Tracking, mapping and a HUD - all with Car Tripper for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 24 Nov 2013 09:56 am EST

Car Tripper is the perfect tool for your BlackBerry 10 device if you have the need or requirement to record car journeys. In fact, it's not really limited to use in the car as within the settings you can change the speed rating to knots - so it should be useful for boating amongst other things. 

Once the Built for BlackBerry application is launched you'll see four tabs at the base of the display. First up and the one that will open by default is the speedometer. I'll be honest and say that it isn't the nicest looking one I've used, however, jump into the settings and there are some rather special features on offer.

The one I like best is that you can set the application to automatically update your BBM status to 'I'm Driving' so your friends don't pester you with messages while you are concentrating on the road. Once you finish your trip it can also announce that you have arrived - clever stuff. 

Tab number two is the map and this simply utilizes BlackBerry Maps. While I don't see myself using this tab it comes in rather handy with one of the other features of the app - keep on reading. 

Car Tripper has a built in HUD (Head Up Display) so if you fancy placing your BlackBerry on your dashboard your speed will be shown on the windscreen of your car. You'll just need to ensure that you have a non-slip surface to rest your BlackBerry on. 

The final - and most useful tab is the 'Trip' one. Here you can record your journeys and at a later stage you can jump into the 'previous trips' section and view the details of the journey. These include: 

  • Total distance
  • Elapsed time
  • Traveled time
  • Stopped time
  • Average speed
  • Max speed

In addition, you can tap the 'Map' tab at the base of the screen and see the route that you took - which is shown by a blue line on the map. There's even a statistics tab which will present your speed on a graph - although I'm not sure how much use this one will be - unless you are in court up on a speeding charge! 

Overall though, Car Tripper is a super application and for £1.50/$1.99 it's a worthy tool to have in your app collection of you spend a lot of time in the car. 

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Tracking, mapping and a HUD - all with Car Tripper for BlackBerry 10


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Meh, it's no worse than acting like an old fart that thinks he owns the internet.

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Looks like your are only one complaining after all ! Oh wait you have a forum friend too.

Q10 \m/

You look like a moron because you posted 1stest and you failed the internet miserably. Now you just look like a big idiot. Great job

Cool app. I wonder what the heads up display would do to battery life? Of course, you can always have it on a car charger.

Posted via CB10

Looks like nice handy app and plenty of promise for future upgrades. However wished that it gives us an option to pull up a google map.

I'm hoping that it will integrate a Dash cam app like "Dash Cam" in App World. I'm dying for a dash cam app that has an auto delete feature for old recordings. Add that here and you can have all of my money!

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Yeah, a dash cam app will be a be great addition and one that I would love to have.

Posted using my amazing Z10...BB4All

Got it,tried it...bright sunny day here so no heads up try out but the speed/ distance worked pretty well considering just a short tryout.
Good job Dev.

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Very cool app and something in would download and use often...if my car didn't already do it for me but for many this should be an awesome app.

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Cool app, next it needs to automatically launch when I get connected to the bluetooth device designated as mycar.

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