Lost your car? Here's how track it down with Car Finder for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 2 Nov 2012 11:24 am EDT

If you have watched the above video you would have heard me say that I lost my car once at an airport and at 2am in the morning being tired and irritable it was a stressful half hour. Next time it won't happen as I will have Car Finder installed on my BlackBerry PlayBook.

The application does just what the name suggests. With a simple, yet effective user interface, when you park your car in an unfamiliar place you just press the 'P' button in the app and the PlayBook will store the vehicles location using GPS. And fear not if you are in another country - as the app doesn't require a data connection so using abroad will cost you nothing.

When you want to find your car the app will guide you using a compass style layout and will also tell you the distance until you reach your vehicle. There are a few other features within the app but if you want a car finder, the two I have mentioned really are all you need.

And it workes beautifully. I parked my car to test the app and found it easily. It was parked outside my house though, but that's not the point - the app worked. Want some even better news? Car Finder is free to download, so if you are maybe going on holiday or just really forgetful, this app is a must have if you ask me. Unless you don't have a car or course!

More information/Download Car Finder for the BlackBerry PlayBook for free.

Reader comments

Lost your car? Here's how track it down with Car Finder for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Right: i'm going to deal with magnetic variations looking for my car. Besides, nice map-based apps on phones. If i'm ever lost where there is no radio signal, might consider this.

What if you leave your playbook in the car?

Really? Has anyone not been able to find their car?

Maybe some day you can sync your phone and the PB, so that the location is stored on the phone too! That way you can keep the PB in your car!

Better than this, lets hope we'll have a version on BB10 phones, that would be amazing!

And yes, I have lost my car once as I've parked in an unfamiliar place in DT Montreal! Shit happens!


I'm developing apps for BB10 and have a Dev Alpha, and this Car Finder app is available in the BB10 App World store. I tried it, it is awesome!

Hang in there... BB10 is amazing! All of us developers are working hard to make it one of the best phone platform launches ever.

Amazing!! That's what I want in a phone! Stuff like that makes the phone better than the competition!

Was just imagining myself using that app, and imagine if while leaving your car in some parking lot, you can simply scan an NFC tag that you keep in your car and the phone will automatically register your place! That would be awesome!

I seriously can't wait anymore for BB10, and the worst part is I dont know which phone to get! I always said that I'll be sticking to a physical keyborad but that phone my change my mind, as I dont want to miss that experience that the touch screen gives you!

I've lost my car @ work. The parking lot is huge and I spent a long time looking for it!

Strange I've never lost it at an amusement park or mall though lol

Iphone has a few apps like this - but it on the phone not the ipad.

Phone with stays with me.....great unless you loose your car keys...then you need a app for lost car keys.

Then if someone steals your car you need an app to find your stolen car - oh wait they have that already......

and so on and so on....

It should be noted that this one is an Android app BUT it's probably one of the best looking 'Droid apps that I've yet to see on the PlayBook. Maybe not the most practical app for a tablet, but hey, I'll take it. :D

It's encouraging that this app is, according to a previous poster above, available for BB10, because it would be less than useless on a device like the (non-cellular-version) PB, with its non-assisted GPS. No way I'd want to be forced to park on the top level of a multi-story parking structure just so that my PB's GPS has a chance of working -- especially not when there are alternative parking apps for the BB phone in my pocket.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: HEY, RIM: MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR THE PB TO USE A BRIDGED BB TO ACHIEVE ASSISTED GPS. Honestly, would that be so hard?

This app works well on my PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha with or without a cellular or data connection. I like the flexibility. It's great to see that developers are developing apps that are available for both BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook. One of the strengths with Car Finder is that no data connection or cellular connection is needed. I'm not dependent on the faulty iPhone map or on Google maps to locate my car. That's useful when traveling. I like the simple yet efficient and beautiful user interface. One feature that I would like to see in a future version is a text field, so that I can add notes about the level, or the section where I parked when there is no GPS signal.