Personally, I would never pay for a theme. But that's just me. For those that are willing to pay, they have to be offered something that earns their money.

What besides the really cool icons - is the difference between this theme and the stock theme?

Nice effort, but it just makes me pine even more for a really cool theme...


I actually like the theme that my Torch 9810 came with out of the box. When I have my Torch 9800 I had a time when I bought a lot of different themes and after a few days I always went back to the stock theme. None of them worked better that what was designed for the phone.

I won't waste anymore $$ on themes.

What truly is the point to changing a theme anyway? It appears to be nothing more than fools being parted with their money. The same goes for all these extra applications that do what the device already has included on it in the first place.

This "fool" gets tired of looking at the same screen day in and day out so its nice to change to a different theme once in a while to freshen things up. I, for one, will rejoice when the theme builder is up and running for OS7 and the themes start coming out left and right.

Um, a big NO to this theme. Good Lord they are all hideous. This is like charging pro users for first-high-school project attempt.

WOW, I would hate to audition my artistic talents in front of this crowd, ouch.

To the designer: I think it is what it is, it's art and you liked it right? Art in my opinion is about YOU and if others get some enjoyment or connect with it, great. You're trying to make a buck or 2 like everyone else in this god-forsaken world. so good job, and best of luck. Don't listen to all these guys wanting something for nothing - and just keep polishing your talents.

Now, to the rest of you: would you ever say this to someone's face? "gee that sure sucks pal, can I have your painting for free" - the bast part is the idiots on here who would use this if it were free? That makes a lot of sense. Either you don't like it or you do, a small amount to pay for something does not somehow render it hideous. Everyone wants the free lunch hey?